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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

121. PH001_0100 PH001_0100 Canneries; Salmon; Girders; Fishing industry The image displays a wooden-beamed interior with fish covering the surface of the floor. A conveyer belt or ramp is being supported by wooden beams extending to the ceiling where ropes hang. A workspace...

122. PH01_BX13_1418 PH01_BX13_1418 Canoes; Indians of North America

123. PH021_bull_editing PH021_bull_editing Cattle; Pendleton Roundup A frontal view of a steer with its head and horns outlined in white. In the background are out-of-focus cattle and trees.

124. PH036_3782 PH036_3782 cattle; rodeos Black and white image of a steer at a rodeo.

125. Ph119_018 Ph119_018 Cavalry

126. PH119_Bx1_002 PH119_Bx1_002 Cavalry Cavalry units maneuvering on parade ground, prossibly Fort Riley, Kansas

127. PH014_40-45 PH014_40-45 Cavalry Hand tinted image. Groups of men, identified as General Feng's cavalry, ride on horseback wearing military uniforms. The troops wear hats and have weapons strapped to their backs. The men ride past a tall...

128. PH037_P144 PH037_P144 Caves; National parks & reserves; Men A man identified as Elijah Davidson sits on a rock next to the entrance of the Oregon Caves National Monument. Elijah is seated holding a brimmed hat and dressed in a jacket, button-up shirt, cuffed trouser,...

129. PH204_Bx9b_f75_0001 PH204_Bx9b_f75_0001 cemeteries Black and white image of a cemetary.

130. PH014_42-02 PH014_42-02 Channels; Bridges; Automobiles Hand tinted mage. An outdoor candid portrait of a group of individuals crossing over a small arched bridge as two individuals in a boat float on the water beneath them. Automobiles are parked next to this...

131. PH037_74714 PH037_74714 Charitable organizations An interior view of a space, identified as St. Vincent de Paul's, located in Portland, Oregon. Multiple round tables and wooden chairs fill the interior. Men are seated at the tables resting or reading...

132. PH037_AS33 PH037_AS33 Childhood & youth; Urban beautification Four children pose on a pile of rubber tubes with a child in the center holding a sign that reads, "Help clean up Portland". The children all wear hats. A pile of scraps, trees, a wooden dwelling, and...

133. PH024_20 PH024_20 Children Black and white portrait of an infant on a chair

134. Ph024_28 Ph024_28 Children Black and white studio portrait of two children

135. PH024_08 PH024_08 Children Black and white studio portrait of a toddler and a younger child seated in a chair. The toddler girl is wearing a gingham dress and has short blonde hair. The infant is wearing a long white dress.

136. PH024_05 PH024_05 Children Black and white studio portrait of two children, taken in front of a painted nature scene. The older boy leans on a post and holds a hat. The younger child is leaning against a wooden fence.

137. PH024_00 PH024_00 Children Black and white studio portrait of an infant and toddler seated on separate chairs.

138. PH263_40-21 PH263_40-21 Children Black and white photograph. Two children stand in the doorway of a dwelling in Alpine, Oregon. The child on the left of the image holds her hand out towards a toddler who is dressed in soiled shorts. The...

139. PH263_13-04A PH263_13-04A Children A young girl, identified as Brenda Hollingsworth, stands outside next to her father in Alpine, Oregon. Brenda has her hair contained in ponytails and holds a cookie. She is dressed in a shirt with a zipper...

140. PH003_N909 PH003_N909 Children A young child seated on a bed holds an unidentified object. The toddler is dressed in a knitted sweater, dress, and shoes. The surface of the bed is covered with a blanket that has abstract patterns on...
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results 121-140 of 1443 item(s)  page 7 of 73 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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