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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. PH103_39 PH103_39 Yachts; Dogs; Actors

2. PH103_38 PH103_38 Yachts; Actors; Actresses

3. PH263_62-10 PH263_62-10 Working class; Taverns (Inns); Billiards Black and white photograph. Three individuals, identified as Ira, Chet, and Blanche, bowl inside the Alpine Tavern, located in Alpine, Oregon. In the foreground stands Ira, with his right hand resting...

4. PH263_59-08 PH263_59-08 Working class; Taverns (Inns) Black and white photograph. An interior view of customers inside the Alpine Tavern, located in Alpine, Oregon. On the left side of the image customers are seated at booths. A man dressed in a long sleeve...

5. PH263_12-07A PH263_12-07A Working class; Bars A candid portrait of a sailor and his mother inside the Alpine Tavern, located in Alpine, Oregon. The sailor is identified as J.D. Gregory and his mother is identified as Irma. The man is dressed in a...

6. PH263_11-18 PH263_11-18 Working class A woman identified as Alma seated on a bar stool inside the Alpine Tavern, located in Alpine, Oregon. Alma is dressed in eyeglasses, long sleeved sweatshirt, jeans, cuffed socks, and slip-on shoes. Seated...

7. PH004_0011 PH004_0011 Wool industry; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc.; Employees; Automobiles Black and white image. Twenty-nine men wrapped in wool blankets standing on a wooden porch of the Pendleton Woolen Mills building. The surface of the blankets displays abstract patterning. In the background...

8. PH204_Bx9b_f1_0001 PH204_Bx9b_f1_0001 Women; waterfalls Black and white image of a young woman in front of a waterfall.

9. PH036_1432 PH036_1432 women; wagons; horses Black and white image of a woman in a wagon near a monument.

10. PH004_0316 PH004_0316 Women; Tree stumps Black and white image. Five females pose on a fallen tree trunk in the woods. All the women wear fancy dresses and are either wearing, or holding, a hat. A young girl sits on the stump with an open book...

11. PH113_Bx3_0005 PH113_Bx3_0005 Women; Theaters Black and white image of a woman adjusting a tall memo board, backstage at a theatre.

12. PH204_Bx9b_f20_0001 PH204_Bx9b_f20_0001 Women; sisters Black and white image of Opal and Pearl Whiteley.

13. PH036_4410 PH036_4410 women; portraits; Indians of North America Portrait of a woman.

14. PH037_80144 PH037_80144 Women; Playgrounds; Children Five women and twelve children pose next to a jungle gym in front of a large brick building that has been identified as an Albertina Kerr home. Four of the women dressed in either skirts and tops or dresses...

15. PH014_48-01 PH014_48-01 Women; Pagodas Hand tinted image. A group of Asian women and one Asian man stand next to a decoratively carved stone railing overlooking Kunming Lake. The women are dressed in long-sleeved shirts, long skirts, shoes,...

16. PH036_1243 PH036_1243 women; milking; cows Black and white image of a woman milking a cow.

17. PH036_1305 PH036_1305 women; men; infants; cabins Image of people standing in front of a cabin.

18. PH021_sioux_uprising_1 PH021_sioux_uprising_1 Women; Men; Horses; Motion picture production & direction; Indians of North America; Indigenous peoples An outdoor portrait of Lee Drake and costume designer Bernice Ponticelli on the set of The Great Sioux Uprising. Bernice is dressed in a checkered long sleeved shirt, slacks, and tennis shoes. Her left...

19. Ph024_24 Ph024_24 Women; Men; Children Black and white studio portrait of a man, woman and two children

20. PH024_18 PH024_18 Women; Men Black and white portrait of a man seated with a woman standing to either side of him at the back of the chair.
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results 1-20 of 1443 item(s)  page 1 of 73 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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