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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

81. PH349_041 PH349_041 Cowboys Several cowboys are standing near the chutes at a rodeo.

82. PH349_040 PH349_040 Cowboys; Hotels Seven cowboys are in a hotel room, reading, talking or watching a television.

83. PH349_039 PH349_039 Cowboys View of several cowboys in chutes preparing to ride at a rodeo.

84. PH349_038 PH349_038 Cowboys An African-American cowboy is sitting on top of a chute at a rodeo, other cowboys are in the foreground and the crowd is visible in the background.

85. PH349_037 PH349_037 Cowboys Several cowboys stretching and checking equipment behind the scenes at a rodeo.

86. PH349_036 PH349_036 Cowboys A cowboy is leaning up against a truck with his hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth.

87. PH349_035 PH349_035 Cowboys A cowboy wearing chaps is holding a braided rope. Smoke from a cigarette obscures his face. Another cowboy is visible behind him. They are standing next to a curtain, at a rodeo.

88. PH349_034 PH349_034 Cowboys; Billiards View of a pool table with a man wearing a cowboy hat sitting on the opposite side with his head down and the hat obscuring his face. Another person in a striped shirt stands next to him.

89. PH349_033 PH349_033 Rodeos A view of a bucking horse with a rider still on. Several other cowboys on horseback are visible, as well as the crowd around the ring.

90. PH349_032 PH349_032 Cowboys Three cowboys are standing in various positions around a corral holding a bull at a rodeo.

91. PH349_031 PH349_031 Cowboys Rear view of three cowboys leaning over a fence. One man has his left foot on the fence behind him.

92. PH349_030 PH349_030 Cowboys Several cowboys wearing chaps are smoking near a wooden corral at a rodeo.

93. PH349_029 PH349_029 Cowboys Two men stand on opposite sides of a pen holding a bull with a saddle on it. The man with his back to the camera is wearing the number "172". A rider on horseback is in the rodeo ring in the background....

94. PH349_028 PH349_028 Cowboys A cowboy is sitting on a saddle on a concrete floor, several other men are around him.

95. PH349_027 PH349_027 Rodeos; Men; Women A man and a woman sit on top of metal pen fencing inside of a building during a rodeo.

96. PH349_026 PH349_026 Cowboys A man is laying on the grass with his head on a saddle.

97. PH349_025 PH349_025 Cowboys A rodeo clown sits on a fence with a hand raised towards the camera.

98. PH349_024 PH349_024 Cowboys A man is sitting on a nightstand next to a lamp with a beer in one hand. Several men and women are seated around him, watching.

99. PH349_023 PH349_023 Cowboys Two men behind a gate at a rodeo. One man is holding a rope, the other man is wearing an Olympia Beer shirt over his clothing.

100. PH349_022 PH349_022 Rodeos; Crowds A group of men and women, some are wearing cowboy hats, looking in the same direction screaming.
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results 81-100 of 1443 item(s)  page 5 of 73 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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