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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

101. PH349_021 PH349_021 Cowboys Two men are sitting on hay bales. Another man stands next to them. Two of the men are wearing cowboy hats. There is a can of Olympia beer on one of the hay bales.

102. PH349_020 PH349_020 Cowboys; Automobiles Two men are sitting on the back of a moving automobile with saddles next to them. One man is sitting on the hood, another man is driving.

103. PH349_019 PH349_019 Cowboys A cowboy is holding a lasso while standing next to a wooden wall with horse equipment hanging from it.

104. PH349_018 PH349_018 Cowboys A man wearing chaps is climbing a wood gate with the number "10" painted on it.

105. PH349_017 PH349_017 Cowboys A large group of men, most of them wearing cowboy hats, sits on metal chairs in the grass. They are reacting to something happening.

106. PH349_016 PH349_016 Cowboys A man wearing a plaid shirt and chaps is leaning up against a fence indoors.

107. PH349_015 PH349_015 City & town life View of Dorris, California from a distance. The town water tower and a church are visible.

108. PH349_014 PH349_014 Sculpture A view of the back of a statue on top of a base of painted bricks. A parking lot with automobiles and a metal tower are in the background.

109. PH349_013 PH349_013 Men; Parks Three men laying on their backs in a grassy park surrounded by buildings in San Francisco, California.

110. PH349_012 PH349_012 Sculpture A fence and gate with "Queen of the World" on it surrounds a statue of the Virgin Mary.

111. PH349_011 PH349_011 Business Districts A street intersection in San Jose, California. A sign for the S.J.P.D. and William Gallagher Automotive Parts are visible.

112. PH349_010 PH349_010 Men; City & town life Three blind men with canes walking onto sidewalk from an intersection. Two buildings are in the background.

113. PH349_009 PH349_009 Men Two men seated and pointing in the same direction. Buildings, palm trees and men with bicycles are all visible in the background.

114. PH349_008 PH349_008 Automobiles A man without a shirt on is sitting in the passenger side seat of an automobile. Water is visible out the open window.

115. PH349_007 PH349_007 City & town life; Automobiles Street intersection in Baker, Oregon. Several automobiles are parked in the foreground.

116. PH349_006 PH349_006 Farm life A close up of netting possibly set up for a baseball game. Farm equipment and buildings are visible in the background.

117. PH349_005 PH349_005 City & town life A statue of two men situated next to a fountain in San Francisco, California.

118. PH349_004 PH349_004 Railroad tracks Looking down on railroad tracks from a bridge. City buildings are visible in the background.

119. PH349_003 PH349_003 City & town life A street intersection controlled by a stop sign. The base of a water tower is visible in the background.

120. PH349_002 PH349_002 City & town life Interior of a store at the corner of Main St. and N. 8th St. in Klamath Falls. A Pay Less store is visible across the street.
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results 101-120 of 1443 item(s)  page 6 of 73 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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