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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_4018 PH036_4018 Aged persons; Men; Indians of North America; Studio props; Clothing and dress; Cloth; Trousers; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Scarves; Blankets; An elderly Native American man is standing in front of a cloth backdrop. He is dressed in cloth pants and a cloth shirt, with a scarf tied around his neck. He has a striped blanket draped over his left...

2. PH036_6765 PH036_6765 Agriculture; Indian women; Indians of North America; Railroad tracks; Bags; Utility poles; Railroads; Scarves; Blankets; Wheat;
A large mound of material identified as wheat smolders on the right side of the image. A dozen people, almost all Indian women, stand or sit near the burning wheat. All wear scarves or other headcoverings....

3. PH036_6776 PH036_6776 Agriculture; Railroad tracks; Utility poles; Buildings; People; Wheat; Water towers;
At the left is a large mound of smoking material identified as wheat. A group of people stand and sit in the background, one man sits in the foreground, and a man squats near the wheat in the middle distance....

4. PH036_6236 PH036_6236 Antiquities; Arrowheads;
Many different types of arrowheads are mounted in a frame. The arrowheads are arranged in the shape of an arrowhead or tree. Each arrowhead is attached with wire or thread across them in two or three places....

5. PH036_6238 PH036_6238 Antiquities; Arrowheads;
Arrowheads are displayed in ten boxes. The arrowheads, of various sizes and shapes, are arranged in geometric designs within the boxes.

6. PH036_6226 PH036_6226 Antiquities; Arrows; Bags; Bag, Beaded; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Baskets; Beaded; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Bow (Archery); Breastplates; Bridles; Bridle, Beaded; Buckskin; Canopies; Canvas; Capes (Clothing); Clothing and dress; Cradleboards; Cradleboard, Beaded--Floral; Decorations; Dress, Buckskin; Ethnic costume; Feathers; Featherwork; Figurines; Floral; Floral decorations; Fringe; Fur; Furniture; Gloves; Gloves, Beaded Gauntlet; Headdresses; Hides and skins; Indian art; Indian beadwork; Jewelry; Leather goods; Moccasins; Moccasins, Beaded-Geometric; Necklaces; Photographs; Quiver; Robes; Saddles; Shirts; Shirt, Buckskin; Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded; Tables; Textiles; Tomahawks; Weapons; Weaving;
A wood-framed structure, covered with a striped tent cloth, appears to have three wooden walls and a wooden floor. From the open side, one can see that the tent structure is filled with an assortment of...

7. PH036_6227 PH036_6227 Antiquities; Bags; Baskets; Indian beadwork; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Dress, Buckskin; Belts (Clothing); Bandoleer; Bandoleer, Hairbone; Leggings; Leggings, Buckskin; Photographs; Blankets; Weapons; Tomahawks; Quiver; Arrows; Gloves;
A collection of Native American clothing, weapons, and artifacts identified as belonging to Major Lee Moorhouse. The collection includes regalia, buckskin leggings, a buckskin dresses, a quiver of arrows,...

8. PH036_6212 PH036_6212 Antiquities; Baskets; Antlers; Indian beadwork; Decorations; Textiles; Indian art; Leather goods; Arrows; Bags; Bag, Beaded; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Beaded; Beads; Bow (Archery); Canoes; Dentalium; Drums; Fringe; Hand drums; Pistols; Interiors; Jewelry; Mat; Necklaces; Quiver; Shell beads; Shell jewelry; Shells; Weapons; Ropes; Nets; Wood carvings; Wooden spoons; Implements, utensils, etc.; Furniture; Miniature objects;
A corner area of an interior room is covered with a net, from which is strung an assortment of Native American artifacts and decorations. There are baskets in many shapes and sizes; bags, woven and beaded;...

9. PH036_6214 PH036_6214 Antiquities; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Bags; Moccasins; Blankets; Exhibitions;
A view of an exhibit of Native American clothing and artifacts identified as belonging to Major Lee Moorhouse. The exhibit includes blankets, regalia, feathered headdresses, buckskin clothing, bags and...

10. PH036_6239 PH036_6239 Antiquities; Mortars; Pestles; Blankets; Figurines; Stone carving;
A collection of stone artifacts are displayed on shelves. The collection consists of mortars, pestles, anthropomorphic figurines, and zoomorphic figurines. A blanket is hung behind the shelves.

11. PH036_2951 PH036_2951 Antiquities; Relics; Tomahawks; Axes; Indian beadwork; Indians of North America; Oregon Historical Society; Whitman Massacre, 1847;
A Native American tomahawk from the collection of relics of the Whitman massacre, 1847, in the Oregon Historical Society is shown against a dark background. The tomahawk has a wooden handle with ornaments...

12. PH036_2948 PH036_2948 Antiquities; Relics; Weapons; Axes; Tomahawks; Whitman Massacre, 1847; Indian beadwork; Oregon Historical Society;
A Native American tomahawk from the collection of relics of the Whitman massacre, 1847 in the Oregon Historical Society is shown against a dark background. The tomahawk has a wooden handle with ornaments...

13. PH036_4233 PH036_4233 Automobiles; Houses; Trees; Hats; Scarves; Children; Men; Women; Cayuse Indians; Automobile driving; Hudson automobile; Convertible automobiles; Euro-American clothing;
Two men, two women, three children and an infant sit in a Hudson convertible automobile on a rural street. There are three houses, and some trees in the background. The Men and women are wearing Euro-American...

14. PH036_2947 PH036_2947 Axes; Pipe, Hatchet Style; Weapons; Whitman Massacre, 1847; Tomahawks; Oregon Historical Society;
Two pipe hatchets displayed on cloth background. Hatchet on left has heart-shaped cutout on diamond-shaped blade with two curved decorations near handle. Incised decorations on blade and handle. Hatchet...

15. PH036_6231 PH036_6231 Baskets; Women; Antiquities; Indian art; Clothing and dress; European Americans; Indian beadwork;
A woman wearing Native American clothing stands behind a collection of Native American baskets identified as belonging to Lee Moorhouse. Some of the baskets are beaded and many have geometric patterns...

16. PH036_4091 PH036_4091 Blankets; Cayuse Indians; Children; Clothing and dress; Dress, Cloth; Dwellings; Fences; Hairstyle; Indians of North America; Mountains; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Tipis;
Victor William of the Cayuse tribe stands in front of a tipi, gazing slightly down and to his left. He wears a collarless cloth shirt and is wrapped in a geometrically-patterned blanket which hides all...

17. PH036_2524 PH036_2524 Blankets; Men; Moccasins; Braids (Hairdressing); Warehouses; Indians of North America; Blanket, Pendleton; Wool industry; Wool fabrics; Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc.;
An interior photograph of a man standing in front of shelves of Pendleton blankets. The man has long braids and is wearing moccasins.

18. PH036_5575 PH036_5575

19. PH036_5577 PH036_5577

20. PH036_6109 PH036_6109 Bridges; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Streams; Cottonwood trees;
A wooden bridge with railings over a stream. In the background are trees, and a mountain range is visible in the distance. The stream has been identified as Meacham Creek.
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results 1-20 of 315 item(s)  page 1 of 16 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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