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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_6844 PH036_6844 Trees; Fences; Hills; Sweatbaths; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Snow; Indian reservations; Indian encampments; Tipis;
A fresh snowfall. Two tipis stand together at the edge of a field. A barbed-wire fence runs along the right side of the picture, and extends up a hill. Two small structures stand near the tipis, one close...

2. PH036_6831 PH036_6831 Indians of North America; Leggings, Buckskin; Indian beadwork; Headdresses; Feathers, Plumes; Feathers, Eagle; Feathers; Fan, Hawk Tail; Earrings, Shell; Dress, Cloth; Clothing and dress; Chaps, Leather; Bracelets; Belts (Clothing); Mat; Moccasins; Necklaces; Aged persons; Decorations; Paper; Fences; Trees; Studio props; Boardwalks;
Elderly Native American male is posed outside in front of a studio back drop (wooden framed and matted). He is standing on a small round braided mat. He is dressed in tribal costume and regalia. He has...

3. PH036_6823 PH036_6823 Indians of North America; Men; Euro-American clothing; Beards; Mustaches; Scarves;
A Native American man is posing for a portrait. He has short hair, a mustache, a beard, and is wearing Euro-American clothing with a scarf tied around his neck. The man has been identified as Peter Kittson....

4. PH036_6809 PH036_6809 Indians of North America; Headdresses; Horses; Hats; Harnesses; People; Featherwork; Feathers; Ethnic costume; Indian encampments; Cowboy hats; Clothing and dress; Cameras; Blankets; Blanket, Saddle; Clothing and dress; Indian beadwork; Men; Meadows; Photographers; Tipis; Trees;
Fourteen Native American men on horeback are riding through an encampment. All are wearing some sort of headdress and tribal costume. Some are carrying staffs with feather adornment. The horses have beaded...

5. PH036_6803 PH036_6803 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian women; Tipis; Trees; Plants; Braids (Hairdressing); Necklaces; Belt, Leather; Dress, Trade Cloth; Bag, Beaded; Indian reservations; Indian encampments;
Two Native American women standing on a manmade wall. There is a wooden plank in front of them. It leads down to an area of plants. The women are wearing dresses made of trade cloth adorned with beaded...

6. PH036_6798 PH036_6798 Tipis; Trees; Camps; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Hills; Indian encampments; Indian reservations;
A tipi stands in front of a tall deciduous tree. It is among brush and grasses and hills are in the background. In the far right of the photo the edge of another tipi can be seen.

7. PH036_6792 PH036_6792 Indians of North America; Cowboys; Cowboy hats; Indian women; Men; Horses; Mules; Streets; Saddles; Chaps; Blanket, Saddle; Blankets; Headdresses; Scarves; Buildings; Bandannas; Horse Trappings; Wooden sidewalks; Stables;
A line of 20 men and women on horseback stand side-by-side, facing the camera. They are on a dirt street in front of several wooden buildings, including a livery stable. The riders are a mixture of men,...

8. PH036_6788 PH036_6788 Horses; Trees; Bridges; Landscape; Hills; Lumber;
Five horses standing in a field. In the background is a hill, some trees, and a bridge. A pile of lumber lies nearby.

9. PH036_6780 PH036_6780 Men; Clothing and dress; Euro-American clothing; Hats; Coats; Dwellings; Blankets; Indians of North America; Tipis;
Three men wearing European American clothing pose before a tipi. One Native American man is wrapped in a wool blanket and he is sitting on a crate. The others are standing.

10. PH036_6776 PH036_6776 Agriculture; Railroad tracks; Utility poles; Buildings; People; Wheat; Water towers;
At the left is a large mound of smoking material identified as wheat. A group of people stand and sit in the background, one man sits in the foreground, and a man squats near the wheat in the middle distance....

11. PH036_6770 PH036_6770 Cairns; Rock formations; Landscape; Rocks; Antiquities; Rock art;
A large cairn or rock formation, identified as Witch Head, in Wishram, Washington. One of the more prominent rocks has a flat surface, with a carving of a face.

12. PH036_6765 PH036_6765 Agriculture; Indian women; Indians of North America; Railroad tracks; Bags; Utility poles; Railroads; Scarves; Blankets; Wheat;
A large mound of material identified as wheat smolders on the right side of the image. A dozen people, almost all Indian women, stand or sit near the burning wheat. All wear scarves or other headcoverings....

13. PH036_6749 PH036_6749 Dwellings; Country life; Landscape; Fences; Meadows; Mountains; Presbyterians; Churches; Protestant churches; Presbyterian churches; Wooden churches; Roads; Dirt roads; Religious dwellings;
A dusty two-lane road leads past a small church, partially obscured by its manse, a two-story clapboard house with porches and a gambrel roof. The church, identified as Presbyterian, is two stories in...

14. PH036_6742 PH036_6742 Camps; Dwellings; Tipis; Horses; Streams; Utility poles; Indian encampments; Trees; Conifers; Tipis;
A view of Native American camps near a stream and utility poles. The camps include tipis, deciduous trees and conifers, and a horse.

15. PH036_6741 PH036_6741 Dwellings; Tipis; Croplands; Camps; Fences; Roads; Trees; Indian encampments;
A view of two Native American camps and the surrounding landscape. The landscape includes fields, farmlands, a road, deciduous trees without leaves, and fences. The camps include tipis.

16. PH036_6739 PH036_6739 Tipis; Indians of North America; Indian encampments; Indian women; Mountains; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Streams; Meadows;
A tipi stands in a valley, next to a creek. A Native-American woman is visible outside. In the background are mountains.

17. PH036_6738 PH036_6738 Dwellings; Tipis; Croplands; Camps; Fences; Roads; Indian encampments; Trees;
A view of two Native American camps and the surrounding landscape. The landscape includes fields, farmlands, a road, and fences. The camps include tipis. A line of deciduous trees without leaves is in...

18. PH036_6705 PH036_6705 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Tipis; Dwellings; Camps; Indians of North America; Indian reservations; Indian encampments;
An image of a tipi in winter (there is snow on the ground) in a place identified as Thorn Hollow on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. In addition to the tipi, the camp includes a wooden structure.

19. PH036_6702 PH036_6702 Indians of North America; Umatilla Indians; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Dwellings; Tipis; Horses; Featherwork; Trees;
A group of Native American men, identified as members of the Umatilla tribe, ride horses along a row of trees and tipis. The men wear regalia, including feathered headdresses. In the background is a line...

20. PH036_6687 PH036_6687 Photographic studios; Bridges; Doors and doorways; Rivers; Porches; Photographic studios;
The approach to W. S. Bowman's photography studio. There is a raised ramp, with "Photographs" painted on it, and the studio is also raised on stilts, since it is built on the edge of a river bank. The...
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results 1-20 of 315 item(s)  page 1 of 16 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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