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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

281. PH036_6349 PH036_6349 Indians of North America; Men; Dwellings; Tipis; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Staffs (Sticks); Cottonwood trees; Trees;
An image of a stereographic print of a Native American man dressed in regalia standing in front of a tipi. The man wears a headdress and holds a staff.

282. PH036_6354 PH036_6354 Indians of North America; Men; Girls; Daughters; Children; Indian children; People; Families; Fathers and children; Tipis; Mat; Dwellings; Clothing and dress; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Fringe; Families; Girls; Interiors; Jewelry; Necklaces; Earrings; Braids (Hairdressing); Shirts; Cloth; Shirt, Cloth; Vests; Vest, Cloth; Trousers; Headdresses; Scarves; Belts (Clothing); Belt, Yarn; Dress, Cloth; Drums; Drum Stick; Rifles; Pails; Bowls (Tableware); Fuelwood; Leather goods; Pots and pans; Antiquities; Fur; Decorations; Weaving;
A Native American man and two Native American girls are standing inside a tipi made of woven mats. The tipi has a pole hung horizontally across the diameter. The man is wearing a cloth shirt, a woven vest...

283. PH036_6363 PH036_6363 Horses; Indians of North America; Men; Tipis; Indian encampments; Trees; Hats; Arbors (Bowers); Cottonwood trees;
Looking out from under a vegetation-covered arbor. In a large open space, two Native-American men sit on horseback, facing left. Standing behind them is a Native-American wearing a flat hat, with a bundle...

284. PH036_6396 PH036_6396 Indians of North America; Indian encampments; Dwellings; Tipis; Horses; Men;
A stereo view of men on horses before a Native American encampment that includes a number of tipis.

285. PH036_6398 PH036_6398 Indians of North America; Umatilla Indians; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Dwellings; Tipis; Clothing and dress; Hats; Horses; Horse Gear; Flags; Indian reservations;
A Native American man, identified as a member of the Umatilla tribe, sits on a horse in front of a row of tipis and trees. The man wears a hat, leggings, and a shirt. An American flag flies over one of...

286. PH036_6447 PH036_6447 Indians of North America; Men; Blankets; Hats; Wool fabrics; Buildings;
Three Native American men, wearing wool blankets over their clothing, stand inside an office or store. A hat rests at one man's feet. The image is overexposed.

287. PH036_6453 PH036_6453 Indians of North America; Women; Cayuse Indians; Indian women; Tipis; Dwellings; Canvas; Clothing and dress; Cloth; Dress, Cloth; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Moccasins; Moccasins, Plain; Leggings; Leggings, Women's; Jewelry; Earrings; Earrings, Shell; Necklaces; Bracelets; Beaded; Rings; Braids (Hairdressing); Scarves; Trees; Conifers;
A Native American woman, identified as We-nix of the Cayuse Indians and sister of Donald McKay, stands in front of a canvas tipi. She is wearing a plain cloth dress, plain moccasins, leggings with a floral...

288. PH036_6456 PH036_6456 Clothing and dress; Euro-American clothing; European Americans; Rings; Eyeglasses; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Women;
A portait of a white couple sitting on chairs in front of a large map of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The man wears a suit; the woman wears a light-colored dress and eyglasses. Both wear a wedding...

289. PH036_6499 PH036_6499 Indians of North America; Men; Clothing and dress; Moccasins; Breechcloths; Leggings; Vests; Belts (Clothing); Shirts; Jewelry; Earrings; Bags; Blankets;
A Native American man, identified as a Moses, Indian, sits on a chair that is covered with blankets. He wears a shirt and a beaded vest, as well as a breechcloth, leggings, and moccasins. He wears earrings...

290. PH036_6528 PH036_6528 Indians of North America; Umatilla Indians; Indian women; Children; Necklaces; Braids (Hairdressing); Headbands (Headgear); Pipes (Smoking); Blankets; Belts (Clothing); Shirts; Bags; Boys;
A Native American woman and child, identifed on the photograph as Tema and Walter Peo of the Umatilla Tribe, are standing on a blanket outside in a wooded area. The woman is wearing a headband, a necklace,...

291. PH036_6530 PH036_6530 Indians of North America; Paloos Indians; Tribal chiefs; Indian children; Regalia; Headdresses; Feathers; Feathers, Eagle; Indian beadwork; Breechcloths; Moccasins; Jewelry; Choker; Arm Bands;
A young Native American man, identified as Chief Pat Belly of the Paloos tribe, stands on a circular mat in front of a screen. He wears a feathered headdress, an armband, a choker, a breechcloth, leggings,...

292. PH036_6535 PH036_6535 Indians of North America; Indian children; Cradleboards; Indian beadwork; Bags; Blankets;
A Native American baby, identified as Spokane Jim's papoose, is in a beaded cradleboard that is positioned upright and leaning against a mat covered by a blanket. Two bags hang from the cradleboard, which...

293. PH036_6541 PH036_6541 Indians of North America; Men; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Leggings; Breechcloths; Shirts; Shirt, Buckskin; Feathers; Horses; Horse Gear; Horse blankets; Bridles; Bridle, Beaded; Reins; Weapons; Rifles; Gloves; Gloves, Beaded Gauntlet; Jewelry; Necklaces;
A Native American man wearing regalia stands beside a horse. The man wears a feathered headdress, buckskin shirt, leggings, breechcloth, gloves, and necklaces. The horse is outfitted with a bridle that...

294. PH036_6650 PH036_6650 Indians of North America; Indian women; Horses; Horse Trappings; Horse Gear; Blanket, Saddle; Bridles; Reins; Clothing and dress; Jewelry; Earrings; Earrings, Shell; Headbands (Headgear); Shells;
A Native American woman wearing traditional clothing, including earrings and a headscarf, sits on a horse. The horse is draped with blankets and outfitted with a bridle, reins, and stirrups.

295. PH036_6656 PH036_6656 Indians of North America; Men; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Headdress, Horned; Arm Bands; Hair ornaments; Shirts; Braids (Hairdressing);
An image of a print of a Native American man wearing a horned headdress, a shirt, armbands, a neckerchief, and hair ornaments. His hair is in braids.

296. PH036_6687 PH036_6687 Photographic studios; Bridges; Doors and doorways; Rivers; Porches; Photographic studios;
The approach to W. S. Bowman's photography studio. There is a raised ramp, with "Photographs" painted on it, and the studio is also raised on stilts, since it is built on the edge of a river bank. The...

297. PH036_6702 PH036_6702 Indians of North America; Umatilla Indians; Clothing and dress; Regalia; Headdresses; Dwellings; Tipis; Horses; Featherwork; Trees;
A group of Native American men, identified as members of the Umatilla tribe, ride horses along a row of trees and tipis. The men wear regalia, including feathered headdresses. In the background is a line...

298. PH036_6705 PH036_6705 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Tipis; Dwellings; Camps; Indians of North America; Indian reservations; Indian encampments;
An image of a tipi in winter (there is snow on the ground) in a place identified as Thorn Hollow on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. In addition to the tipi, the camp includes a wooden structure.

299. PH036_6738 PH036_6738 Dwellings; Tipis; Croplands; Camps; Fences; Roads; Indian encampments; Trees;
A view of two Native American camps and the surrounding landscape. The landscape includes fields, farmlands, a road, and fences. The camps include tipis. A line of deciduous trees without leaves is in...

300. PH036_6739 PH036_6739 Tipis; Indians of North America; Indian encampments; Indian women; Mountains; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Streams; Meadows;
A tipi stands in a valley, next to a creek. A Native-American woman is visible outside. In the background are mountains.
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