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Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection

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81. Sleeping quarters Sleeping quarters Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Inside one of the dormitory buildings, showing the type of sleeping quarters provided

82. Camp dispensary Camp dispensary Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Medical care; Agricultural laborers--Health and hygiene--Oregon Mrs. Dorothy Burleson, nurse at Athena and Milton Freewater farm labor camps, dispenses cough medicine to Zamora Heriberto Perez. She stands at the door of the trailer dispensary.

83. Thinning apple trees Thinning apple trees Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Orchards; Apples; Harvesting Mexicans learn quickly to handle the ladders and to thin apples according to the desires of the owners.

84. Thinning fruit trees Thinning fruit trees Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Orchards Mexicans thinning fruit trees

85. Tomato harvesters Tomato harvesters Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Tomatoes; Harvesting Two of the Mexican pickers with Mrs. Dloff

86. Tomato harvesting Tomato harvesting Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Tomatoes; Harvesting Mexican laborers from the Freewater camp pick early tomatoes on the John R. Dloff farm.

87. Truck loaded with workers Truck loaded with workers Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon; Farm trucks Workers loaded on the truck and off to the orchard for a day of thinning apples or picking cherries

88. Vine threshers Vine threshers Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting machinery; Peas At the other end of the viners the threshed vines come out. One young Mexcian, who can read English, is enjoying himself with a magazine.

89. Waiting line for dinner Waiting line for dinner Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon A line of men wait outside the dining tents for supper. Service is quick enough to prevent long lines.

90. Cafeteria service Cafeteria service Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Serving men cafeteria style is done at two places

91. Washing up Washing up Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Health and hygiene--Oregon Mexican workers washing up at a work camp in Benton County

92. Weighing beans Weighing beans Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Beans Mexican bean picker weighing his full bag of beans

93. Weighing hops Weighing hops Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Hops; Hop pickers Mexicans weigh hops under direction of J.M. Graves on the Horst ranch.

94. Work camp Work camp Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon; Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)--Facilities One of the streets in the Mexican worker camp formerly used by the Civilian Conservation Corps

95. Work camp cafeteria Work camp cafeteria Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Cafeteria before dinner, Hood River.

96. Worker with tomatoes Worker with tomatoes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Tomatoes; Harvesting Young Mexican worker with his bucket of tomatoes

97. Workers eating lunch Workers eating lunch Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Eating lunch

98. Washing & ironing clothes Washing & ironing clothes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon; Laundry Mexican workers washing and ironing clothes

99. Workers playing guitars Workers playing guitars Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Guitars; Social life--Music Mexican workers play guitars during their after-work hours.

100. Workers line up for dinner Workers line up for dinner Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Waiting in line for dinner, cafeteria style
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