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Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection

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61. Picking potatoes Picking potatoes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Potatoes; Harvesting; Harvesting machinery Mexicans pick up potatoes on the Dalton & Evans farm near Malin, Klamath county, with a digger in the background.

62. Picking prunes Picking prunes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Orchards; Prunes; Harvesting Mexican at work picking prunes

63. Picking up prunes Picking up prunes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Prunes; Orchards; Harvesting One man per tree was the usual rule in picking up prunes.

64. Piling flax Piling flax Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Flax Mexicans work for growers piling flax.

65. Poker after work Poker after work Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Card games; Social life--Recreation Mexican workers playing poker during their after-work hours

66. Potato harvest Potato harvest Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Potatoes; Harvesting Mexicans picking up potatoes were either paid 75 cents per hour or by the sack.

67. Potato harvest Potato harvest Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Potatoes Mexican farm workers help harvest potatoes.

68. Potato harvest Potato harvest Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Potatoes Mexicans put spuds in half-sacks for trucks to pick up at Dalton & Evans Ranch.

69. Potato harvesting Potato harvesting Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting machinery; Potatoes Harvesting the early potato crop in Malheur county was made possible by the presence of the Mexicans. One example is this digger at work on the Roy Holmes farm.

70. Potato pickers Potato pickers Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Potatoes; Harvesting Each picker stays on his own row until finished, carrying a supply of empty sacks fastened to a picking belt.

71. Preparing dinner Preparing dinner Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Cookery In the cook tents the crew has been busy preparing the evening meal, the largest of the day.

72. Prune picking Prune picking Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon ; Prunes; Orchards; Harvesting Another view of prune picking

73. Pulling onions Pulling onions Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Onions; Harvesting Mexican field workers pull onions and lay them in rows to cure, on West & Lyon farm near Malin.

74. Ready for field harvesting Ready for field harvesting Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Farm trucks Mexican workers loaded into trucks for a day of work in the fields

75. Ready for work Ready for work Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon Two Mexicans registered and ready for work

76. Registration & assignments Registration & assignments Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon Mexicans lined up and waiting for registration and assignment to farmers

77. Registration, Hood River Registration, Hood River Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Luggage Mexican farm workers waiting for registration

78. Sacking harvested potatoes Sacking harvested potatoes Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Potatoes; Harvesting machinery Mexican workers sack potatoes. The sacking device runs crosswise with this type.

79. September 16 celebration September 16 celebration Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Holidays--Mexico; Flags--Mexican Mexican workers holding the Mexican flag during the September 16 celebration

80. Sleeping quarters Sleeping quarters Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Inside one of the dormitory buildings, showing the type of sleeping quarters provided
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results 61-80 of 103 item(s)  page 4 of 6 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >> ) :: previous : next
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