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Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection

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81. Fred Pattison and new arrival Fred Pattison and new arrival Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Fred Pattison, dispatcher, and a new Mexican arrival, Hood River

82. Flax field Flax field Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Flax; Harvesting Mexicans in flax field

83. Farm workers at their camp Farm workers at their camp Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Mexican farm workers pose in camp, Hood River.

84. Directing the crews Directing the crews Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Orchards Mrs. Merril Hart, retired farmer's wife, speaks Spanish to help direct the Mexican work crews.

85. Dining area Dining area Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Dining tents have tables and benches. The sides of the tents are raised to provide air circulation.

86. Crew chief in the field Crew chief in the field Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Hops; Hop pickers Humberto Videl Garcia, Mexican interpreter, receives instruction from Jack Hardwicke, crew chief, while Williams listens in.

87. Crates of peas Crates of peas Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Peas Workers hauling crates of peas

88. Contracting for labor Contracting for labor Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon Bryant Williams, farm labor assistant, and Preston Daughton, USES representative, arrange with S.E. Starr and K.A. Bursell for Mexican workers.

89. Combine operation Combine operation Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting machinery Mexicans were used on this combine operation on the Harry Wilson farm near Malin.

90. Cauliflower harvest Cauliflower harvest Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting; Cauliflower Alphonso Hernandez trims the tops off the crate of cauliflower near Gresham, Oregon. He has nearly 20 acres of cauliflower and brussel sprouts. He estimates a yield of 400 crates of cauliflower to an acre...

91. Cauliflower Cauliflower Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Cauliflower; Harvesting Alphonso Hernandez opens up a beautiful head of cauliflower

92. Camp health services Camp health services Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Health and hygiene--Oregon; Medical care Camp health service center

93. Camp headquarters, Nyssa Camp headquarters, Nyssa Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon A camp with permanent headquarters, buildings and frame cabins used for the Mexicans at Nyssa

94. Camp flag raising Camp flag raising Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon; Flags--Mexican Flag raising ceremony, Columbia County Mexcian farm labor camp

95. Camp dispensary Camp dispensary Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Health and hygiene--Oregon; Medical care Mrs. Dorothy Burleson, Walla Walla nurse at Athena and Milton-Freewater farm labor camps, treats a Mexican National in a trailer dispensary at the Athena camp.

96. Camp dispensary Camp dispensary Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Medical care; Agricultural laborers--Health and hygiene--Oregon Mrs. Dorothy Burleson, nurse at Athena and Milton Freewater farm labor camps, dispenses cough medicine to Zamora Heriberto Perez. She stands at the door of the trailer dispensary.

97. Cafeteria service Cafeteria service Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Serving men cafeteria style is done at two places

98. Cafeteria pie Cafeteria pie Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Agricultural laborers--Housing--Oregon Pie was the dessert prepared on this day for the Mexican workers

99. Boxes of pea vines Boxes of pea vines Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Harvesting machinery; Peas Some growers stack their pea vines like hay.

100. Boxes of cucumbers Boxes of cucumbers Agricultural laborers--Mexican--Oregon; Cucumbers; Harvesting Mexican workers picking cucumbers
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results 81-100 of 103 item(s)  page 5 of 6 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >> ) :: previous : next
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