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341. 10309 10309 The file contains a memorandum on the location of materials regarding the Helmand River dispute, January 13, 1950.

342. 1031 1031

343. 10310 10310 Marchant gives a general overview of Afghan and Persian Seistan (presently Afghan Chakhansur and Iranian Seistan), including historical background of the Helmand river and major weirs, Band-i-Kamal Khan and Band-i-Seistan. The overview also translates Persian phrases such as dasht, or desert, and rud, or river.
The technical information page integrates and compares data collected by Tate, Iranian, and Afghan studies regarding land cultivated, population, lake area, and water quantity.

344. 10311 10311 The file contains:
a. Translation of undated cablegram from Tehran. The cablegram explores Iran's decision to take the Helmand river dispute to the United Nations Security Council, due to Afghanistan's multiple violations to the 1938 Agreement. Violations include constructing new canals and barring Iranian officials from entering the country, while demanding that an Afghan commission be allowed to visit Iran for studying.
b. Historical note on the Goldsmith and McMahon Arbitration and Boundary Commissions and subsequent negotiations, January 18, 1950. The historical note provides an overview of the Goldsmith and McMahon arbitration attempts.
c. Memorandum on validity of awards and agreements. The memorandum lists violations to awards and agreements by both Iran and Afghanistan.
d. Memorandum on awards, June 6, 1956. The memorandum provides recommendations made by the Goldsmith and McMahon commissions.
e. Iranian requirements. The report gives an overview of the Helmand river dispute, focusing on Seistan. The report incorporates past arbitrations and McMahon's irrigation and revenue reports.

345. 10312 10312 The file contains technical information regarding the Helmand river dispute, January 18, 1950.

346. 10313 10313 The file contains a memorandum on a telephone conversation with Abbas Aram, January 18, 1950.

347. 10314 10314 The file contains news clippings, memorandums, and senate hearings discussing loans and construction projects present in Iran and Afghanistan.

348. 10315 10315 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Ambassador Hussein Ala, January 27, 1950.

349. 10316 10316 The file contains:
a. Agreement between the imperial government of Iran and the royal government of Afghanistan
b. Temporary agreement for distribution of water with sections, declaration, and declared projects
c. Brief memorandums on 1938 Agreement

350. 10317 10317 Colonel I. H. McMahon was sent by Great Britain to resolve the water rights dispute following a flood which created a new main channel for the Helmand river. Taking into consideration the new channel and Goldsmith's award, McMahon awarded two-thirds of the Helmand's water rights to Afghanistan, causing Iran to reject the ratification of the agreement.
The file contains charts and irrigation and revenue reports.

351. 10317 10317

352. 10318 10318 The file contains a memorandum on the 1857 treaty regarding the Helmand River dispute, February 1, 1950.

353. 10319 10319 The memorandum details Afghanistan's rejection of establishing a joint commission to investigate the Helmand River dispute, February 1, 1950.

354. 1032 1032

355. 10320 10320 The file contains recommendations respecting the terms of reference of the Helmand River Commission, February 20, 1950.

356. 10321 10321 The file contains:
a. Memorandum for Mr. Leigh; Text of treaty between Great Britain and Egypt (Owen Falls Scheme), February 27, 1950
b. Memorandum, Text of Owen Falls Agreement, March 1, 1950
c. Memorandum, Owen Falls Agreement, March 21, 1950
d. Memorandum for Pakistan and Iranian files, Owen Falls Agreement, April 13, 1950
e. Cover letter and attachment from John G. Laylin, resolution of Suez talks, September 18, 1956.

357. 10322 10322 The letter and corresponding attachment is a request for all information pertaining to the Helmand river dispute, including historical background, information unfavorable to Iran's arguments, and general population and cultivation statistics, March 1, 1950.

358. 10323 10323 The memorandum details Laylin's main discussion points, including new information about the construction of the Boghra Canal and Kajaki storage dam. Laylin also provides legal advice to Iranian officials prior to meeting in August with Afghanistan.

359. 10324 10324 The file contains:
a. Note for file, March 1, 1950
b. Letters between Tipton and Laylin describing Tipton and Kalmbach's interest in participating in the Helmand dispute and service rates, December 28, 1959
c. Letters between Laylin and M. H. Puyani, charge d'affaires for Iranian Embassy, recommending Tipton and John Drisko as possibilities for advising engineers, October 28, 1960
d. Letter between Laylin and Abbas Aram regarding arranging a meeting between Aram and Tipton, October 9, 1962

360. 10325 10325 The file contains a letter and attachment from Muhammad Khan, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the government of Pakistan, to Choudhri Sahib, March 8, 1950. The attachment contains the arbitral award of Colonel A. H. McMahon regarding the Helmand River dispute.
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results 341-360 of 10234 item(s)  page 18 of 512 : ( <<  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  >> ) :: previous : next
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