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361. 10326 10326 The memorandum describes the principal points for a solution proposed by the State Department, including Iran's right to be aware of any dam construction present on the Helmand river that may affect Iran's water supply. The memo also discusses the hypocritical position of the United States who supports Iran's water rights while loaning credit to Afghanistan for developing dams and canals.

362. 10327 10327 The file contains:
a. Memorandum for Mr. Laylin and Mr. Leigh, Euphrates Treaty research, March 9, 1950
b. Protocol Annexe No. 1 concerning the regulation of the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates and their tributaries
c. Additional copy of Protocol Annexe No. 1 (French translation).

363. 10328 10328 The file contains a copy of a report by the Iranian government regarding the amount of irrigation water required annually in Sistan, April 1950.

364. 10329 10329 Dr. Ghasemzadeh's report addresses important points Iran should utilize when approaching the Afghan government for negotiations. Ghasemzadeh also analyzes previous awards and arbitration attempts, including the Goldsmith Award, McMahon Arbitration, 1937 Protocol, and Agreement of 1939. The report offers suggested actions to persuade Afghanistan to comply with the Goldsmith Award.

365. 1033 1033

366. 10330 10330 The telephone conversation discusses the construction and effects of the Boghra Canal and Kajaki Dam, July 19, 1950.

367. 10331 10331 The file contains a note on British-Afghan relations from 1880-1905, July 24,1950.

368. 10332 10332 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Gholam-Hosseine Khochbine, September 7, 1950.

369. 10333 10333 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Hussein Ala, September 14, 1950.

370. 10334 10334 The file contains reports and memorandums detailing the findings and recommendations of the Helmand River Delta Commission.
a. Memorandum of report of the Helmand River Delta Commission
b. Letter to Nasrollah Entezam, Iranian Ambassador, regarding the 60-day period to respond to the commission's recommendations
c. Letter to Nasrollah Entezam summarizing the commission's report
d. Brief summary of commission's recommendations.

371. 10335 10335 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Iranian ambassador Masrollah Entezam, June 29, 1951.

372. 10336 10336 The file contains:
a. Letter between Leon B. Poullada, second secretary to the American Embassy, and Charles F. Barber, lawyer for Covington & Burling, about Pakistan's propaganda mistakes, August 5, 1954
b. Letter between Poullada and Barber identifying India as source of false propaganda against Pakistan
c. Indus water treaty, signed September 19, 1960

373. 10337 10337 The file includes:
a. Excerpts from Iranian reply to Afghanistan's corrections, May 12, 1956. The excerpts attempt to prove the accuracy of Iran's proposed claim of 51.7 cubic meters of water per second and provide evidence from similar irrigation systems.
b. Excerpts from Afghan reply to Iranian note, May 18, 1956. The excerpts reveal Afghanistan's conflict with the 51.7 cubic meters/second figure and provide their own evidence of similar irrigation systems.

374. 10338 10338

375. 10339 10339 The file contains memorandums and letters exchanged between John G. Laylin and Dr. Ali Amini, Iranian Ambassador.

376. 1034 1034

377. 10340 10340 The file contains a letter from Robert Lowry, a consulting engineer, to John G. Laylin, June 9, 1956.

378. 10341 10341 The file contains:
a. Cover letter between Laylin and Abbas Aram, January 27, 1960
b. Attachments 1-3: Drafts of interim agreement
c. Attachment 4: Afghan draft of interim agreement presented at 1956 negotiations
d. Attachment 5: Iranian draft of interim agreement presented at 1956 negotiations
e. Attachment 6: Comparison of 1956 Iranian draft of agreement and Helmand River Delta Commission report
f. Attachment 7: see folder: Helmand River Delta Commission findings and recommendations, Folder 3 for copy of commission's recommendations
g. Attachment 8: Technical analysis of monthly distribution of water

379. 10342 10342 The file contains:
a. Cover letter between Laylin and Ali Amini
b. Attachment of questions for Afghanistan

380. 10343 10343 The file contains:
a. Cover letter from John G. Laylin to Ali Amini, Ambassador of Iran, July 12, 1956.
b. Comparison of Iran's draft agreement with the Helmand River Commission Report.
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results 361-380 of 10234 item(s)  page 19 of 512 : ( <<  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  >> ) :: previous : next
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