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Middle East Waters

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381. 10344 10344 The file contains:
a. Cover letter between Laylin and Ali Amini
b. Attachment of analysis of commission report

382. 10345 10345 The file contains:
a. Memorandum by Laylin discussing interim agreement negotiations and appointment of foreign engineers for data collection, July 16, 1956
b. Memorandum between J. R. P. Jr. and Laylin discussing Ali Amini's corrections to the interim agreement draft, August 10, 1956
c. Letter between Laylin and Abbas Aram, November 11, 1959 summarizing the outcome of negotiations during the summer of 1956
d. Cover letter and attachment from Laylin to Aram regarding the failure of an agreement to be reached due to disagreement over percentage of water losses, December 3, 1959
e. Letter between Laylin and Abbas Aram, Foreign Minister of Iran, with recommendations for an interim agreement and advising engineer, January 7, 1960

383. 10346 10346 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Khossin Alam, July 20, 1956.

384. 10347 10347 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to the Foreign Minister of Iran, December 2, 1959.

385. 10348 10348 The file includes a memorandum on the Helmand River dispute, October 9, 1968.

386. 10349 10349 The file contains drafts and correspondence regarding the Helmand river agreement between Iran and Afghanistan.
a. Memorandum for file on Iran, February 13, 1969
b. Letter between John G. Laylin and Youssef Akbar, Secretary of Iranian Embassy, regarding corrections to treaty and protocols, March 19, 1969
c. Helmand agreement drafts and protocols
d. Helmand agreement drafts and corrections

387. 1035 1035

388. 10350 10350 The file contains corrections to Helmand River treaty drafts, March 24, 1969.

389. 10351 10351 The file contains memorandums, news clippings, and correspondence regarding navigation rights on the Shatt-al-Arab, a shared river along the border of Iran and Iraq. In 1937, Iran was pressured to create a new boundary designation along their shoreline, sacrificing complete navigation rights to Iraq. Following levied dues that exceeded the maximum limit determined in the 1937 treaty, Iran considered the treaty null. If the agreement was abolished, the boundary would return to the Thalweg, or mid-channel, allowing Iraq and Iran rights to half the river. After Iraq began issuing threats to unarmed Iranian shipping vessels, Iran brought the dispute to the United Nations Security Council. Iran's goal was to establish a cooperative administration which would allow navigation rights to the entire river for both countries.

390. 10352 10352 The file contains correspondence between Kiyoomars Vazeen, an Iranian ambassador, and John G. Laylin, a lawyer for Covington & Burling, regarding bilateral air service agreements. Bilateral air service agreements are created between two countries pertaining to the presence of foreign air services. Types of aircrafts allowed, number of passengers carried, and maximum amount of scheduled flights are determined. The Bermuda agreement, established between the United States and Great Britain in 1946, serves as a model for many air service agreements. By restricting the number of flights and passengers on foreign flights, countries can expand the services provided by their own national airlines.

391. 10353 10353 The Iranian and Afghan calendar page assists readers with converting dates from ancient and modern solar calendars to a "Christian" Gregorian calendar.
The equivalents page shows the equivalents for measurement units used in reports (ex. 1 cu in = 16.39 cm³).

392. 10354 10354 The file contains a letter from Ali Gholi Ardalan, Ambassador of Iran, to John G. Laylin, May 22, 1958 concerning International law.

393. 10355 10355 The file contains the draft proposal of the Iranian and Afghan Delegation

394. 10356 10356 The file contains a report from the Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs for Ali Asghar Hekmat, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The cover letter and corresponding chapters and attachments are included.

395. 10357 10357 The file contains an undated summary of the Helmand River dispute.

396. 10358 10358 The file contains an undated note regarding the collection of data from adjacent areas to the Helmand basin, including the Euphrates, Nile, and Indus.

397. 10359 10359 The file contains a series of hand drawn maps, each focusing on a specific portion of the Helmand River.

398. 1036 1036

399. 10360 10360 The elevation map focuses on the Herat province in northwestern Afghanistan. Notable features and locations include Obeh, Herat, Chakhcharan, and the Earl river, a tributary of the Hari river.

400. 10361 10361 The map depicts the shared portion of the Helmand River between Iran and Afghanistan. It focuses on dams, canals, and towns situated along the river course.
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results 381-400 of 10234 item(s)  page 20 of 512 : ( <<  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  >> ) :: previous : next
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