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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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Photo NumberPH036_4358
Title on Object
Title on EnvelopeJoe Bennet, Walla Walla Indian
Descriptive UO TitleJoe Bennett, Walla Walla Indian in costume in front of tipi.
TCI Title
General NotesA Native American man identified as Joe Bennett of the Walla Walla tribe stands in traditional Native American clothing near a tipi. He wears a buckskin shirt with fringe, a headband with an eagle feather, a choker, necklaces, and a breechcloth with a geometric motif. He holds a tomahawk and a fur and has a knife in a scabbard tucked in his belt. The man wears his hair in braids.
TCI NotesAn outside photograph of a man standing to the side of a three-layer tule mat tipi. He is wearing a headband with claws on the band, and with single eagle feather in the back of his head. A buckskin coat with a leather belt is holding the coat closed. A knife and scabbard are on the belt on his left side. A loop necklace and choker and a wool blanket are around his waist to his feet. On his right arm is two coyote pelts, and in his left hand is a hatchet style pipe. The Tule mat tipi is three layers high with three poles on the outside of the mats to hold them down. The door is made of a blanket with two wooden sticks. Behind the tipi are unidentified objects on the ground next to the tipi. All around the back of the tipi are cottonwood trees and brush. Writing on the photograph is under the tipi and to the left of the man knee. "Joe Benett Walla Walla Tribe, Major Moorhouse."
TCI TermsMan
Feather, Eagle
Necklace, Loop
Coat, Buckskin
Belt, Leather
Scabbard, Knife
Pelt, Coyote
Blanket, Wool
Pipe, Hatchet Style
Tule Mat

TCI ClassesOutside Photograph; Person; Regalia; Housing;
SubjectIndians of North America
Clothing and dress
Headbands (Headgear)
Shirt, Buckskin
Braids (Hairdressing)
Walla Walla Indians

NamesBennett, Joe
PhotographerMoorhouse, Lee
Date in Photo1897 - 1920
RightsThis image is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the University of Oregon Libraries as a source is requested.
RepositoryUniversity of Oregon Libraries - Special Collections and University Archives

Collection TitleMoorhouse Collection
Source FormatGlass-plate negative
Source Dimensions8.06 X 10.00 inches
Source Conditionflaking
Sub TypeOutside Photograph

Image (File) Size273,890 bytes
Image Width704 pixels
Image Height875 pixels
Color Space24 bit - RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Capture MethodScanned in transmissive mode with Silverfast AI 6.0 on UMAX PowerLook III flatbed scanner. Levels adjusted from 0 - 1.00 - 255 to 23 - 1.00 - 107 prior to capture.
Resolution125 dpi
Processing HistoryScanned images enter Photoshop with negative polarity and have a reversed orientation. Archived Tiffs are saved. Adobe Photoshop used to reorient and crop images, invert image to positive polarity, set and neutralize shadow and highlight point, adjust midtone contrast, and desaturate color information. Second production tiff saved, retaining adjustments layers. Photoshop used to convert color profie from Adobe 1998, to sRGB, set resoltuion to 125 dpi and resize the largest pixel dimension of the image to 875. Display jpeg saved after resizing.
Additional Formats Held by UOArchived tiff -- PH036_4358.tif -- 24 bit, Adobe RGB (1998) -- 4824 X 6000 pixels -- 600 dpi -- 86,853,056 bytes //

Production tiff -- PH036_4358rb -- 24 bit, Adobe RGB (1998) -- 4824 X 6000 pixels -- 600 dpi -- 159,613,956 bytes //
PublisherJoint Project of the University of Oregon Libraries and the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Digital CollectionUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes.
Contributing InstitutionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
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