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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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Photo NumberPH036_5038
Title on EnvelopeGroup including John McBain, Lee Moorehouse, and Indians, sho-o-way(Cayuse), wolf(Palouse), Peo(Umatilla), Hamile(Walla Walla), Young Chief(Cayuse), who went to Washington in December, 1889
Descriptive UO Title
General NotesSeven men, three sitting, four standing, are grouped in a studio before a backdrop which has tipis painted on it. Two of the standing men are white men, identified as John McBain and Lee Moorhouse. Both wear suits and ties and McBain wears a felt hat while Moorhouse wears a high top hat. Both men have moustaches. Moorhouse holds a long pipe and flat geometrically beaded bag with fringe in his right hand, and his left hand is on the shoulder of the man seated in front of him, identified as Young Chief of the Cayuse. A Native American man, identified as Chief Sho-o-way of the Cayuse, stands in the back, also wearing a suit. He has a top-coat with furred lapels over it, and a conspicuous watch chain and medal. He wears no hat, and his gray or white hair hangs to his shoulders, where it is curled. The fourth man in the back row, identified as Chief Wolf, does not seem to be wearing headgear, but the middle section of his dark hair is pulled back from his forehead and puffed up above his head, and there seem to be feathers or other ornaments in it. The hair on the sides hangs at least to his shoulders. He wears a choker necklance and buckskin shirt, with a blanket across his left shoulder to the right side of his waist. He appears to be holding a large white feather or wing with dark spots in his right hand. The three Native American men seated in front are all wearing headgear. The man on the left, seated on a wooden chair, is identified as Chief Peo of the Umatilla. He wears a stand-up bonnet of feathers over his shoulder-length hair, and seven rows of necklaces, and his shirt is decorated with shells or teeth along its v-neck, with a stiff fringe below the shoulders. His hands are crossed on his lap, and the lower hand rests on a patterned blanket hanging between his legs. His upper, right, arm, is crossed over, and he has another blanket draped over it, and a ring on his hand. His pants have wide strips of beading down the outside of the legs. He seems to be wearing plain moccasins. The man in the center has been identifed as Chief Homily of the Walla Walla. He seems to be wearing a military cap, ornamented with beading, feathers, and fringe. His buckskin shirt has rectangular areas of beading on the sleeves and a row of ermine across the chest and shoulders.He seems to be wearing plain buckskin chaps over his pants, and beaded moccasins. His hands are in his lap and in his right hand he holds a pipe, from which a beaded bag dangles. The third seated man, Young Chief, wears a straw or felt hat with a hatband and an ornament standing up in the front, out of which emerge plumes of feathers which curve over the top of his hat. He has dark shoulder-length hair, and an earring is visible. He too wears loops of beads around his neck. He seems to be wearing a military jacket with chevrons at the wrist over a plaid shirt. The jacket is decorated with fringe at the shoulders which depends lower than his elbows. He has a patterned blanket over both legs and rolled in his lap, with patterned trousers underneath and floral beaded moccasins. His hands in his lap grasp a hatchet-style pipe, which has a flat beaded bag with streamers hanging from it. The area beneath the men is covered with a very hairy rug or mat, which is slightly rolled up at the right side of the photograph.
TCI NotesInterior photograph of seven men four dressed in regalia and three in suits. The men sitting in the front are wearing headdresses, loop necklaces,buckskin beaded with ermine, wool leggings, Pendleton Blankets , moccasins. In the back row the men are st
TCI TermsMen
Necklace, Loop
Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded
Shirt, Buckskin
Shirt, Cloth
Moccasins, Beaded--Floral
Moccasins, Plain
Bonnet, Stove Pipe
Leggings, Buckskin--Beaded--Geometric
Bag, Pipe
TCI ClassesInterior Photograph; Men; Recreation; Headdress
SubjectPipes (Smoking)
Pipe, Hatchet Style
Indians of North America
Indian beadwork
Suits (Clothing)
Hat Band
Hair ornaments
Bag, Beaded
Bag, Beaded--Geometric
Bag, Pipe
Cayuse Indians
Watches, Pocket
Moccasins, Plain
Moccasins, Beaded-Floral
Necklace, Loop
Chaps, Leather
Shirt, Buckskin
Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded
Shirt, Cloth
Shell jewelry
Feathers, Plumes
Chaps, Leather
Tribal chiefs
Umatilla Indians
Walla Walla Indians
NamesMcBain, John
Peo, Chief Elijah Lowry
Chief Homily
Youngchief, David
Chief Sho-o-way
Chief Wolf
Moorhouse, Lee
PhotographerMoorhouse, Lee
Date in Photo1897 - 1920
RightsThis image is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the University of Oregon Libraries as a source is requested.
RepositoryUniversity of Oregon Libraries - Special Collections and University Archives

Collection TitleMoorhouse Collection
Source FormatGlass-plate negative
Source Dimensions
Source Conditionsilver mirroring
surface contamination
Sub TypeStudio Portrait
Image (File) Size302.542 kb
Capture Method22-0-63
Resolution125 dpi
Processing HistoryB
Additional Formats Held by UO
PublisherJoint Project of the University of Oregon Libraries and the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Digital CollectionUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes.
Contributing InstitutionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
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