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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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Photo NumberPH036_4437
Title on ObjectChief No-Shirt's Camp Umatilla Reservation
Title on Envelope: Camp of No Shirt, Walla Walla Indian, on Umatilla reservation
Descriptive UO Title
TCI TitleChief No Shirt's Camp
General NotesAn outside photograph of two Native American men standing in a campsite. Both men are wrapped in what have been identified as Pendleton blankets. There are three tipis in the campsite. The tipi farthest back shows a darkened canvas. The middle tipi has smoke coming out of it; it is composed from layered tuli mats and canvas. There are rough-hewn poles lying on the outside of both tipis, as well as internal frame poles that extrude from the top. The third tipi -- on the photograph's right side -- is made entirely of canvas and shows no external poles. There is an opening in the top for smoke to escape; the top has been noticeably darkened from the smoke. Behind the three tipis lies a dark, unidentified, man-made structure; it is surrounded by brush and appears to have a ladder either leaning against it or sticking through an opening. Both men are wearing hats; one man appears to be walking away from the tipis while the other is leaning against what has been identified as an oar. Behind the man with the oar is a tipi opening; there is a tule mat covering the doorway and miscellaneous articles lying on the ground. There are two dogs in the campsite. In the surrounding area are cottonwood trees and pine trees. The cottonwood trees are leafless and there may be patches of snow on the ground. All around the campsite are shrubs, and a gently rising hillside can be seen in the background.
TCI NotesAn outside photograph of two men standing in a campsite wrapped in Pendleton Blankets. In the background are Cottonwood and Pine trees. The first tipi is the smallest in the back next to the brush; the canvas is dark from the smoke. The second one, the medium one, is made from canvas and Tule Mats. There is smoke coming out of this tipi. Right next to this tipi is a dog sitting look toward the camera. CTUIR is unable to identify the two men. The two men are standing in front of the biggest tipi which is all canvas; the top part is black from the smoke coming from the inside. The two men are wrapped in two different Pendleton Blankets and wearing hats. The first man is a few feet away from the tipi, the second one is right in front of the door holding an oar in both of his hands. The door is covered by a Tule Mat with a pot to the right of the man with the oar. On the other side of the same man are a couple more pots and a small bundle of something. Just over and behind the two men is a unidentified manmade structure with a ladder sticking out of the top. In the foreground is another dog sitting looking away from the camera. The writing on the Photograph is "Chief No Shirt's Camp Moorhouse" and in the bottom left corner is the number "4437".
TCI TermsMen
Blanket, Pendleton
Tule Mat
TCI ClassesOutside Photograph; People; Campsites; Housing; Animal
Indians of North America
Walla Walla Indians
Blanket, Pendleton
Poles (Engineering)
Cottonwood trees
PhotographerMoorhouse, Lee
Date in Photo1897 - 1920
RightsThis image is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the University of Oregon Libraries as a source is requested.
RepositoryUniversity of Oregon Libraries - Special Collections and University Archives

Collection TitleMoorhouse Collection
Source FormatGlass-plate negative
Source Dimensions
Source Conditionscratching
surface contamination
Sub TypeOutside Photograph
Image (File) Size294.285 kb
Capture Method11-0-131
Resolution125 dpi
Processing HistoryB
Additional Formats Held by UO
PublisherJoint Project of the University of Oregon Libraries and the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Digital CollectionUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes.
Contributing InstitutionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
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