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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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Photo NumberPH036_5031
Title on EnvelopeMrs. Blackhawk, Cayuse Indian, in costume, outside tipi, with collection of clothing and equipment
Descriptive UO Title
TCI TitleMrs. Black Hawk Cayuse Tribe 1901
General NotesA Native American woman identified as "Mrs. Black Hawk" of the Cayuse tribe stands in front of a tule reed mat tipi. There is snow on the ground and on parts of the tipi. Five poles are visible, and on the left side of the photograph is a wooden ladder made of poles and boards. The canvas entry of the tipi is tied back and the woman stands with her feet inside, slightly leaning out. Her long dark hair hangs below her waist in two braids; she wears a choker necklace, and a rounded earring is visible. She wears a long dark cloth wing dress with wide sections of lighter beading that run across the bodice and shoulders and onto the sleeves. A longer sleeve of floral material from a shirt or underdress is visible as she holds up her left hand. Around her waist is a wide beaded belt, and it looks like another beaded belt is hanging from it. In her left hand she holds a strip of material beaded in floral patterns and embellished with a strip of fur which has round medallions or shell discs sewn on at regular intervals. On her right side hangs a multicolored striped and fringed blanket; with her right hand she seems to be holding or pushing aside a dark bag or curtain trimmed with a light floral-patterned material. Propped against a low log or board at the entrance to the tipi are two flat bags beaded with geometric patterns. Under them, and taking up the left foreground of the photo, is a striped blanket.
TCI NotesOutside photograph of a woman wearing a cloth dress that has beadwork in geometric designs on the top front, near the neck and along the front shoulders. She is also wearing a florral pattern underdress. Along the top of her waist she is wearing a bead
TCI TermsWoman
Dress, Cloth--Beaded
Belt, Leather--Beaded
Side Drops, Beaded
Underdress, cloth
Earrings, shell
Blanket, Pendleton
Blanket, Pendleton
Blanket Strip, Beaded
Blanket Strip, Beaded
Tacks, brass
Bag, Cornhusk
Bag, Cornhusk
Tule Mat
TCI ClassesOutside Photograph; Person; Regalia; Housing
Indian women
Indians of North America
Cayuse Indians
Shell jewelry
Doors and doorways
Braids (Hairdressing)
Earrings, Shell
Clothing and dress
Dress, Cloth
Dress, Cloth--Beaded
Indian beadwork
Underdress, cloth
Belts (Clothing)
Belt, Beaded
Bag, Beaded--Geometric
Bag, Beaded
NamesBlack Hawk, Mrs.
PhotographerMoorhouse, Lee
Date in Photo1901
RightsThis image is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the University of Oregon Libraries as a source is requested.
RepositoryUniversity of Oregon Libraries - Special Collections and University Archives

Collection TitleMoorhouse Collection
Source FormatGlass-plate negative
Source Dimensions
Source Conditionfingerprints
surface contamination
Sub TypeOutside Photograph
Image (File) Size341.882 kb
Capture Method16-0-212
Resolution125 dpi
Processing HistoryB
Additional Formats Held by UO
PublisherJoint Project of the University of Oregon Libraries and the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Digital CollectionUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes.
Contributing InstitutionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
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