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Slocum, Charles and Laura, House (Vancouver, Washington)
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Object NameSlocum, Charles and Laura, House (Vancouver, Washington)
ViewNational Register of Historic Places Inventory -- Nomination Form
Alternate NameCharles and Laura Slocum House (Vancouver, Washington)
Slocum House Theatre Company (Vancouver, Washington)
Old Slocum House (Vancouver, Washington)
CountryUnited States
Site Detail605 Esther Street
Photograph Date1971
CatalogerEdward H. Teague
Object Typearchitecture
built works
views (visual works)
exterior views
plans (orthographic projections)
floor plans
Notes'" ' z 0 I-U ;:) It: I-i'l '" Z - " ILl l ILl '" ~\' . , f... .• , ., 2. tv R.. IE 2.7 7 , ( J)/ J HIoAn. Julia B. Porm 10 · 300 UNITED STATApARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR • WaSh~ Uton ( J, I, 1~ 69) NATIONAL PARK SERVICE COWN T v . ; NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Clark CL Ilflf INVENTORY - NOMINATION FORM FOR NPS USE ONLY ENTRY NUMBER I DATE ( Type all entries - complete applicable sections) I 1' 1."' NAME:': >, >/ ... .. .. .. .. . . COM'- 40N: Slocum House ANDIOR H1STOR1Cl 12. LOCAT! ON STfU, lET ANC NU~ •• RI - 605 Esther Street CITY OR TOWNI Vancouver ' TArll. I COUE ICOUNTY' I CODE Ii""' CLASSiFiCAtiON Washington 153 1 Clark 1011 CATEGORY OWNFR5HIP 5T A TUS ACCESSIBLE ( ell. clf One) TO THE PUBLIC 0 DI. trlct Qg Bulldln, IXl Put- lie Public Acquilition: ~ Occupied V. I: 0 Sit. o Structur. 0 P, lyat. o In Proc ... 0 Unoccllpied Qg R.. trict. d 0 Object 0 80th o Sell" lg Consid. r. d o Pr ••• rvati"" work 0 Unr •• tricted ' n progr ••• 0 N. PAE'I: NT U' 1t ( Checlt 0". or More •• Approprf.' e) o Ag, lcultural o Government 0 Pork o Tran1portatlon o Comments o Commerclol 0 Indu. trial 0 Privote Re. lelence o Other ( Specify) 0 Educotlonal 0 Mllitory 0 Rellgiou. [ jj! Ent. rtalnment 0 Museum [] Selentiflc fi'tlWN~' I. t1F, PROPERTY i .','. -- "'''''. R'' NAMII:: ~ •-< City of Vancouver • Ul -< ' TflI •• T AND NUh4BIf .. : ------~ ::>' ~ 13t~~~!:() acl~~ Y__ .. 1-" : os CITV Ofll TOWN- Vancouver STAT ... · Washington 1I C:> OD. jE tr0t-w... 1.~~ Tj( jIil. 0/ i: CioA-~ oe5CRIP.!~ ON . : os ~-". - COURTHOUSE, REGI'TRV OF OEEOS, IETC: n Clark Clerk's Office o 0 STREET AND NUMB."': County .... Zc III -< - c 1200 Franklin Street 11 c r TV OR TOWN: STATE CODE :> I' Vancouver Washington 53 r4~-; RePllE$ l! NTATION IN EXISTING SURVEYS TITL. E OF 5URVE~, mz Historic American Bllilding Survey .. • - tt DATE OF ' URVI- V, ~ Federol CJ State D County Cl Leee l < 0 Z '" .__ . DEPOSITORY FOR SURVEY RECORDS' C Z < .. The Librarv of Conaress • ~ " c: SUU!:. T AND NUMBER, • ~ .- m0z Cl TV OA TOWN: ~ IT'T" I CODE I-- I- r -< Washington D.~. 20540 0 •-< " " ,. CONOITION _._---~,~.--- ",-, ~ OE. CAI_ 1i THE FlRESI! NT AND ORIGINAL ( ft known) PHYSICAL APPEARANCe: z ( Check One) I-' D=-..= E:. c,,:.:. o...:_ lI. o...:. I. l: in!=...-:-, . G; O:..:. od);:>' D::'_ F_ o_;'_---= D~ O:.:.° i'o--' I.:: o'.:. o':: od=---' D=::-.::. R~"';; n.~~ D;:'_, U~ n•:• o~~ O.~. ~ d~--- J ( Checlt One) /' ( Check One) llt AIt. r. d 0 Unalt. r. d lKJ Moved 0 Original Site A two- story wood frame residence with a hip and gable roof and a veranda- type porch around approximately half its perimeter. It is asymetrical in plan and elevation with an octagonal projection at one corner forming an octagonal cupola on the roof. The design might be called Carpenter Victorian style. The exterior walls are wood drop siding with many moldings, brackets, pediments, and trims. There is an ornate handrail along the " widows walk" on the roof. It is being remodeled into a community theater; however, as much of the original interior is being saved and re-stored as possible. Some of the interior features are molded decorative plaster ceilings with chandeliers sus-pended from cast plaster medallions, a carved marble fire-place, tall, raised panel doors, a curved stairway with a Honduras Mahogany bannister, bay windows, and wood molding and trims. . mm The house is being fitted with electric heat, modern . plumbing, electricity and theatrical lighting equipment. - l : 0 c: n - l o : z: .-----:----~.~ I-:-----.-.......... " 1:"' 00 ( Check One 0' 1110' ••• Approprl. te) o Pr •. Columblan I 0 16, h Can'ury o 15t'" Cen, ury 0 17th Cen'ury .. o 18, h Cen'ury ! Xl 19th Century o 20th Century , Fll! el,.. C 0 ... T Itl.) ( II Appllcab/. and Known) ( Check Dna or Mo, ••• Approprl. te) o Education o Engln •• rln; o '" dUItry A~ ItAS OF SIGNIFICANCE Abor " Ina I o Prehl. toric o Historic o Agriculture lXI A'chltectur. DArt o Comln ... ce o Communication, o CO" u'yo, lon o Urban Planning o O, h., ( Specify) o Polltieal o Religion/ Phi. IOlophy o Sc;: ia" ca o Sculptur. o Social/ Human_ o Inun'ion o Londscape Archl tact",,. o Llt.' otlotf. o Mllitory rJ MusIc itodon o Thaot. t [] Tran, portotion ITATIM. NT 0" I'QNI,. ICANClE The Slocum House is the only building remaining in what was a residential section of Old Vancouver of the mid 1800' s. The house was built by Charles W. Slocum and his wife Laura after the style of the family home in Rhode Island, a modified Italianate villa, with a widow's walk such as could be seen along the east coast of that period. This building was the first really elegant home in Vancouver. The beautiful curving stairway of rosewood and mahogany shows the family interest in cabinet making and a respect for care-ful workmanship. The medallions which grace the ceilings reflect the period and have been handsomely restored. In cleaning them, partial signatures & the patent dates of July 16, 1842 and August 29, 1846 were found mol~ ed in the surface. The stately ten foot double doors, the octagonal room, and the marble fireplaces all contribute to the charm of the house. Mr. Slocum was a leading merchant in Vancouver, owning a general store, made of brick, at Third and Main Streets, across the street from the Hotel Columbia. When the first Governor's ball was held in Vancouver, a bridge was built across Main Street, connecting the hotel to the second story dance floor in Slocum's store. In 1962 the Slocum House was scheduled to be demolished to make way for an urban renewal project. Interest in saving some example from among the homes of this early era in this location was sparked by a Fort Vancouver Historical Society sponsored tour. A theatre group formed to assist in preserv-ing the home. With the aid of financial gifts and the cooperation of the city, the building was moved one block north of its original site and placed on a new foundation in 1966. Local effort has raised money to convert the house to an intimate theater, seating approximately 65 persons. The former dining room- sitting room is now the scene of plays, readings, recitals, vocal and instrumental concerts • -.. ;, I:' r9~ ~ JO; 1l18LIOGRAPHtCAL RE_~ e"' E'"' N"' CE"' s:--------------' GUIDE to places of historical interest in Vancouver, Wa. Fort Vancouver Historical Society LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE COOROINATES DEFINING" RECTANGLE LOC ..... TlNG THE PROPI: RTY L .... TITUDE LONGITUDE Oell, · e, Minut •• Second. oegre. s Minutes Seconds e . 0 . .. 45 37' 34" 1220 40' 28" Dell' •• ' Minut •• Seconds o • Dell' •• ' Minut •• Second. o • I---,-=- ~_ ....... _..... _ ...-- - ..-- ..----------- l----- j 51AT("' CODE COUNT V COOC I,." T",:-:: T"' o,-,-------------- · -----+.-- c- O" D- ..-' e- OU- N- T-= V,-,------------------!-: C" O" D" C::- 1 NW NE SE < W o o conE o o ,.,." J.__ -::-: c=-- c=-=,.--------. L.....- ..-..~ .-..-. ----_::_----_. L--- I rLu. . FO: RM.. PR; E, PA: RE. O~ BY~~~ c.=~~------------.--.-.--.---- 1 N .... ME AND TI TL E. o CODE o CODE COUNTY: ORG .... NI t. A nON Robert A Hidde~ n .:..:...._---_ ._. ---=-;;------ j As the de s ignat ed State Liaison Officer for t he Na-tional Historic Pres ervat 100 Act of Plh() ( Pubilc Law 8Q- hhS), I hereby nominate this propc- rt v [ u r Inclusion In the Nutrona l Regrs ter and cr- rttfy t ha t II has be en evaluated u.- cordrng to the cr ne rru and procedures set [ ort h by lht' Na t rona l Park Serv rce . 1 he recommended level of s i grnf ic a nc e of this nonunan on is N": a~~~ A; t~~ LOC~~; Oiarles H. Odegard Title Director ! 5 rATE: Fort Vancouver Historical Socletv STREET AND NUMBER: 1-----:-:=-==-:-_.::: 3,::.. 7 ::..: 11Franklin __ . - t- r- -._-- 1 CITY OR TOWN: STATE I CODE Vancouver Washinaton r 53 112. ST ATE LIAISON OF F ICE R c; e;;' R"' TF;":;- 1; I;:; C~ A7' II;-; O;:- N;------ lr--::..::; N::: A~ T~ IO=: N~ A~ L~ R~ E::: G7. IS;: T;: E;: R:- V: 7e::" R::" I:": F::" IC::" A7' T::" I:": O::" N!..-: d-'!.-! Date Department of Parks and Recreation Commission 1.. 2130/ 71 I hereby cert rfy ~ hatfhi! Jproperty IS inc luded In the NatlOnaIZ~~.\ 1 l",>, "- (~' ~ ~" I,,::.' .~\..\,\.~\: ... 1' 1- \ Chic.,--. ls.', W. ce jr. o.\ f ~ AA. rheol" oQY and H. ik, toric Preeervation Cot.. -<;\ 0'- J': \~ ;" ~\> o G\ S .... Date '\ /; ?' 2,,' ATTEST:~ 111 it\ y Keeper of The Netlonal ReQi! lter Late m m z - I ; JtJ c: n - I oz • \ ~; Jo' .." ' 1I ,'~. ', . zo Form 10- 301 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR STATE ( Dec . 1968) NATIONAL PARK SERVICE ' Washington NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES COUNTY PROP ERTY MAP FORM Clark FOR NPS USE ONL Y ( Type all entries - attach to or enclose with map) ENTRY NUMBER I O.... TE I II · NAME COM'v10N: ::> locum House --. "~ AND/ OR HISTORIC: J' 12, LOCATION STREET AND ~ jUM SER' 605 ~ sther 3treet CITY OR TOWN: Va:" 1couve~ 13. MSATPATER: EFERENCE ' ri3. shi:; gtC: 1 ! I . C5O. D3E IIcou~ T'~ Yl: 3TK, TI nCOiDlE SOURCE USGS _ C AL E. , · ? 4nnn CA TE: , nc" 14. REQUIREMENTS TO 8E INCLUDED ON ALL MAPS 1. Property broundortes where required. ~' . 2, North arrow. • ', I 3, Latitude and longitude reference. I-U ~ 0:: I-z w w , % o ---- --- - ----- -------- ------- - -- - --- UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR STATE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE \~ ashington NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES COUNTY Clark PROP ERTY PHOTOGRAPH FORM FOR NPS USE ONLY ( Type al1 entries - attach to or enclose with photograph) EN TRY NUMBER I DATE I 11. NAME' ,,,' ,. /. " ,~, ,;.: < ' ~, ••,~, , - " '~ '. ,. jCOMMON> Slocum !' louse IA. NOiOR HISTORIC: 12. LOCATION ~ STREET "' NO NUMBER; 605 l'sther 3treet CIT, OR TOWN. Vancouver STATE I CODE ICOUN TV I c o o e 13, PHOTO REFERENCE ": ashi.' 1[', tcn IS31 Clark 10// jP"' OTO CJ;: rCIT' : · : ril1 ! jpT'!""! i...., p : j0Cker ' DAlE 0"" P" OTQ: ~ ne_ 20---. l970 .'::: GATIVE FILED t. T' 14 IOENT1FICAT10l< ", SCRIBE VIEW, DIRECTION, ETC View from v South , c. ie % w w • L ~." • - - -,---- I ,
Metadata NotesDescription of this work is based initially on documentation supplied by the image provider. It is often the case with gift slides that very little information is provided. Review and updating of descriptive information by the collection cataloger is ongoing.
Digital CollectionBuilding Oregon: Architecture of Oregon & the Pacific Northwest
Source CollectionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
PublisherUniversity of Oregon Libraries
File NameWA_Clark_Vancouver_SlocumHouse.pdf
Contributing InstitutionUniversity of Oregon Libraries
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