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Yoko McClain Transcript Part 5
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TitleYoko McClain Transcript Part 5
Time Period2000-2009
IntervieweeMcClain, Yoko
InterviewerUhlig, Elizabeth
TranscriberFernández, Natalia
SubjectJapanese Americans
Original CollectionJapanese-American Association of Lane Co., OR, Oral History Collection
RestrictionsPermission to use must be obtained from the Oregon Multicultural Archives, OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center.
File Nameyoko_mcclain_part5.pdf
Full TextJapanese-American Association of Lane County, Oregon - Oral History Collection Yoko Matsuoka McClain – Part 5 Date: March 22, 2008 Place: Yoko Matsuoka McClain's home Eugene, OR Length: 00:02:56 Interviewee: Yoko Matsuoka McClain Interviewer: Elizabeth Uhlig Transcriber: Natalia Fernández [00:00] [EU] Yoko, we just stopped so you could put some more wood on the fire. So, is there anything else, other questions I should have asked you or other things you'd like to talk about? [YM] I think you covered quite a bit. [EU] When you look back at your career at the university and your life here in the United States, what gives you the most satisfaction? What's your legacy? [YM] Well, [laughs] that's kind of hard question. But no, I really feel so lucky that I enjoyed teaching so much, right? And so that's something. If you do the work when you're not happy, I think that's kind of awful thing, right? I did enjoy everyday – I was lucky. I'm not a rich person but I at least I don't have to worry about too much, you know, where the money come for food, right? That itself is lucky, you know, I think. I do have good friends, which is lucky. I just don't have any complaint actually. For my age, you know, of course you can get older, you have all sorts of health problems, but so far I have been lucky that I can still travel, I can do want I want to, right? [laughs] [EU] And you're still in contact with so many of your students. [YM] That's right, that's right. That's what's been nice about that too. That's been nice actually. My first year student, now grandmother, so I said "You couldn't be grandmother! You're my student!" I always laugh about that [laughs]. But if you think about, it my first student started '64 – they are all retired [laughs]. Hard to believe isn't it? Time just goes. [EU] All right. Well, thank you very much. [YM] Oh, you're welcome. [02:56]
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