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Middle East Waters

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Article or Chapter TitleMid-East Regional Water Schemes
Record Number10241
Primary author or editorU.S. Department of State; U.S. Agency for International Development;
Description"Water demand is approaching, and occasionally has surpassed, water supply in several Mideast water basins. As a result, various entities have formulated regional and project plans in an attempt to alleviate the perceived or real water shortages. A one-month desk study was performed to compile published information on the larger of the above plans which are referred to here as 'Grand Schemes'. An introduction offers a brief outline of the historical perspective of water problems in the Mideast, as well as the current situation. Each Grand Scheme is treated as an independent unit. The body of the study includes a brief description and evaluation of 16 Grand Schemes in and around the water basins of the Nile, Jordan, and Euphrates Rivers, and summaries of the prospects desalination, wastewater reuse, and conservation. The schemes include projects for interbasin water transfers by pipeline, canal, and towed plastic bags; and projects for hydro-power. An evaluation matrix offers a comparative framework for ranking the relative viability of each project."--Abstract page
Water Basin(s)Nile
KeywordsDesalination; Wastewater reuse; Conservation;
Secondary author or editorIrrigation Support Project for Asia and the Near East (ISPAN); Saunders, Michael P.; Frey, Jeffery P.; Kohl, William P. -- Harza Engineering Co.; Kolars, John; Wolf, Aaron; - independent consultants;
Page(s)120 pp.
Library LocationArchives maps & microfiche - standard size file cabinets
DonorLaylin, John G.
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