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1988 Brown artist statement
Title1988 Brown artist statement
Artwork Description1 p. Clint Brown's 1988 artist statement
LC SubjectArt -- Documentation
Art -- Exhibitions
Resumes (Employment)
CreatorBrown, Clint
About the ArtistClint Brown has been a professor of art at Oregon State University, where he has taught drawing, painting, and sculpture since 1970. He served as a Fulbright Exchange Professor at Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University) in Nottingham, England, and has taught art as Seattle Pacific University and University of Southern California. He is author of Drawing from Life (Harcourt Brace, second edition 1996) and editor of Artist to Artist: Inspiration and Advice from Artists Past and Present (Jackson Creek Press 1998). His art work had been exhibited widely throughout the West. His drawings on the AIDS pandemic, The Plague Drawings, traveled to Japan,
Regional Arts CouncilThe Oregon Arts Commission has ten Regional Arts Councils that provide delivery of art services and information. The Council for this location is: Linn-Benton Arts
Award Date(s)1988
Source Formatblack and white
Artwork SiteCorvallis Oregon. Oregon State University. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Site Address1148 Kelley Engineering Center, Corvallis Oregon
CountyBenton County, Oregon
Relates to ArtworkRight Side / Left Side Series 1-4
Full TextARTIST'S STATEMENT As an artist I am primarily concerned with the orchestration of media and form to achieve what I feel is a poetic arrangement. Paint, chalk and recognizable images are all responded to intuitively, with more concern for rhyme than reason. I attempt to build a rich tapestry of colored pigment. At times this is achieved by a purely abstract manipulation of the media and at other times through the use of recognizable images which are often repeated and overlapping. It is only after the work is completed and perceived aesthetically that analogies and meanings are inferred. The successful integration and juxtaposition of visual metaphors within a composition of color field seems to imply a meaning. Although I use a wide variety of media, the use of water color pigment combined with gum bichromate has had the most effect on my method of working and on the final appearance of the work. Gum bichromate is a process, discovered and developed in the early days of photography whereby water color paints are made sensitive to ultraviolet light source. Painted areas that have not been shielded from the light are chemically changed into a nonsoluble area of color, and shielded areas remaining water soluble are washed out of the paper through a developing process. A variety of things are used to shield the areas of pigment, including paper stensils, photographic negatives and hand-drawn images on clear acetate. The visual metaphors I use, whether generated via the photography or drawn by hand, are chosen primarily because of their abstract aesthetic qualities and secondarily because I feel they have the potential to imply meaning and arouse our imaginations. I like to incorporate recog- nizable cliches, such as the cowboy, the nude, the heart, and computer circuits, from various aspects of my visual environment into a richly created colored environment of my own invention. In this my concerns are similar to those of a poet who attempts to structure and manipulate common, everyday words into a new aesthetically articulate sensation. For me, art is a game of image conjuring, played with media and form. What is presented in my work is the way the pieces have been arranged during and after the game. CLINT BROWN September, 1984
RightsCopyright is retained by the artist or author. All rights reserved.
ContributorsUniversity of Oregon Libraries; Oregon Arts Commission
PublisherUniversity of Oregon Libraries
Digital Collection TitleUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Oregon Public Percent for Art Digital Collection.
Contributing InstitutionContributing Institution
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