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2004 Beasley artist statement
Title2004 Beasley artist statement
Artwork Description1 p. Bruce Beasley's 2004 artist statement.
LC SubjectArt -- Documentation
Art -- Exhibitions
CreatorBeasley, Bruce
Regional Arts CouncilThe Oregon Arts Commission has ten Regional Arts Councils that provide delivery of art services and information. The Council for this location is: Lane Arts. You may view their website at
Award Date(s)2004
Source Formatblack and white
Artwork SiteEugene Oregon. University of Oregon. Schnitzer Museum of Art
Site Address1430 Johnson Lane, Eugene Oregon
CountyLane County, Oregon
Relates to ArtworkEncounter
Full TextBruce Beasley Artist's Statement The sculpture is conceived to engage the visual environment of the exterior of the museum. The sculpture is intended to be approached and viewed from all directions. The sculpture is large enough to be engaging and have a real presence, but not so large as to dominate or overwhelm the very friendly and leafy space that makes up the exterior of the museum The conceptual content of the sculpture deals with the essence of what a University and an attendant institution such as the Art Museum is. The base blocks are a metaphor for the very foundation of the university itself the faculty, the library the research facilities. The upper composition of blocks with the connecting horizontal element, that actively engage and play off the base blocks, is a metaphor for the activities that the university engenders..... learning, questioning, exposure to ideas and to art, that are the vital and dynamic purposes of a university. If I have the honor of being selected to build this sculpture it will be my seventh sculpture in a University environment. I find that Colleges and Universities are a very special and unique place to have artworks. The students make up a wonderful audience of people who are at a time of their life when they are the most open and receptive. Unlike an artwork in a commercial setting where the audience for the artwork is usually distracted and often only very briefly exposed to the artwork, students at a University are (hopefully) more open to new experiences and expressions. The fact that they will be seeing the artwork over and over again means that they will have the opportunity to connect with the sculpture in a deeper communication. I have gotten very wonderful feedback from students at universities who describe the special relationship that they have developed over time with a particular artwork. I have a real fondness for Eugene that goes back many years. I was one of the master sculptors at the Sculpture Symposium in Eugene in 1974. The symposium provided a turning point in my career. I began a new period of work at the symposium with the sculpture that I built there. A sculpture student from the U of O who worked with me at the symposium became my assistant for twenty years, and my son was conceived there. Therefore my connections to Eugene are both professional and personal. I would be very honored to have the latest period of my work be a part of the Eugene and U of O environment.
RightsCopyright is retained by the artist or author. All rights reserved.
ContributorsUniversity of Oregon Libraries; Oregon Arts Commission
PublisherUniversity of Oregon Libraries
Digital Collection TitleUniversity of Oregon. Libraries. Oregon Public Percent for Art Digital Collection.
Contributing InstitutionContributing Institution
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