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 Image: Image Title: Subject: Description/Notes:

1. Ivy covering Waldo Hall Ivy covering Waldo Hall Campus buildings; Waldo Hall; Dormitories;

2. Poultry Building Poultry Building Campus buildings; Poultry Building; Marys Peak Poultry building with Marys Peak in background. The building was located across from Kidder Hall on the corner where the men's dormatory was later built.

3. Snell Hall Snell Hall Campus buildings; Extension Hall; Snell Hall; Dormitories The building was originally built as Snell Hall, a woman's dorm. It later became Extension Hall around 1958. Today it is known as Ballard Extension Hall.

4. McDonald Room McDonald Room Libraries; Kerr Library; Campus buildings Kerr Library's McDonald Room.

5. Mechanical Hall (Apperson Hall) at night Mechanical Hall (Apperson Hall) at night Campus buildings; Apperson Hall; Mechanical Hall; Kearney Hall The view of Mechanical Hall was taken during Electrical Show.

6. Men's Dormitory club room Men's Dormitory club room Dormitories; Campus buildings; Weatherford Hall

7. Men's Dormitory Men's Dormitory Dormitories; Campus buildings

8. Mines Building with Corvallis in background Mines Building with Corvallis in background Campus buildings; Mines Building; Batchellor Hall; Mines building from 1913-1965, then Batcheller Hall from 1965 to the present.

9. Library Culture Collection Library Culture Collection Campus buildings; Libraries The Culture Collection was on the northwest corner of the Library Reading Room.
By 1926 the entire space from the large east window to the card catalog (located in the space later used for the reserve...

10. Memorial Union concourse Memorial Union concourse Campus buildings; Concourses; Memorial Union View of Memorial Union concourse around 1928. Studio image number 41214-H.

11. Memorial Union student lounge Memorial Union student lounge Campus buildings; Lounges; Memorial Union Studio image number 412181-E.

12. Armory Armory Campus buildings; Armory; McAlexander Fieldhouse Oregon Agricultural College Armory, now known as McAlexander Fieldhouse. Built in 1909-1910 and designed by John Bennes.

13. Pharmacy Building Pharmacy Building Campus buildings; Pharmacy Building; College of Pharmacy Pharmacy building shown before the wing was added.

14. Library Library Campus buildings; Libraries; Kidder Hall; Sunrises & sunsets Oregon Agricultural College Library from a photograph taken at sunset.
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results 1-14 of 14 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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