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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. PH014_44-41 PH014_44-41 Military personnel; Automobiles Hand tinted image. An outdoor portrait of a group of men in uniform standing on an automobile in the middle of a dirt street. The men are dressed in matching military uniforms consisting of long sleeved,...

2. PH036_4231 PH036_4231 automobiles; Indians of North America; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.) Image of a family in an automobile.

3. PH037_P254 PH037_P254 Automobiles; Men A man identified as Ezra Meeker stands next to an automobile referred to as the "schooner-mobile". The automobile is elongated and has a canvas roof like those found on wagon tarins. On the surface of...

4. PH036_4899 PH036_4899 Women; automobiles; men Image of a woman driving an automobile.

5. PH037_P246 PH037_P246 Political parades & rallies Crowds of people fill the streets of Portland, Oregon for the Third Libery Loan rally. Automobiles draped with American flags and two plaster replicas of the Statue of Liberty mounted on pedestals line...

6. PH037_P982 PH037_P982 Theaters; Marquees A group of people line the sidewalk in front of the Alder Theater at night. An illuminated marquee advertises the movie, "The Bishop Murder Case". Below the marquee is a ticket office and a movie poster....

7. PH037_1260 PH037_1260 Automobiles; Women; Men; Hunting A hunting party, consisting of four men and two women, pose on a wooden bridge with game they have shot. Two men and two women displaying birds are seated in an automobile. The women are dressed in layered...

8. PH037_P1813 PH037_P1813 Cityscapes A bird's-eye-view of a busy street scene in Portland, Oregon. Pedestrians are seen walking on the sidewalks next to tall buildings containing shops and window displays. Business signs that are visible...

9. PH037_P1989 PH037_P1989 Automobiles; Men Three men pose in an automobile parked in front of the Perkins Hotel in Portland, Oregon. A wheel is mounted to the side of the automobile displaying a sign that reads, "Official Pacific Coast Automobile...

10. PH103_23 PH103_23 Actresses; Automobiles

11. camp14 camp14 Men; Laundry; Automobiles; Sleeping

12. car 16 2 car 16 2 Men; Boys; Automobiles; Sleeping

13. car camp legs final 2 car camp legs final 2 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

14. PH004_0100 PH004_0100 Automobiles; Railroads

15. car-1 car-1 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

16. car-2 copy car-2 copy Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

17. PH037_45117 PH037_45117 Automobile repair; Mechanics (Persons) Black and white image. A group of men dressed in overalls work in a garage filled with automobiles. Two men in the foreground stand next to engine blocks raised on a chain that are supported with a pulley...

18. car-8 car-8 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

19. PH338-023 PH338-023 Boys; Automobiles Black and white image of two young boys standing on a sidewalk next to an automobile, looking towards a demolished building in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

20. migrant van2 migrant van2 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping
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results 1-20 of 53 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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