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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. Ph119_004 Ph119_004 Soldiers

2. Ph119_019 Ph119_019 Military officers

3. Ph119_025 Ph119_025 Families; Portraits

4. Ph119_028 Ph119_028 Soldiers

5. PH119_038 PH119_038 Horses; Men

6. PH119_045 PH119_045 Military personnel

7. PH119_055 PH119_055 Military personnel

8. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG100 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG100 men; women; dogs; geysers Image of men, women, and a dog standing near a geyser.

9. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG101 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG101 women; horses Image of a woman standing near a horse.

10. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG102 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG102 Camps; trees Image of a camp.

11. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG103 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG103 camps; tents Image of a tent.

12. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG104 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG104 Geysers Image of a geyser.

13. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG105 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG105 Men; women; geysers Image of men and women outside.

14. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG106 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG106 landscape Image of a rock formation.

15. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG108 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG108 men; women; wagons Image of people, mules, and a wagon.

16. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG109 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG109 landscape; rocks; water Image of a rock formation.

17. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG107 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG107 men; women; horses; geysers An image of men and women on horseback.

18. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG110 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG110 geysers Image of a geyser and trees.

19. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG111 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG111 rocks; landscape Image of a rock formation.

20. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG112 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG112 soldiers; horses; rivers; wagons Image of soldiers crossing a river.
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results 1-20 of 26 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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