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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. PH014_42-05 PH014_42-05 Piers & wharves; Boats Hand tinted image. A view of a wharf and the Bund in Shanghai, China with various docked wooden boats floating in a large body of water. People stand on a wooden pier in the foreground as pedestrians walk...

2. PH338-025 PH338-025 Barbershops; Men Black and white image of a man identified as Ralph Redmon asleep in a waiting chair at Loren's Barber Shop in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

3. PH297_DS_02 PH297_DS_02 Still life photographs

4. PH014_43-22 PH014_43-22 City & town life; Signs (Notices) Hand tinted image. A street scene in Ningpo, China captures pedestrians and two individuals carrying a sedan. A tall painted wall with Chinese characters on its surface and an arched portal at its base...

5. PH297_WS_24 PH297_WS_24 Still life photographs Color image of leaves and a twig stand upright before a white background. A blue paper dog appears behind the twig.

6. PH014_44-35 PH014_44-35 Soldiers; Horses; Horseback riding; Flag bearers; Parades & processions Hand tinted image. A procession of Asian soldiers carrying flags, on horseback, pass through a large brick arched portal. The flags are attached to long poles with pointed tips. The men are dressed in...

7. PH297_WC_U1 PH297_WC_U1 Studies (Visual works)

8. PH014_44-41 PH014_44-41 Military personnel; Automobiles Hand tinted image. An outdoor portrait of a group of men in uniform standing on an automobile in the middle of a dirt street. The men are dressed in matching military uniforms consisting of long sleeved,...

9. PH297_SL_04 PH297_SL_04 Still life photographs Color image of a collection of objects against a gray background: two glass vases, a feather, a black and white striped awning, a stuffed bird, and bundles of plant stems. Edition: 1/25.

10. PH297_WC_U2 PH297_WC_U2 Studies (Visual works)

11. PH014_46-31 PH014_46-31 Soldiers; Military personnel; Sculpture Hand tinted image. A group of seven soldiers in uniform pose on a large stone horse statue. The photo might have been taken in China. The men are dressed in long sleeved button-up shirts with pockets,...

12. PH297_SL_03 PH297_SL_03 Still life photographs Color image of four x-rays resting atop handwritten letters. A sprig of blue flowers, a photograph of a hand, and a bundle of wires appear beside the x-rays. Edition: 1/25.

13. PH014_48-01 PH014_48-01 Women; Pagodas Hand tinted image. A group of Asian women and one Asian man stand next to a decoratively carved stone railing overlooking Kunming Lake. The women are dressed in long-sleeved shirts, long skirts, shoes,...

14. PH297_WS_30 PH297_WS_30 Still life photographs Color image of a white piece of paper with pencil markings, topped with green leaves and two blue paper dogs. Covered with a metal grate. Edition: 1/25.

15. PH297_CB_01 PH297_CB_01 Collages Edition: 1/15; negative 1989

16. PH036_2976 PH036_2976 Churches; Mountains; Buildings View of the church of St. Ignatius and the surrounding buildings. A wood fence is visible in the foreground and mountains are in the background.

17. PH014_49-26 PH014_49-26 Funeral processions; Funeral rites & ceremonies Hand tinted image. A funeral procession ofChinese individuals carry a wooden structure decorated with flowers and a wreath. A painting of the deceased man is on its surface. The painting depicts a man...

18. PH297_US_23 PH297_US_23 Still life photographs Color image of the figure of a house surrounded by large leaves. A black feathered bird and a blue paper dog are also among the leaves. Edition: 1/25.

19. PH297_CB_04 PH297_CB_04 Collages Edition: 5/15; negative 1989

20. PH014_49-49 PH014_49-49 Paintings; Men Hand tinted image. A photograph of a painting of thirteen Chinese men seated on a dragon boat. All the men are dressed in robes. Seven of the men have mustaches and beards, three wear hats, and one has...
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results 1-20 of 997 item(s)  page 1 of 50 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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