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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. Ph119_004 Ph119_004 Soldiers

2. Ph119_018 Ph119_018 Cavalry

3. Ph119_019 Ph119_019 Military officers

4. Ph119_025 Ph119_025 Families; Portraits

5. Ph119_028 Ph119_028 Soldiers

6. PH119_036 PH119_036 Soldiers Flag may be 1K. Frazier Boutelle may be at center Probably Fort Lewis, c. 1888.

7. PH119_038 PH119_038 Horses; Men

8. PH119_045 PH119_045 Military personnel

9. PH119_055 PH119_055 Military personnel

10. Ph119_066 Ph119_066 Horses; Military Personnel

11. Ph119_024 Ph119_024 Military personnel; Families

12. PH119_Bx1_001 PH119_Bx1_001 Horses; Carriages and coaches View of an unidentified building with several individuals standing nearby. Two horse drawn carriages and some small trees are in front of the building. Location unknown, possibly Kansas.

13. PH119_Bx1_002 PH119_Bx1_002 Cavalry Cavalry units maneuvering on parade ground, prossibly Fort Riley, Kansas

14. PH119_Bx1_003 PH119_Bx1_003 Portraits; Women Original artwork in engraved frame, portrait of an elderly woman, probably a Boutelle family member.

15. PH119_Bx1_008 PH119_Bx1_008 Portraits; Women Portrait of unidentified young woman in white dress and black belt, c. 1910? Same woman appears in another portrait from Montana, c. 1890s?

16. PH119_Bx1_027 PH119_Bx1_027 Group portraits; Dogs Studio portrait of eight men and a dog, dressed in outdoor clothing

17. PH119_Bx1_029 PH119_Bx1_029 Military facilities; Mountains View across parade ground to officers quarters. Mountains in background. Probably Fort Lewis, Colorado.

18. PH119_Bx1_030 PH119_Bx1_030 Military parades & ceremonies Cavalry unit lined up for review on parade ground at Fort Lewis, Colorado. Mounted band leads group.

19. PH119_Bx1_031 PH119_Bx1_031 Military facilities; Mountains View across landscape. Fort Lewis at center, mountains in background.

20. PH119_Bx1_032 PH119_Bx1_032 Military personnel; Military facilities Military units lined up in front of the Fort Lewis barracks.
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results 1-20 of 40 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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