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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. barracks-3 barracks-3 Men; Barracks

2. barracks-8 barracks-8 Men; Barracks

3. camp-18 camp-18 Men; Basketball

4. camp14 camp14 Men; Laundry; Automobiles; Sleeping

5. car 16 2 car 16 2 Men; Boys; Automobiles; Sleeping

6. car camp legs final 2 car camp legs final 2 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

7. car camp rescan car camp rescan Men; Shelter

8. car-1 car-1 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

9. car-2 copy car-2 copy Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

10. car-8 car-8 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

11. children and mother children and mother Mothers and children

12. migrant van2 migrant van2 Men; Automobiles; Sleeping

13. North_of_Alvord_Desert North_of_Alvord_Desert Landscape Black and white image of the landscape of the North of Alvord Desert in Eastern Oregon.

14. PH001_0008 PH001_0008 Shipping; Waterfronts; Landscape; Mountains; Water; Piers & wharves Elevated view of Juneau, Alaska and surrounding landscape situated next to a waterfront. Various residential and commercial building structures with chimneys, porches and windows are visible. Electrical...

15. PH001_0079 PH001_0079 Churches; Wooden churches; Mountains; Crosses; Bell towers Town scene with wooden barrel in creek in foreground, electrical poles, church with white cross situated above a bell tower, and various wooden dwellings in background. Large snow-capped mountain surrounded...

16. PH001_0099 PH001_0099 Fishing industry; Fishing boats; Fishermen; Fish; Piers & wharves; Warehouses; Salmon; Canneries Wooden fish-packing warehouse attached to pier with stacked wooden barrels. Two men in suits and one in hat stand on pier next to two docked fishing boats. A wooden ladder lays to the right of the two...

17. PH001_0100 PH001_0100 Canneries; Salmon; Girders; Fishing industry The image displays a wooden-beamed interior with fish covering the surface of the floor. A conveyer belt or ramp is being supported by wooden beams extending to the ceiling where ropes hang. A workspace...

18. PH001_0131 PH001_0131 Explorers; Discovery & exploration; Snow; Dogsledding; Dog teams; Fur garments; Glaciers A man identified as R. Amundsen stands in a snowy arctic landscape with three dogs. Roald Amundsen was the discoverer of the South Pole and the first person to fly over the North Pole. He is clothed in...

19. PH001_0186 PH001_0186 Crates; Steamboats; Gold; Banking industry; Fairbanks Banking Company Eight wooden crates on the deck of a boat identified as the STR. "Power". The text on the crates reads "from Washington-Alaska Bank Fairbanks" and "Fairbanks Banking Co. Fairbanks Alaska". A wooden chair...

20. PH001_0211 PH001_0211 Mining; Mining equipment; Marble quarrying; Steam engines; Machinery; Miners Workers at marble quarry operating mining machinery and tools. Machinery has wheels and is on metal tracks. Pipelines extend out from the side of the machines. Items such as shovels, ropes, and barrels,...
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results 1-20 of 900 item(s)  page 1 of 45 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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