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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: Notes:

1. PH297_WS_30 PH297_WS_30 Still life photographs Color image of a white piece of paper with pencil markings, topped with green leaves and two blue paper dogs. Covered with a metal grate. Edition: 1/25.

2. PH119_036 PH119_036 Soldiers Flag may be 1K. Frazier Boutelle may be at center Probably Fort Lewis, c. 1888.

3. PH119_Bx1_027 PH119_Bx1_027 Group portraits; Dogs Studio portrait of eight men and a dog, dressed in outdoor clothing

4. PH103_05 PH103_05 Actresses; Dogs

5. COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG100 COLL_FRAZIER_AUGUSTUS_PH119_BX4_IMG100 men; women; dogs; geysers Image of men, women, and a dog standing near a geyser.

6. PH103_20 PH103_20 Actors; Actresses; Dogs

7. PH103_21 PH103_21 Dogs; Actors; Actresses

8. PH001_0131 PH001_0131 Explorers; Discovery & exploration; Snow; Dogsledding; Dog teams; Fur garments; Glaciers A man identified as R. Amundsen stands in a snowy arctic landscape with three dogs. Roald Amundsen was the discoverer of the South Pole and the first person to fly over the North Pole. He is clothed in...

9. PH103_37 PH103_37 Dogs; Actors

10. PH103_39 PH103_39 Yachts; Dogs; Actors

11. PH036_1773 PH036_1773 women; houseboats; dogs Black and white image of a woman standing on a houseboat.

12. PH001_0698 PH001_0698 City & town life; Horse teams; Business districts; Carts & wagons; Dog teams; Traffic congestion A busy street scene in Nome, Alaska. A dirt road filled with people riding horses, walking, or in horsedrawn wagons. On either side of the street are wooden sidewalks attached to wooden buildings. Multiple...

13. PH263_44-22 PH263_44-22 Dogs Black and white photograph. A dog attached to a metal chain sits near the side of a wooden dwelling in Alpine, Oregon. In the background is a partial view of an automobile that is parked next to this dwelling....

14. PH204_Bx9b_f12_0001 PH204_Bx9b_f12_0001 women; dogs Black and white image of Opal Whitely posing for a photo with a dog.

15. PH001_1445 PH001_1445 Children; Children & animals; Indigenous peoples; Dogs; Indians of North America An outdoor portrait of five young natives. Three of the individuals appear to be male and two female. The farthest male on the right wears a dark round, brimmed hat, long-sleeved button-up shirt with stripes,...

16. PH036_3790 PH036_3790 dogs; Pendleton Roundup Black and white image of a dog wearing a saddle.

17. PH203_05-17 PH203_05-17 Dogsledding; Men; Women; Children Black and white image. The Hartshorn family is on a dog sled on a frozen lake or river. Three dogs are sitting and waiting to pull the sled. Florence and Hazel are seated in the sled, while Albert stands...

18. PH203_05-19 PH203_05-19 Women; Dogs; Bridges Black and white image. Florence Hartshorn is standing on a log bridge with a black dog lying at her feet. White water is seen on each side of the bridge. Florence is dressed in a long black shirt and long-sleeved...

19. PH008_034 PH008_034 Railroad locomotives; Railroad stations Black and white print from album number 1. Locomotive number 18 is at the Capistrano train depot. One baggage car and three passenger cars are attached to the locomotive. Men and women are gathering next...

20. PH119_Bx1_038 PH119_Bx1_038 Military personnel; Group portraits Cavalry officers pose on porch of clapboard house, with dogs. Frazier Boutelle at left. Probably Fort Lewis, c. 1888.
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results 1-20 of 23 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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