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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_4551 PH036_4551 Indians of North America; Hats; Bow (Archery); Knives; Houses; Fences; Vests; Scarves; Braids (Hairdressing); Euro-American clothing; Plants; Umatilla Indians; Men; Cloth; Chaps, Leather; Studio props; Boots; Shirts; Weapons; Trees; A Native American man, identified as Wanico of the Umatilla tribe, is standing outside in front of a cloth backdrop. He is wearing a Euro-American shirt, a wide-brim hat, a vest, a scarf, boots, and woolly...

2. PH036_6831 PH036_6831 Indians of North America; Leggings, Buckskin; Indian beadwork; Headdresses; Feathers, Plumes; Feathers, Eagle; Feathers; Fan, Hawk Tail; Earrings, Shell; Dress, Cloth; Clothing and dress; Chaps, Leather; Bracelets; Belts (Clothing); Mat; Moccasins; Necklaces; Aged persons; Decorations; Paper; Fences; Trees; Studio props; Boardwalks;
Elderly Native American male is posed outside in front of a studio back drop (wooden framed and matted). He is standing on a small round braided mat. He is dressed in tribal costume and regalia. He has...

3. PH036_3399 PH036_3399 Rodeos; Horses; Cowboys; Pendleton Roundup; Bronc riding; Broncos;
Bob "Rob" Burke on a bucking horse identified as Lightfoot at the Pendleton Roundup.

4. PH036_5038 PH036_5038 Pipes (Smoking); Pipe, Hatchet Style; Men; Indians of North America; Indian beadwork; People; Coats; Jewelry; Suits (Clothing); Hats; Headdresses; Headdresses; Hat Band; Hairstyle; Hair ornaments; Mustaches; Bags; Bag, Beaded; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Bag, Pipe; Cayuse Indians; Watches, Pocket; Watches; Medals; Mat; Moccasins, Plain; Moccasins, Beaded-Floral; Necklaces; Necklace, Loop; Choker; Chaps, Leather; Buckskin; Shirts; Shirt, Buckskin; Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded; Shirt, Cloth; Shoes; Shell jewelry; Blankets; Feathers; Feathers, Plumes; Teeth; Rings; Regalia; Trousers; Fringe; Fur; Chaps, Leather; Tribal chiefs; Umatilla Indians; Walla Walla Indians; Earrings; Seven men, three sitting, four standing, are grouped in a studio before a backdrop which has tipis painted on it. Two of the standing men are white men, identified as John McBain and Lee Moorhouse. Both...

5. PH036_1447 PH036_1447 Men; European Americans; Stools; Fur; Hides and skins; Hats; Hat Band; Mustaches; Scarves; Shirts; Fringe; Trousers; Belts (Clothing); Holsters; Pistols; Shirt, Cloth; Chaps, Leather; An interior photograph of a European-American man identified as Major Moorhouse. He is sitting on a stool in front of a backdrop. There is a decorative rug on the floor. The man has a mustache and is wearing...
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results 1-5 of 5 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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