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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_6269 PH036_6269 Tipis; Trees; Hills; Landscape; Tree stumps; Conifers; Cottonwood trees;
A tipi standing in a small clearing. Shrubs, a stump and small trees surround it, and in the distance a hillside is visible. The title Evening appears under the tipi, and visible in the shrub on the right...

2. PH036_1303 PH036_1303 Trees; Tree stumps; Wagons; Women; Men; Horses; Conifers; Cabins; Log cabins; Children; Mountains; Hills; Barrels; Saws; Dwellings;
Outside photograph of a homestead in the mountains. A woman and child dressed in European-American clothing stand outside the door of a log cabin. Two men, also dressed in European-American clothing, stand...

3. PH036_1442 PH036_1442 Men; Euro-American clothing; European Americans; Tipis; Tree stumps; Trees; Canvas; Shrubs; An outside photograph of a European-American man, identified as Major Moorhouse. The man is standing in front of a tipi made of canvas and tule mats. He is attired in European-American clothing and has...

4. PH036_5881 PH036_5881 Indians of North America; Indian reservations; Men; Tipis; Trees; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Tree stumps; Conifers; Cottonwood trees;
In the foreground, a Native-American man wearing a suit sits about 15 feet up a tree. Near the tree is a tipi. In the background are trees, stumps, a fence, and a telegraph or telephone pole. The location...
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results 1-4 of 4 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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