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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_4435 PH036_4435 Indians of North America; Indian women; Men; Women; Tribal chiefs; Clothing and dress; Trousers; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Dress, Cloth; Shawls; Tipis; Canvas; Mat; Staffs (Sticks); Hides and skins; Snow; Shrubs; Trees; Landscape; Indian encampments; Camps; A Native American man and woman are standing in the middle of a campsite, facing each other and holding hands. The man, identified as Chief No Shirt, is wearing cloth pants, a cloth shirt, and a hat. His...

2. PH036_4205 PH036_4205 Indians of North America; Children; Euro-American clothing; Blankets; Moccasins, Plain; Braids (Hairdressing); Bracelets; Walla Walla Indians; Girls;
A Native American girl, identified as Petints of the Walla Walla tribe, is standing in front of a blanket. She is wearing a Euro-American style dress, plain moccasins, and a bracelet. Her hair is tied...

3. PH036_2493 PH036_2493 Missionaries; Presbyterians; Blankets; Clothing and dress; Dwellings; Tipis; Bow ties; Suits (Clothing); Hats;
A man identified as Presbyterian missionary Rev. J. N. Cornelison stands close in front of a tipi. He is dressed in a suit with open jacket, vest, fold-down collar, and patterned bow tie. His light-colored...

4. PH036_5935 PH036_5935 Tipis; Trees; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Cayuse Indians; Cottonwood trees;
A tipi in an open field, with trees and a small portion of a mountain visible in the background.

5. PH036_6844 PH036_6844 Trees; Fences; Hills; Sweatbaths; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Snow; Indian reservations; Indian encampments; Tipis;
A fresh snowfall. Two tipis stand together at the edge of a field. A barbed-wire fence runs along the right side of the picture, and extends up a hill. Two small structures stand near the tipis, one close...

6. PH036_6168 PH036_6168 Camps; Horses; Tipis; Indian encampments;
A tipi made of boards, poles, mats and cloth is located on the flat, rocky shore of the Columbia River. Nearby are two horses. An unidentified object is on the ground by the tipi.

7. PH036_1442 PH036_1442 Men; Euro-American clothing; European Americans; Tipis; Tree stumps; Trees; Canvas; Shrubs; An outside photograph of a European-American man, identified as Major Moorhouse. The man is standing in front of a tipi made of canvas and tule mats. He is attired in European-American clothing and has...

8. PH036_4091 PH036_4091 Blankets; Cayuse Indians; Children; Clothing and dress; Dress, Cloth; Dwellings; Fences; Hairstyle; Indians of North America; Mountains; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Tipis;
Victor William of the Cayuse tribe stands in front of a tipi, gazing slightly down and to his left. He wears a collarless cloth shirt and is wrapped in a geometrically-patterned blanket which hides all...

9. PH036_5031 PH036_5031 Tipis; Indian women; Indians of North America; Cayuse Indians; Mat; Medals; Tipis; Snow; Shells; Shell jewelry; Ladders; Doors and doorways; Hairstyle; Braids (Hairdressing); Necklaces; Choker; Earrings; Earrings, Shell; Clothing and dress; Dress, Cloth; Dress, Cloth--Beaded; Indian beadwork; Underdress; Underdress, cloth; Belts (Clothing); Belt, Beaded; Blankets; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Bag, Beaded; Bags; A Native American woman identified as "Mrs. Black Hawk" of the Cayuse tribe stands in front of a tule reed mat tipi. There is snow on the ground and on parts of the tipi. Five poles are visible, and on...

10. PH036_4425 PH036_4425 Indians of North America; Clothing and dress; Arm Bands, Brass; Infants; Bags; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Indian beadwork; Bracelets; Braids (Hairdressing); Buckskin; Hats; Choker; Dwellings; Cradleboards; Cradleboard, Beaded--Floral; Dress, Buckskin; Hairstyle; Indian beadwork; Indian women; Leather garments; Leggings, Women's; Moccasins; Moccasins, Beaded-Floral; Necklaces; Tipis; Women; Walla Walla Indians;
A Native American woman, identified as Lou French of the Walla Walla tribe, stands to the right of a tipi, with her left side towards the photographer. She points to her left with her right arm upraised...

11. PH036_4214 PH036_4214 Indians of North America; Indian children; Girls; Belts (Clothing); Necklaces; Braids (Hairdressing); Earrings; Moccasins; Dress, Cloth; Cayuse Indians; Blankets; Tipis;
Two Native American girls, identified as being from the Cayuse tribe, are standing on a blanket, outside in front of a tipi. One girl is wearing a dress, moccasins, earrings, and a necklace. Another girl...

12. PH036_5941 PH036_5941 Camps; Trees; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Sweatbaths; Conifers; Cottonwood trees;
A tipi stands in front of a background of trees and shrubs. In front of the tipi is a small sweathouse.

13. PH036_6007 PH036_6007 Camps; Fences; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Buildings; Hills; Streams; Trees; Railroad tracks; Conifers; Cages; Gardens; Cottonwood trees; Tipis;
Railroad tracks run in front of a wooded area identified as being near Cayuse Station, Thorn Hollow. Fences run along the railroad tracks and stop on either side of a railroad crossing. The crossing is...

14. PH036_6054 PH036_6054 Clothing and dress; Baskets; Blankets; Braids (Hairdressing); Camps; Corrals; Cowboy hats; Dogs; Euro-American clothing; European Americans; Families; Indian children; Fences; Hills; Horses; Indian women; Indians of North America; Coats; Leather garments; Men; Mat; Trousers; Sheds; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Umatilla Indians; Photographers; Cameras;
A Native American family of three is posing in front of a tipi for pictures being taken by a white man. The Native American woman is in a separate pose on a blanket with another blanket wrapped around...

15. PH036_6798 PH036_6798 Tipis; Trees; Camps; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Hills; Indian encampments; Indian reservations;
A tipi stands in front of a tall deciduous tree. It is among brush and grasses and hills are in the background. In the far right of the photo the edge of another tipi can be seen.

16. PH036_6780 PH036_6780 Men; Clothing and dress; Euro-American clothing; Hats; Coats; Dwellings; Blankets; Indians of North America; Tipis;
Three men wearing European American clothing pose before a tipi. One Native American man is wrapped in a wool blanket and he is sitting on a crate. The others are standing.

17. PH036_6742 PH036_6742 Camps; Dwellings; Tipis; Horses; Streams; Utility poles; Indian encampments; Trees; Conifers; Tipis;
A view of Native American camps near a stream and utility poles. The camps include tipis, deciduous trees and conifers, and a horse.

18. PH036_6354 PH036_6354 Indians of North America; Men; Girls; Daughters; Children; Indian children; People; Families; Fathers and children; Tipis; Mat; Dwellings; Clothing and dress; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Fringe; Families; Girls; Interiors; Jewelry; Necklaces; Earrings; Braids (Hairdressing); Shirts; Cloth; Shirt, Cloth; Vests; Vest, Cloth; Trousers; Headdresses; Scarves; Belts (Clothing); Belt, Yarn; Dress, Cloth; Drums; Drum Stick; Rifles; Pails; Bowls (Tableware); Fuelwood; Leather goods; Pots and pans; Antiquities; Fur; Decorations; Weaving;
A Native American man and two Native American girls are standing inside a tipi made of woven mats. The tipi has a pole hung horizontally across the diameter. The man is wearing a cloth shirt, a woven vest...

19. PH036_4786 PH036_4786 Indians of North America; Indian women; Men; Women; Cayuse Indians; Tipis; Mat; Staffs (Sticks); Clothing and dress; Cloth; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Trousers; Breechcloths; Fringe; Moccasins; Moccasins, Beaded-Geometric; Bandoleer; Beaded; Beads; Indian beadwork; Belts (Clothing); Belt, Beaded; Bags; Bag, Beaded; Jewelry; Necklaces; Necklace, Loop; Choker; Earrings; Earrings, Shell; Shells; Shell jewelry; Shell beads; Dress, Cloth; Underdress; Underdress, cloth; Sashes (Costume); Shawls; Floral; Scarves; Bandannas; Blankets; Blanket, Pendleton; Ropes; Doors and doorways; Trees; Shrubs; Grasses; Antiquities; Hairstyle; A Native American man and woman, identified as Red Elk and his sister, of the Cayuse Tribe, stand in front of a large tipi. The tipi is made up of layers of tule mats, with some long sticks supporting...

20. PH036_4308 PH036_4308 Tipis; Horses; Cattle herding; Men; Children; Blankets; Trees; Camps; Indians of North America; Cayuse Indians; Cows; Cattle; Dwellings;
Three Native American men and four children stand around outside a tipi. They are accompanied by two horses, a cow and two calves. More livestock are visible in the backround. One of the calves appears...
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results 1-20 of 44 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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