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Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Tribes

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 Image: Photo Number: Subject: General Notes:

1. PH036_4846 PH036_4846 Indians of North America; Indian women; Men; Tipis; Headdresses; Headdress, Horned; Hair ornaments; Hairstyle; Bonnet, Single Trail; Bonnets; Ermines; Feathers, Eagle; Feathers; Tribal chiefs; Capes (Clothing); Clothing and dress; Necklaces; Necklace, Loop; Moccasins; Moccasins, Beaded-Floral; Moccasins, Plain; Staffs (Sticks); Hides and skins; Bag, Beaded--Geometric; Bags; Indian beadwork; Belt, Leather; Belt, Beaded; Medals; Fur; Animals; Weaving; Braids (Hairdressing); Bracelets; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Umatilla Indians; Underdress, cloth; Trousers; Dress, Buckskin; Shirts; Shirt, Cloth; Blankets; Feathers, Plumes; Regalia; Four Native American men and a Native American woman stand in front of three tipis. The people are identified as Dr. Whirlwind, Ta-wa-Toi, Mrs. No-shirt, Chief No-shirt, and Red Elk. The men all wear horned...

2. PH036_4847 PH036_4847 Horses; Men; Indians of North America; Indian beadwork; Indian reservations; Tipis; Staffs (Sticks); Ermines; Feathers, Eagle; Feathers; Fringe; Fur; People; Headdresses; Headdress, Horned; Hides and skins; Bonnet, Single Trail; Moccasins; Moccasins, Beaded-Floral; Martingale; Vests; Tribal chiefs; Umatilla Indians; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Vest, Cloth; Shirts; Shirt, Buckskin; Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded; Shirt, Cloth; Trousers; Bridle, Beaded; Bridles; Horse blankets; Horse Gear; Horse Trappings; Jewelry; Necklaces; Flags; Feathers, Plumes; Regalia; Saddles; Landscape; Three Native American men, identified as Young Chief, Whirlwind, and Chief No-shirt, are mounted on dark-colored horses on a plain in front of four tipis. Each man carries a staff with ermine, eagle feathers,...

3. PH036_5538 PH036_5538 Log cabins; Logs; Indian reservations; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Trees; Rivers; Rocks; Dwellings; Chimneys; Sheds; Doors and doorways; Cabins; A view of a one-room log cabin identified as the "office of the U.S. Indian Agent Umatilla Agency erected in 1863". The cabin appears to stand on a small rise; deciduous trees are visible off to the left,...

4. PH036_4434 PH036_4434 Indians of North America; Walla Walla Indians; Horses; Tipis; Fur; Arm Bands; Applique; Bridles; Saddles; Blanket, Saddle; Coat, Cloth; Hats; Scarves; Blankets; Men; Pails;
A Native American man, identifiied as Chief No Shirt of the Walla Walla tribe, sits on a chestnut horse, facing right. He is wearing a cowboy or Spanish-styled hat with a decorated cloth hatband. Around...

5. PH036_5679 PH036_5679 Railroad tracks; Railroads; Hills; Snow; Trees; Utility poles; Fences; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Umatilla Indians; Indian reservations; Conifers; Landscape; A view looking down the railroad tracks belonging to the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company. The tracks curve to the center of the photo, leading the eye to a low hill covered with snow...

6. PH036_5889 PH036_5889 Indians of North America; Clothing and dress; Camps; Indian children; Fuelwood; Mothers and children; Scarves; Shawls; Tipis; Trees; Horses; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.);
A Natvie-American woman and child sitting next to a tipi. Both wear scarves and shawls. There is a stack of firewood on the other side of tipi along with an upturned basket or pan. In the background, there...

7. PH036_5890 PH036_5890 Tipis; Landscape; Trees; Mountains; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Cottonwood trees;
A lone standing tipi under two trees. Some sort of building is in the far background on the foothill of the mountains.

8. PH036_5881 PH036_5881 Indians of North America; Indian reservations; Men; Tipis; Trees; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Tree stumps; Conifers; Cottonwood trees;
In the foreground, a Native-American man wearing a suit sits about 15 feet up a tree. Near the tree is a tipi. In the background are trees, stumps, a fence, and a telegraph or telephone pole. The location...

9. PH036_5941 PH036_5941 Camps; Trees; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Sweatbaths; Conifers; Cottonwood trees;
A tipi stands in front of a background of trees and shrubs. In front of the tipi is a small sweathouse.

10. PH036_5989 PH036_5989 Tipis; Camps; Horses; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Hides and skins; Bridles; Horse blankets; Trees; Hills; Indian encampments; Indian reservations; Cottonwood trees;
Two tipis stand in front of deciduous trees that have no leaves. Behind the trees is a hill. The tipi on the left has smoke coming out of the top. Farther back and to the right of that tipi is a light-colored...

11. PH036_5998 PH036_5998 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Tipis; Fences; Meadows; Hills; Streams; Fuelwood; Indian encampments; Indian reservations;
A tipi stands next to a stream bed. On the other side of the stream bed is a fence. Behind the fence is a grassy field with hills in the background. Next to the tipi is a small pile of wood.

12. PH036_5999 PH036_5999 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Camps; Indians of North America; Fuelwood; Tipis; Wagons; Animals; Meadows; Coat, Capote; Clothing and dress; Wagon wheels; Livestock; Indian encampments; Indian reservations;
Three tipis stand in close proximity in an open meadow. Small piles of wood are next to the tipis, and one tipi has a wagon wheel propped up against it. In between the middle and tipi on the far left stand...

13. PH036_6034 PH036_6034 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Tipis; Grasses; Hills; Camps; Trees; Landscape; Conifers; Shrubs; Cottonwood trees;
Two tipis are situated at the base of some hills, among grass, bushes, and trees (conifers and deciduous).

14. PH036_6054 PH036_6054 Clothing and dress; Baskets; Blankets; Braids (Hairdressing); Camps; Corrals; Cowboy hats; Dogs; Euro-American clothing; European Americans; Families; Indian children; Fences; Hills; Horses; Indian women; Indians of North America; Coats; Leather garments; Men; Mat; Trousers; Sheds; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Umatilla Indians; Photographers; Cameras;
A Native American family of three is posing in front of a tipi for pictures being taken by a white man. The Native American woman is in a separate pose on a blanket with another blanket wrapped around...

15. PH036_6072 PH036_6072 Canopies; Trees; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian encampments; Indian reservations; Tipis;
A lone tipi with a nearby canopy is surrounded by decidious trees. The canopy is made of poles with what appears to be grass and sticks covering it.

16. PH036_6798 PH036_6798 Tipis; Trees; Camps; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Hills; Indian encampments; Indian reservations;
A tipi stands in front of a tall deciduous tree. It is among brush and grasses and hills are in the background. In the far right of the photo the edge of another tipi can be seen.

17. PH036_6048 PH036_6048 Trees; Tipis; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Hills; Railroad tracks; Camps; Houses; Cabins; Chimneys; Conifers;
Two tipis and a small cabin with a chimney stand in a grove of trees (deciduous without leaves and conifers) on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. A railroad track crosses the landscape on the left hand...

18. PH036_6132 PH036_6132 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Tipis; Landscape; Trees; Indian encampments; Canvas; Mat; Brooms and brushes; Streams; Indian reservations; Shrubs; Cottonwood trees;
A single tipi stands in a clearing with several deciduous trees without leaves, behind which are more trees, bushes, and part of a creek. The tipi is made of canvas and grass mats, and there is a small...

19. PH036_6844 PH036_6844 Trees; Fences; Hills; Sweatbaths; Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Snow; Indian reservations; Indian encampments; Tipis;
A fresh snowfall. Two tipis stand together at the edge of a field. A barbed-wire fence runs along the right side of the picture, and extends up a hill. Two small structures stand near the tipis, one close...

20. PH036_6803 PH036_6803 Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.); Indian women; Tipis; Trees; Plants; Braids (Hairdressing); Necklaces; Belt, Leather; Dress, Trade Cloth; Bag, Beaded; Indian reservations; Indian encampments;
Two Native American women standing on a manmade wall. There is a wooden plank in front of them. It leads down to an area of plants. The women are wearing dresses made of trade cloth adorned with beaded...
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results 1-20 of 70 item(s)  page 1 of 4 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  >> ) :: previous : next
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