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41. 10297 10297 Arnold Talbot Wilson explores the importance of qanat systems, or underground tunnels. He believed the subterranean tunnels were more beneficial than fields irrigated by streams due to decreased loss through evaporation. Similar to Egypt, who is positioned at the delta of the Nile, Wilson asserts that Iran can use qanats to harness the resources of the Helmand.

42. 10298 10298 Asia describes Laurence Dudley Stamp's observations while traveling through Seistan, including the desertification of previously irrigated fields and the gradual disappearance of Lake Hamun.

43. 10299 10299 The file includes excerpts from hearings before the Committee on Foreign Relations and the basis for the Treaty of Washington between the United States and Mexico in regards to the Colorado, Tijuana, and Rio Grande rivers.

44. 10300 10300 Iran introduces William S. Haas's recommendations for Persian agriculture. Through utilizing small streams and rivers, or the present qanat systems, Iran can expand the area of irrigated lands. This would allow farms to produce enough crops and animal products to feed citizens and make revenue through exporting commodities.

45. 10301 10301 The file contains memorandums on the demographics and physical features of Seistan, 1947-February 1, 1950.

46. 10302 10302

47. 10303 10303 The file contains:
a. Translation of speech made by Mr. Monsef, Deputy of Parliament, May 16, 1947. The speech given by Mr. Monsef voices the frustrations and disappointment felt regarding Afghanistan's secret canal and dam construction and lack of intervention undergone by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
b. Translation of speech made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the "Majlis", May 17, 1947. The speech given by the minister expresses his concerns with the lack of good will displayed by Afghanistan after they refused to acknowledge the 1938 Agreement declaration and extinguished all attempts to study the entire length of the Helmand river. The speech also addresses the recent involvement of the United States government in the dispute. Following attempted negotiations in Washington D.C., the US government recommended the formation of a technical party consisting of three representatives from disinterested countries.

48. 10304 10304 The file contains the International Engineering Co. report on the program for the development of Iran, July 1947.

49. 10305 10305 The file contains a letter from D. J. Bleifuss to M. Nemazee, February 11, 1948.

50. 10306 10306 The file contains correspondence, memorandums, and conference notes regarding Iran and Afghanistan's negotiations over the terms of reference, which would be used as a guide by the Helmand River Delta Commission. A 245-page transcript is included of the negotiations held at the State Department in Washington D.C. from August 9, 1950 - September 14, 1950.

51. 10307 10307 The file contains a letter from Governor General of Baluchistan to the Minister of War, March 22, 1949.

52. 10308 10308 The memorandum details conference discussions about the $21 million loan from the United States's Export-Import Bank to Afghanistan for dam building, a central issue of the Helmand dispute. The Draft Aide-Memoire contains the response to the State Department memorandum.

53. 10309 10309 The file contains a memorandum on the location of materials regarding the Helmand River dispute, January 13, 1950.

54. 10310 10310 Marchant gives a general overview of Afghan and Persian Seistan (presently Afghan Chakhansur and Iranian Seistan), including historical background of the Helmand river and major weirs, Band-i-Kamal Khan and Band-i-Seistan. The overview also translates Persian phrases such as dasht, or desert, and rud, or river.
The technical information page integrates and compares data collected by Tate, Iranian, and Afghan studies regarding land cultivated, population, lake area, and water quantity.

55. 10311 10311 The file contains:
a. Translation of undated cablegram from Tehran. The cablegram explores Iran's decision to take the Helmand river dispute to the United Nations Security Council, due to Afghanistan's multiple violations to the 1938 Agreement. Violations include constructing new canals and barring Iranian officials from entering the country, while demanding that an Afghan commission be allowed to visit Iran for studying.
b. Historical note on the Goldsmith and McMahon Arbitration and Boundary Commissions and subsequent negotiations, January 18, 1950. The historical note provides an overview of the Goldsmith and McMahon arbitration attempts.
c. Memorandum on validity of awards and agreements. The memorandum lists violations to awards and agreements by both Iran and Afghanistan.
d. Memorandum on awards, June 6, 1956. The memorandum provides recommendations made by the Goldsmith and McMahon commissions.
e. Iranian requirements. The report gives an overview of the Helmand river dispute, focusing on Seistan. The report incorporates past arbitrations and McMahon's irrigation and revenue reports.

56. 10312 10312 The file contains technical information regarding the Helmand river dispute, January 18, 1950.

57. 10313 10313 The file contains a memorandum on a telephone conversation with Abbas Aram, January 18, 1950.

58. 10314 10314 The file contains news clippings, memorandums, and senate hearings discussing loans and construction projects present in Iran and Afghanistan.

59. 10315 10315 The file contains a letter from John G. Laylin to Ambassador Hussein Ala, January 27, 1950.

60. 10316 10316 The file contains:
a. Agreement between the imperial government of Iran and the royal government of Afghanistan
b. Temporary agreement for distribution of water with sections, declaration, and declared projects
c. Brief memorandums on 1938 Agreement
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results 41-60 of 410 item(s)  page 3 of 21 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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