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1. 1 Fell Swoop 1 Fell Swoop

2. Untitled bronze coat rack (Helzer) Untitled bronze coat rack (Helzer) An interactive campus map of the University of Oregon may be viewed at:

3. 1980 Via exhibition list 1980 Via exhibition list

4. page 2 page 2 The ERB Memorial Union was named after Donald M. Erb, the University of Oregon's eighth president.

5. page 7 page 7

6. page 3 page 3 The Center for Research of Occupational and Environmental Technology is represented by the acronym "CROET."

For a map of OHSU's Marquam Campus, see

7. 1995 French exhibition list 1995 French exhibition list

8. page 1 page 1

9. 1991 Savinar exhibition list 1991 Savinar exhibition list

10. Radiant Flux II Radiant Flux II You may access a pdf campus map at,2,1,Documents&MediaID=1783&Filename=CampusMapFinal.pdf

11. Through the Williamette Through the Williamette A campus map for Portland State University may be accessed at

12. Untitled (Kirkland) Untitled (Kirkland) To view a map of the artwork location in context to Oregon State University, see

13. Untitled (Kimball) Untitled (Kimball)

14. 1979 Reynolds artist statement 1979 Reynolds artist statement

15. The Bouquet The Bouquet This artwork was awarded in 1989 to Western Oregon State College (WOSC). WOSC became Western Oregon University in 1997.
For a map of the campus, see

16. view 9 view 9 The 1 1/4 ton sculpture on which Tom Morandi worked for nearly a year in his studio in Lowell, Oregon was cast from bronze, using the resin sand process. Of the problems inherent in creating a relief sculpture for an area such as the State Street entrance facade, Morandi said, "Put simply, sculpture in its truest form is the control of space. Standard relief sculpture with its elimination of all but one side makes this extremely difficult. The solution it seems , lies in developing forms that rely on the specific contours of the site rather than ignoring or attempting to make them."

17. 2004 Beasley artist statement 2004 Beasley artist statement

18. Changes Changes The Knight Library is the largest library facility in Oregon, holding collections with a replacement value of over $100 million. Approximately 1.85 million of the University Library's 2.4 million volumes are housed in Knight, along with microforms, government documents, sound recordings, films, and videotapes. Special Collections contains over 40,000 rare books and 13,000 linear feet of manuscript holdings; much of this primary source material is unique and irreplaceable at any price. The building is named in honor of the family of Philip Knight, President and CEO of Nike, Inc.

For background information examining the Knight Library's renovation and expansion projects, see

For resources on the Library's history and an extensive bibliography on the building's architecture, please see

An interactive campus map of the University of Oregon may be viewed at:

19. page 6 page 6

20. page 1 page 1
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results 1-20 of 5647 item(s)  page 1 of 283 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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