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1993 ODFW Oregon Rocky Shore Aerial Photography Survey

1993 ODFW Oregon Rocky Shore Aerial Photography Survey
In 1993, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife commissioned a aerial survey of Oregon’s intertidal zone for two primary reasons:  assess kelp stocks and document Snowy Plover habitat.  The infrared photos were taken at low tide and form a fairly complete mosaic of Oregon’s coast. The photographs in this collection were digitized from originals held at the Guin Library, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and are presented here with the permission of the ODFW.

Malawi Political Poster African Political Ephemera and Realia
Collaboration with the African Studies Program to provide images of ephemera and realia related to modern politics in Africa.
Villa of the Mysteries Art & Architecture Images
Collection of art and architecture images, and other cultural objects for class / study purposes. Restricted to UO and OSU. Some licensed images are restricted to UO only.
Artists' Books at University of Oregon Libraries

Artists' Books at the University of Oregon Libraries
The collection at the Architecture and Allied Arts Library, which is supported and extended by artists' books in Knight Library's Special Collections, spans the history of these works of art in book form from 1957 to books by artists today with special emphasis on artists working in the Pacific Northwest.  The collection is represented here with images and data describing bindng style, structure type, technique, literary style and materials.

Atomic Engergy & Nuclear History Learning Curriculum Atomic Energy & Nuclear History Learning Curriculum
This exhibit traces the development of the atomic age from the discovery of radioactivity in the late 1800s to the close of the Cold War near the end of the twentieth century.  In so doing, the exhibit discusses the scientific, political and cultural ramifications of nuclear energy while at the same time acting as a learning curriculum for those interested in furthering their studies of the era. 
Braceros in Oregon Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection
The 102 photographs in this collection document the activities of Oregon's Bracero workers - their cultivation and harvesting work in the fields and orchards as well as the farm labor camps in which they lived. Most of the photographs were taken by Oregon State College Extension staff members as part of a larger effort to document the various groups that contributed to alleviate the state's severe shortage of farm labor.
Hotel Spokane Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
This collection provides over 15,000 images and documentation about the architectural heritage of the Pacific Northwest with special emphasis on Oregon's built environment.
1904 article Dissociation & Trauma Archives
Full text searchable articles and case studies relating to Dissociation & Trauma published in the 1800s and early 1900s.
Dissociation cover Dissociation: Progress in the Dissociative Disorders
A complete and full text searchable version of the journal of International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation published from 1988-1997.
elderly woman Doris Ulmann Photographs
Ulmann's photographs represent important primary source material for historical and ethnographic studies of Appalachian and Gullah culture as well the subject of folk arts and craft traditions.
Where the Red Moon Rises cover e-Asia Digital Library
A library of digital books, documents,texts, articles, maps, images, and audio from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and more.
Fairbanks Fine Art Prints Collections Fairbanks Gallery Fine Art Prints Collection
Selections From the OSU Department of Art Fine Arts Print Collection.
Forest Phytophthoras Forest Phytophthoras

Plant pathogens in the genus Phytophthora threaten the biodiversity and sustainability of forest ecosystems worldwide. The overall aim of this peer reviewed, open access journal is to provide science-based information to aid in the understanding and management of the world’s forest Phytophthora species. While newly emerging, damaging species are the highest priority, information on other Phytophthoras is included in an attempt to gradually elucidate Phytophthoras’ diverse roles in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Gerald W. Williams Collection The Gerald W. Williams Collection
The collected historic photographs, personal papers, and research library of Gerald "Jerry" Williams, former national historian for the U.S. Forest Service.
Gifford Photographic Collection Gifford Photographic Collection
Consisting primarily of photographs taken by four Gifford Family photographers, this collection documents Oregon landmarks, agriculture and scenic views throughout the state as well as Native Americans, especially of the Columbia Plateau.
Dear Old Portland cover Historic Sheet Music
Selections from UO's historic sheet music collections currently emphasizing Oregon Music and Women Composers.
Historic Oregon Newspapers Historic Oregon Newspapers
Selections of historic Oregon newspapers digitized as part of the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program. This site provides access to titles from around the state from 1846-1923.
lantern slide: children sitting Historical Photographs
Selections from over 16 photograph collections from Special Collections & University Archives photograph collections ranging from the 19th century to current times.
Open Journal Systems Humanist Studies & the Digital Age

This peer-reviewed e-journal is devoted to the reformulation of received philological and philosophical ideas of writing and reading literary works, motivated by the advent of electronic texts.

map Japanese American Student Relocation
Records from the Office of the Dean of Personnel Administration, which assisted in relocating UO Japanese American students during WWII. The collection includes correspondence, newsletters, speeches, minutes of meetings, and ephemera.
Journal of the Transportation Research Forum Journal of the Transportation Research Forum

The Journal of the Transportation Research Forum (JTRF) contains original manuscripts which are timely in scope and germane to transportation. Issues available here are open access (freely available). The most recent two years of issues are available on a subscription basis from the Transportation Research Forum website.


Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Collaboration between the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the UO Libraries to display selection the Museum's permanent collection. Restricted to UO and OSU. The Museum's public collection is online at: http://jsmacollection.uoregon.edu .

Konturen Konturen

Konturen ("contours" or "outlines") — an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the analysis of borders, framing determinations, and related figures of delimitation of all kinds.

Pomegranate, WomanSpirit workers, 0010 Lesbian Intentional Communities: Ruth Mountaingrove Photographs
Collection of photographs by Ruth Mountaingrove from intentional community of women in southern Oregon.
Linus Pauling: Awards & Medals Linus Pauling: Awards, Honors, and Medals
Linus Pauling, an OSU alum was among the most decorated of American scientists. This digital collection is a record of the medals, citations, diplomas and other recognitions awarded to Pauling. See also Linus Pauling Online.
Linus Pauling day-by-day

Linus Pauling: Day-by-Day
An unprecedented accounting of Pauling's life from 1930 to 1962, presented in searchable, easy-to-use calendar form. Includes document summaries, scanned images and full-text transcripts. See also Linus Pauling Online.

Linus Pauling: Sickle-Cell Anemia Linus Pauling: It's in the Blood! A Documentary History of Linus Pauling, Hemoglobin and Sickle Cell Anemia
It's in the Blood! explores Linus Pauling's research into how the blood works at the molecular level in addition to other vital discoveries about immunology, sickle-cell anemia, genetics, evolution, and human health. See also Linus Pauling Online.
Nature of the Chemical Bond Linus Pauling: Nature of the Chemical Bond: A Documentary History
Linus Pauling & the Nature of the Chemical Bond chronicles Linus Pauling's discoveries and investigations of the chemical bond with a forty-nine page Narrative that tells the story as it happens and other primary materials. See also Linus Pauling Online.
Linus Pauling international peace movement Linus Pauling: International Peace Movement
Linus and Ava Helen Pauling forcefully spoke out against Cold War militarism, nuclear proliferation and radioactive fallout. For his work as an activist, Linus Pauling received the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize. See also Linus Pauling Online.
Linus Pauling: DNA Linus Pauling: The Race for DNA
Utilizing over 800 scanned documents, photographs, audio clips and video excerpts, this website narrates the breathless details of the pursuit of the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. See also Linus Pauling Online.
Linus Pauling scentific war work Linus Pauling: Scientific War Work
A groundbreaking look at Pauling's scientific war research during World War II - a collection of projects that included artificial blood, invisible inks, and a device to measure oxygen levels in airplanes and submarines. See also Linus Pauling Online.
report page Local & Regional Documents Archive
The project provides a central repository and archive of significant documents produced by local governments and regional offices of United States federal government agencies within Oregon.
Lowenstam Collection of Ancient Western Art and Archaeology Lowenstam Collection of Ancient Western Art and Archaeology
The 35mm slide collection of University of Oregon Classics professor Steven Lowenstam (1945-2003) was compiled over a lifetime of scholarship and inquiry into the visual culture of the Classical world. It is composed primarily of ceramics in European and American museums, architecture and archaeological sites across southern Europe. The collection contains diverse views and details, many of which are unusual or not easily obtained.
Middle East Waters Middle East Water Collection
9000 items on the subjects of politics and water in the Middle East. Items not digitzed; locate at Oregon State University Valley Library.
report page Mongolian Altai Inventory Image Collection
The image collection presents approximately 1,500 images supporting the Archaeology and Landscape in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia website.
Northwest Folklief Digital Collection Northwest Folklife Digital Collection
Collection includes materials relating to folklife in the Pacific Northwest drawn from collections in the Randall V. Mills Archives of Northwest Folklore, the UO Folklore Program's repository of multi-format, ethnographic collections documenting the customary beliefs, social practices, and material traits of cultural, religious, occupational, and ethnic groups throughout Oregon and the Northwest.
Open Journal Systems at Oregon Digital

Open Journals
Oregon State University and the University of Oregon are collaborating to provide this publishing service for open access journals affiliated with the institutions. Contact your library to learn more about how you could take advantage of this system.

Oregon Daily Emerald cover Oregon Daily Emerald Archives
Archives of issues of the student newspaper, Oregon Daily Emerald, from Sept. 2005-. Current issues are available within a few days.
Oregon Explorer Oregon Explorer
Information to help local citizens and policymakers make better decisions about Oregon's natural resources.
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Slides & Photographs

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Slides & Photographs
The collection contains a variety of images of marine and terrestrial organisms including vascular plants, diatoms, invertebrates, birds, mammals and fishes. Also included are images of land and water use, OIMB history and research.

Oregon Latino Heritage Oregon Latino Heritage
The Oregon Latino Heritage digital collection showcases materials Latino heritage collections from University of Oregon Special Collections & University Archives. The foundation of the collection is from student collected and created materials as part of the Latino Roots courses taught by Professors Lynn Stephen and Gabriela Martinez.
Oregon State Highway Map 1929

Oregon Maps
Collaborative collection with Oregon State University Libraries and University of Oregon Libraries highlighting maps of Oregon.

Oregon Multicultural Archives Oregon Multicultural Archives Digital Collection
The Oregon Multicultural Archives Digital Collection consists of images that document the lives and activities of ethnic minorities in Oregon.
Oregon State Baseball Oregon State Baseball
Photographs, video, ephemera, essays and statistics documenting more than 100 years of OSU baseball players, coaches, and teams.
Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal

The Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OUR Journal) is an open access undergraduate research journal at the University of Oregon. It showcases some of the best research and publications by UO undergraduate students.

OSU Archives OSU Archives
The "Best of the OSU Archives" is a digital collection consisting of frequently requested items as well as others that are not so well known. The collection is representative of the breadth and depth of the University Archives' photographic holdings, which consist of 275,000 images in more than 240 distinct photographic collections.
OSU Extension Oral History Collection

OSU Extension Service Oral History Collection
Interviews with emeritus OSU Extension Service faculty who tell the story of extension in Oregon during the 50 years after World War II, including agriculture, 4-H, home economics, community development, Sea Grant and energy. This collection was created as part of the Extension 100 (centennial) anniversary in 2011.

Herbarium Specimens Collection OSU Herbarium Type Specimens
The OSU Herbarium has digitized the original descriptions (known as protologues) and pressed specimens of 750 Oregon plant taxa represented in their type collection.
Pacific NW Stream Survey Pacific Northwest Stream Survey
This collection comprises 1000+ photographs taken between 1934 and 1945 by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Fisheries. The researchers who took these photos inventoried Spring Chinook Salmon spawning and rearing habitat in 390 Columbia River Basin streams.
1991 artwork in Salem Percent for Art
Images of artwork, visual narratives of the creative process, and documentation created as part of Oregon's Percent for Art program.
man Picturing the Cayuse, Walla Walla & Umatilla Tribes
From 1888 to 1916 Major Lee Moorhouse produced over 9,000 images which document urban, rural, and Native American life in the Columbia Basin, and particularly Umatilla County, Oregon.
front page Renascence Editions
An online repository of works printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799.
1964 Corvallis Flood Rising Flood Waters: 1964 Corvallis
The "1964 Corvallis Flood" features 59 oblique photographs flown by Western Ways, Inc. on Dec. 23, 1964. These images were taken when the Willamette River stood at 23' and document the extensive flooding in Corvallis area.
Culture Work front page Scholars' Bank
The UO's institutional repository consisting of the scholarly output of faculty, staff and students at UO. View: Scholarly Works.
The Seed & Nursery Catalogue in Europe & the U.S. The Seed & Nursery Catalogue in Europe & the U.S., a Short History
This exhibit offers a look at the history of seed and nursery catalogues in Europe and the United States, exploring items from the Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues collection, held in Special Collections, Oregon State University Libraries.
The Siuslaw National Forest Collection The Siuslaw National Forest Collection
Containing nearly 5,000 digital images from the late 1800s to the present, this collection illustrates changing forest management practices, landscapes, and people over the course of Siuslaw National Forest history. Of particular interest are photographs taken by Corydon Cronk during his time as an assistant ranger in 1910-1911.
Tribal Legacies Tribal Legacies
This collection presents a first step in providing extended access to materials pertaining to Native American ethnography and history in the University of Oregon Libraries. The digital collection brings together information from UO Libraries' documents, maps, photographs, and manuscript collections. Focusing on the Pacific Northwest, the collections feature archival materials that contain either brief references to indigenous people or are completely dedicated to their coverage.
report page UO University Archives
Permanent electronic records of UO and other selections from University Archives collections.
report page UO Archives Photographs
The UO Archives Photographs contains selections of modern and vintage photographic prints related to the University of Oregon. The photographs depict a variety of buildings, historic scenes, events, students, faculty and staff, and scenes of campus life.
Bill Bowerman in front of track race UO Athletics
The purpose of this project is to use the historical archives of the University: documents, photographs, physical objects, and audiovisual materials – to tell the story of athletics at the University of Oregon. View exhibit site: Leadership and Legacy.
streaming links UO Channel
Streaming video and audio of lectures and talks on the UO campus.
letter UO Office of the President
Selected documents from the Office of the President records and their personal papers.
students studying UO Stock Photos
Online resource of stock photographic images of the people, places, and happenings of the University of Oregon.
The Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography The Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography
Interest in the issue of water conflict and cooperation is increasing around the world. In order to provide access to the current literature on the topic in a searchable format, the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database has developed this Water Conflict and Cooperation Bibliography.
log rafts Western Waters Digital Library: Columbia River Basin
Collection of historical and contemporary resources focused on the Columbia River Basin. Part of the collaborative larger Western Waters project.

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