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     A. Dean McKenzie Collection
     Albert Oliver Biggerstaff Collection
     Andrew Morrogh Collection
     Art History Department Collection
     Arthur 'Ray' Gilmore Collection
     Baker Lighting Set
     Barbara Houghton Collection
     Bernard Freemesser Collection
     Bernard McTigue Collection
     Carolyn Senft Collection
     Charles Gilman Davis Collection
     Charles T. and Charlene LeFebre Collection
     Christine Sundt Collection
     Christine Theodoropoulos Collection
     Cynthia Lewis-Berry Collection


     Daivd A. Bainbridge Collection
     Daniel M. Herbert Collection
     David A. Bainbridge Collection
     David Wilson Collection
     Donald Renfro Collection
     Douglas Blandy Collection
     Elizabeth Walton Potter Collection
     Ellen J. Laing Collection
     Esther Chandler Collection, Charlotte Lemon gift
     Felix Rosch Collection
     Fine and Applied Arts Department Collection
     Finkenstaedt Collection
     Frances Stern Collection
     Frank A. Cuthbert Collection
     Frank R. Horlbeck Collection


     Gary Tepfer Collection
     Gerald Moorhead Collection
     Hans H. Waechter Collection
     Hattie Mae Nixon Collection
     Helene-Carol Brown Collection
     International Masonry Institute Collection


     J. Reynolds Summer Project (Rome) Collection
     J. Sobre Collection
     James Harper Collection
     James Hicks Collection
     James Shirley Collection
     Jeffrey M. Hurwit Collection
     Jenna (R. A.) Smith Collection
     Jennifer Rowan Collection
     Jerry Finrow Collection
     John S. Reynolds Collection
     John Yeon Collection
     Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
     Joseph Griggs Collection
     Julia Simic Collection
     Karen Guzak Collection
     Kenneth Helphand Collection
     Ken O'connell Collection
     Kingston Heath Collection
     Lane County Historical Museum Collection
     Lealan Swanson Collection
     Lee Nelson Collection
     Leland M. Roth Collection
     Leong Collection
     Lew Crutcher Collection
     Linn County Historical Museum
     Lisa Claypool Collection


     Marian C. Donnelly Collection
     Marion Dean Ross Collection, Wallace Huntington gift
     Marion Dean Ross Collection
     Mary-Lyon Dolezal Collection
     Meggs Graphic Design Set
     Michael Shellenbarger Collection
     Mrs. Fred (Bernice) Meamber Collection
     Oregon State Historic Preservation Office


     P. Lawrence Collection
     Patricia Furey Collection
     Peter Wilcox Collection
     Philip Dole Collection
     R. & E. Link Collection
     R. Ousterhout Collection
     Richard Sundt Collection
     Romance Languages Department Collection
     Ron Lovinger Collection


     Sandy Bonds Collection
     School of Architecture and Allied Arts Collection
     Sherwin Simmons Collection
     Stanley W. Bryan Collection
     Stephen F. Bochkor Collection
     Stricevic Collection
     T.O. Ballinger Collection
     Terrence Goode Collection
     Thomas Hacker Architects, Inc. Gift
     Thomas Pene Collection
     University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections and University Archives


     Victor H. Flach Collection
     W. B. Johnston Collection
     W.K. Huntington Collection
     Wallace S. Baldinger Collection
     Wesley J. Barnum Collection
     Winston Weisman Collection

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