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     35mm cameras


     ō-hosoban (o-tanzaku)
     ōban (prints)
     ōban (prints)
     abbey churches
     academic libraries
     account books
     acrylic (plastic)
     acrylic paintings
     actions (works of art)
     additions (general components)
     advertising cards
     aerial photographs
     affordable housing
     Agrave goods
     agricultural buildings
     agricultural land
     aiban (prints)
     air cooling
     airport terminals
     albumen prints
     allotment gardens
     alms dishes
     almshouses (buildings)
     alpine gardens
     altars (religious building fixtures)
     altar valances
     altered books
     aluminum (metal)
     ambos (pulpits)
     amphitheaters (built works)
     amphorae (storage vessels)
     amusement parks
     amusement rides
     animal housing
     animated cartoons
     apartment houses
     application forms
     applied decoration
     appropriation (imagery)
     aquariums (buildings)
     arcades (structural assemblies)
     archaeological sites
     architectual elements
     architectural and scale models
     architectural drawings
     architectural elements
     architecture dwellings houses
     archives (buildings)
     armor (protective wear)
     armories (military buildings)
     art centers
     art galleries
     artificial lakes
     artist-designed frames
     artists' books
     artists' films
     artists' materials
     artists' statements
     art museums
     art schools
     ash (residue)
     assemblages (sculpture)
     assembly halls
     astronomical charts
     astronomical clocks
     athletic clubs
     audio equipment
     audiovisual equipment
     Autochromes (photographs)
     autographs (manuscripts)
     automobile showrooms
     axes (tools)
     Axonometric (drawings)
     axonometric drawings
     axonometric projections (images)
     bags (containers)
     bags (costume accessories)
     baking dishes
     baldachins (canopies)
     ball courts (Mesoamerican)
     ball courts
     banks (buildings)
     banquet halls
     barrier elements
     bars (commercial buildings)
     bases (object components)
     basin stands
     bathhouses (water recreation structures)
     bathing suits
     beach houses
     beakers (drinking vessels)
     beakers (pouring vessels)
     beanbag chairs
     beaters (weaving)
     beauty shops
     bed coverings
     bed hangings
     beds (furniture)
     beds (sleeping furniture)
     bell kraters
     bells (idiophones)
     belt plates
     belts (costume accessories)
     bench chisels
     bergres (armchairs)
     beverage processing plants
     billboards (site elements)
     billiard rooms
     bird's-eye perspectives
     bird sanctuaries
     biscuit boxes
     black-and-white photographs
     black-and-white transparencies
     black basaltes
     blanket chests
     blueprints (reprographic copies)
     bluprints (reprographic copies)
     board games (game sets)
     boarding schools
     boat clubs
     bodies of water
     body armor
     body art
     boiler houses
     bonbon dishes
     bonnets (hats)
     book jackets
     books of hours
     border inspection stations
     boring machine
     botanical gardens
     boudoirs (rooms)
     bowls (vessels)
     bows (weapons)
     boxes (containers)
     box stools
     bracelets (jewelry)
     bracers (protective wear)
     brackets (lighting devices)
     brackets (structural elements)
     braziers (heating equipment)
     breakfast services
     bridges (built works)
     broadcasting stations
     broadcasting studios
     bromoil prints
     brownline prints
     buckets (vessels)
     buckles (strap accessories)
     buffets (sideboards)
     bugaku masks
     building materials
     building sites
     bureaus (slant-front desks)
     burial clothing
     burial mounds
     bus shelters
     butcher shops
     butlers' desks
     butter dishes (serving dishes)
     cabinet photographs
     cabinet pianos
     cabinets (case furniture)
     cabinets (rooms)
     cafés (restaurants)
     calotypes (negatives)
     calyx kraters
     camera obscuras
     candlestands (furniture)
     canopic jars
     canopies (structural elements)
     canteens (containers)
     canterburies (storage furniture)
     capitals (column components)
     carbon prints
     card cases
     card photographs (photographs)
     card tables
     Carpenter tools
     carriage houses
     carte-de-visite (card photographs)
     cartes-de-visite (card photographs)
     cartographic materials
     cartoons (humorous images)
     cartoons (working drawings)
     carvings (visual works)
     cascades (water features)
     case furniture
     cases (containers)
     caskets (personal gear)
     casseroles (baking dishes)
     castings (object genre)
     castles (fortifications)
     casts (sculpture)
     cave architecture
     cave dwellings
     cave paintings
     cave temples
     celestial globes
     cellulose diacetate
     cellulose nitrate film
     cellulose triacetate
     centerpieces (furnishings)
     center tables
     centripetal spring chairs
     ceramic (material)
     ceramics (objects)
     ceramic tile
     ceremonial containers
     ceremonial costume
     ceremonial masks
     ceremonial objects
     ceremonial staffs
     ceremonial structures
     ceremonial weapons
     chū-tanzaku (tanzaku)
     chū-tanzaku (tanzaku)
     chūban yoko-e
     chafing dishes
     chaises longues
     chambers (assembly places)
     chamber tombs
     chandeliers (hanging lights)
     chapels (rooms or structures)
     chapter houses
     character dolls
     character toys
     chargers (platters)
     charts (graphic documents)
     chasse reliquaries
     chess sets
     chests of drawers
     chiffoniers (chests of drawers)
     chiffoniers (sideboards)
     children's museums
     china cabinets
     Chinese brush paintings (visual works)
     Chinese brush paintings
     Chinese garden
     Chinese gardens
     Chinese Imperial court robes
     chlorobromide prints
     chocolate cups
     chocolate pots
     chocolate services
     choir screens
     choir stalls
     Christmas cards
     chrome steel
     chromogenic color prints
     chromogenic prints
     chu-tanzaku (tanzaku)
     ciboria (structures)
     cigar boxers
     cigarette holders (containers)
     circulation spaces
     city gates
     city halls
     city walls
     civic centers
     clasps (fasteners)
     clichés-verre (negatives)
     clichés-verre (photographic prints)
     cliff dwellings
     clinics (buildings, medical)
     clippings (information artifacts)
     clock towers
     cloister gardens
     close stools
     clothes presses
     coastal fortifications
     coating (material)
     coffee services
     coffee tables
     coins (money)
     collage, decollage
     collages (visual works)
     collections (object groupings)
     collective settlements
     colleges (buildings)
     collegiate churches
     collodion prints
     color charts
     color lithographs
     color photographs
     color transparencies
     color woodcuts
     column kraters
     columns (architectural elements)
     combs (grooming tools)
     combs (hair ornaments)
     combs (textile working equipment)
     comic books
     comics (documents)
     commercial art
     commercial arts
     commercial buildings
     commode chairs
     commodes (French chests of drawers)
     commodes vantaux
     commodity exchanges
     communications buildings
     communion tables
     community art
     community centers
     community gardens
     community parks
     company towns
     competition drawings
     competition entries
     composite material
     composite photographs
     compositing machines
     compounds (housing complexes)
     compression roofs
     computer animation
     computer art
     computer centers
     computer drawings
     computer graphics
     concert halls
     conference rooms
     console tables
     constructions (sculpture)
     contact prints
     containers (receptacles)
     continuing care retirement communities
     contour drawings
     convalescent hospitals
     convention centers
     convents (nunneries)
     conveying systems
     cooperative housing
     copies (derivative objects)
     copper engravings
     corner cabinets
     corner cupboards
     corporate headquarters
     correctional institutions
     correspondence artifacts
     corsage ornaments
     costume (character dress)
     costume accessories
     costume dolls
     cotton (textile)
     cotton mills
     couches (reclining furniture)
     counters (case furniture)
     country houses
     courts (built works)
     courtyard houses
     courtyards dwellings
     covered bowls
     covered bridges
     covers (closures)
     covers (gathered matter components)
     covers (overlying objects)
     cradles (children's beds)
     cremation urns
     cribs (children's beds)
     crochet (needlework)
     crosses (visual works)
     cross sections
     crowns (headdresses)
     cruet sets
     crystoleums (photographs)
     cultural centers
     cultural documentation
     cultural landscapes
     cut-paper work
     cutaway drawings
     cutting tools
     cyclopean masonry


     day care centers
     decorated papers
     decorative arts
     defensive walls
     demountable buildings
     dental clinics
     department stores
     derivative objects
     design (discipline)
     design drawings
     desk chairs
     desks and bookcases
     desk sets
     detail drawings (drawings)
     detail studies
     detention centers
     devices (symbols)
     devotional images
     devotional literature
     diffusion transfer prints
     digital-altered photographs
     digital clocks
     digital images
     digital photographs
     digital prints
     ding (ritual vessels)
     dining chairs
     dining halls
     dining rooms
     dining tables
     dinner services
     dippers (serving utensils)
     direct positives
     disc brooches
     dishes (vessels)
     display types
     distilled water
     divination object
     documentary photographs
     documentary photography
     dog collars (necklaces)
     domes (architectural element)
     domes (dome components)
     dormitories (buildings)
     double houses
     double weave
     dower chests
     drawing, architectural
     drawing rooms
     drawings (visual works)
     drawings, architectural drawings
     dresses (garments)
     dressing glasses
     dressing stools
     dressing tables
     drinking fountains
     drinking glasses
     drinking horns
     drinking vessels
     dropleaf tables
     drop spindles
     drug jars
     drums (membranophones)
     dryers (equipment)
     dry fruit
     drypoints (prints)
     dry walls (masonry)
     duct flutes
     duct tape
     dumps (refuse areas)
     duplex houses
     Dutch barns
     Dutch gardens
     dye diffusion transfer prints
     dye transfer prints
     ear ornaments
     earth lodges
     earth sheltered buildings
     earthworks (engineering works)
     earthworks (sculpture)
     easy chairs
     edged weapons
     editorial cartoons
     educational complexes
     effigy mounds (monuments)
     electrical substations
     electric lamps
     electronic images
     elevations (drawings)
     emblem books
     embroidery (visual works)
     emergency currency
     emulsion transfers
     enamel paint
     encaustic paintings (visual works)
     engines (power producing equipment)
     engravings (prints)
     ensembles (costume)
     entrance halls
     environmental art
     environments (sculpture)
     equestrian statues
     etchings (prints)
     etchings (prints)lithographs
     evening dresses
     examinations (documents)
     excavations (sites)
     executive records
     exhibit cases
     exhibition booths
     exhibition buildings
     exhibition catalogs
     extended care facilities
     exterior elevations
     exterior perspectives
     exterior walls
     eyeshades (protective wear)
     face vessels
     factories (structures)
     faculty housing
     faience (earthenware)
     fall-front desks
     fan painting
     fans (costume accessories)
     fans (equipment)
     fashion design
     fashion illustrations
     fashion photographs
     fashion plates
     fast food restaurants
     feather (material)
     feature films
     Ferris wheels
     fiber and fiber products
     fibrous composite
     figured flasks
     figures (representations)
     fill insulation
     film, video
     film projection systems
     film stills
     financial institutions (buildings)
     financial institutions
     financial records
     finding aids
     fine arts
     fine press books
     finger bowls
     finger painting
     finger rings
     finish hardware
     fire screens (furniture)
     fire stations
     flasks (bottles)
     flatware cases
     fliers (printed matter)
     floor lamps
     floor plans
     floors (surface elements)
     flower gardens
     flute cases
     flutes (aerophones)
     fluvial landforms
     folding screens
     fonts (type composition equipment)
     food processing plants
     foor plans
     footstools (stools)
     formal gardens
     forms (documents)
     foundations (structural elements)
     found objects
     fountain pens
     fourplex houses
     frames (furnishings)
     fraternal lodges
     French gardens
     frescoes (paintings)
     friezes (entablature components)
     funerary buildings
     funerary objects
     funerary preparatory buildings
     funerary sculpture


     gables (architectural elements)
     galleries (display spaces)
     game pieces (game elements)
     game rooms
     gaming tables
     gardens (open spaces)
     garden shows
     garden structures
     garden walks
     garment hooks
     gas fixtures
     gated communities
     gelatin silver prints
     gelatin silver transparencies
     genealogical tables
     generative art
     geodesic domes
     giraffe pianos
     globes (cartographic spheres)
     government office buildings
     government records
     grand hotels
     grand pianos
     granges (fraternal buildings)
     graphic design
     grave goods
     grecian couches
     greens (open spaces)
     greeting cards
     grinding stones
     grounds (open spaces)
     group portraits
     guards (weapons components)
     guest rooms
     gum bichromate prints
     hôtels (town houses)
     habahiro-hashira-e (prints)
     hair ornaments
     hall chairs
     halls (interior spaces)
     hand horns
     hand mirrors
     hand warmers
     hanging cupboards
     hanging lamps
     hanging scrolls
     Hanukkah lamps
     hardware (components)
     head (representations)
     headbands (headgear)
     headlines (layout features)
     heads (representations)
     health facilities
     health resorts
     heat-distributing units
     high-rise buildings
     high chests of drawers
     high schools (buildings)
     historiated initials
     historical maps
     historic buildings
     historic farms
     historic gardens
     historic sites
     homes for the aged
     horse farms
     horse trappings (animal equipment)
     hotels (public accommodations)
     hot pants
     housing developments
     hunting horns
     hunting lodges
     hydraulic structures
     hypostyle halls
     ice buckets (food service containers)
     ice hockey rinks
     ice skating rinks
     ideal cities
     identity cards
     illuminated manuscripts
     illustration (layout features)
     illustrations (layout features)
     imperial accoutrements
     incense burners
     India ink
     industrial arts
     industrial buildings
     industrial complexes
     industrial design
     industrial towns
     information artifacts
     information centers (facilities)
     Information forms
     information signs
     inhabited bridges
     inhabited places
     initials (layout features)
     inkjet prints
     inorganic material
     inorganic materials
     installation, environmental, stage sets
     installations (exhibitions)
     installations (visual works)
     instructional materials
     intaglio prints
     interactive art
     interior design
     interior elevations
     interior perspectives
     interior views
     interior walls
     Irish brats
     iris prints
     irons (tools)
     ironworks (factories)
     irrigation systems
     isometric (drawings)
     isometric drawings
     ivory and bone


     jackets (garments)
     jamb figures
     jambs (opening components)
     Japanese gardens
     jardinières (containers)
     jewelry, gems
     journals (periodicals)
     jugs (vessels)
     kachina dolls
     kettles (vessels)
     key blocks
     kitchen gardens
     knives (cutting tools)
     korai (statues)
     Koran stands
     kouroi (statues)
     labels (identifying artifacts)
     lace (needlework)
     ladies' desks
     ladies' writing tables
     lakes (bodies of water)
     lamps (lighting devices)
     landing newels
     landmark buildings
     landscape architecture
     landscape archtiecture
     landscapes (environments)
     landscaping plans
     land use maps
     land vehicles
     lantern slides
     laser prints
     leaflets (printed works)
     leaves (gathered material components)
     leaves (gathered matter components)
     lecture halls
     legal documents
     legal instruments
     legislative buildings
     legs (furniture components)
     leg splints
     lei (ritual vessels)
     letters (correspondence)
     libraries (buildings)
     libraries (rooms)
     library tables (writing tables)
     library tables
     life drawings
     light art
     light boxes (lighting devices)
     lighting devices
     lighting fixtures
     line blocks
     line drawings
     line engravings
     line graphs
     linen presses
     lip cups
     lists (document genres)
     little magazines
     living rooms
     locker rooms
     lodges (public accommodations)
     lodges (temporary residences)
     lodging houses
     loft buildings
     log cabins
     long galleries
     longitudinal sections
     long zithers
     looms (textile tools)
     lounges (sitting rooms)
     low-income housing


     machinery sheds
     magazines (periodicals)
     main garments
     manipulated photographs
     mannequins (costume equipment)
     manor houses
     mantel clocks
     mantles (outerwear)
     manuals (instructional materials)
     manuscripts (document genre)
     manuscripts and books
     manuscripts for publication
     maps and globes
     market halls
     markets (structures)
     masks (costume)
     masonic buildings
     master bedrooms
     materials (matter)
     mats (furniture coverings)
     measuring devices
     meat slicer (culinary tools)
     medical centers
     medical schools
     meeting houses
     megalithic monuments
     membrane structures
     memorial arches
     memorial columns
     memorial parks
     mercantile buildings
     metamorphic rock
     mezzotints (prints)
     mid-rise buildings
     military academies
     military accoutrements
     military buildings
     military camps
     military installations
     military uniform
     mills (buildings)
     mimeographic copies
     miniatures (paintings)
     mirror stands
     mixed-use developments
     mixed media
     moated castles
     mobile homes
     model houses
     models (representations)
     molding planes
     molds (shaping tools)
     monastic churches
     monoprints (painting and printing works)
     montages (visual works)
     mortise chisels
     mortuary temples
     mosaics (visual works)
     mosque lamps
     mosques (buildings)
     motion pictures (visual works)
     motion picture theaters
     moving walkways
     muffin dishes
     multimedia works
     multiple dwellings
     multipurpose furniture
     multistory buildings
     municipal buildings
     mural painting
     mural paintings
     museum complexes
     music, musical instruments
     musical instruments
     music rooms
     music stands
     mustard pots
     mustard spoons
     napkin rings
     natural landscapes
     nature reserves
     neck amphorae
     neck kerchiefs
     needlework (visual works)
     negative prints
     negatives (photographic)
     Nehru jackets
     neighborhood parks
     nesting dolls
     net (textile)
     night tables
     nonwoody plants
     number plates
     nursery schools
     o-hosoban (o-tanzaku)
     oban (prints)
     oban yoko-e
     obelisks (monumental pillars)
     occasional tables
     office buildings
     office chairs
     offices (work spaces)
     official documents
     official reports
     official residences
     official residences
     offset lithographs
     oil lamps
     oil paintings
     oil paintings
     oil prints
     oil sketches
     one-point perspectives
     open-air theaters
     open-toed shoes
     openings (architectural elements)
     openings (architectural elements) windows
     open spaces
     open spaces
     opera houses
     optical toys
     opus sectile
     ordination halls
     organic material
     organizations (groups)
     orthographic drawings (objects)
     orthographic projections (images)
     ossuaries (funerary containers)
     ottoman footstools
     ovens (heating equipment)
     overcoats (outerwear)


     packing plants
     pagodas (buildings)
     painting equipment
     paintings (visual works)
     paintings (visual works)
     palettes (painting equipment)
     palladium prints
     panel amphorae
     panel paintings (Asian)
     panel paintings (painting by form)
     panels (surface components)
     panka dolls
     paper (fiber product)
     paper money
     paperwork (crafts)
     parallel projection (technique)
     parks (grounds)
     parks (recreation areas)
     parliament building
     partners' desks
     passages (circulation spaces)
     passenger terminals
     passenger vehicles
     passive cooling
     pastels (visual works)
     paterae (containers)
     pattern books
     patterned paper
     patterns (design elements)
     patterns (guides)
     pavements (surface elements)
     pavilions (Asian)
     pavilions (building divisions)
     pavilions (garden structures)
     paving tile
     pedestal tables
     pedestrian malls
     peek-a-boo blouses
     Pembroke tables
     pendants (jewelry)
     pens (drawing and writing)
     percussion idiophones
     performance art
     performing arts
     performing arts centers
     perfume bottles
     peristyle houses
     personal care homes
     personal grooming tools
     perspective drawings
     perspective views
     petites commodes
     petticoats (underskirts)
     photocollages (photographic compositions)
     photoengraving (prints)
     photoengravings (prints)
     photographic equipment
     photographic lenses
     photographic paper
     photographic prints
     photogravures (prints)
     photomechanical prints
     physical education buildings
     piano benches
     piazzas (squares)
     picnic baskets
     picture books
     picture postcards
     pier glasses (wall mirrors)
     pier tables (side tables)
     pigment prints
     pilgrimage churches
     pilgrim bottles
     pill machines
     pins (fasteners)
     pins (jewelry)
     pipes (smoking equipment)
     pitchers (vessels)
     pit dwellings
     Pit saw
     place settings
     planes (tools)
     planetaria (buildings)
     planographic prints
     plans (drawings)
     plans (maps)
     plans (orthographic projections)
     plantation houses
     planters (containers)
     plant material
     plant stands
     plaques (flat objects)
     plastic (organic material)
     plates (dishes)
     plates (illustrations)
     plate warmers
     platinum prints
     plinth courses
     plows (agricultural equipment)
     plumbing fixtures
     police stations
     population maps
     portable buildings
     portfolios (containers)
     portfolios (groups of works)
     positives (photographs)
     post-and-beam structures
     post offices
     potpourri vases
     pottery (object genre)
     powder flasks
     powder mills
     power plant buildings
     power plants
     prayer books
     prayer rugs
     preaching halls
     preliminary sketches (sketches)
     preliminary sketches
     preparatory drawings
     preparatory schools
     preparatory studies