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     abbeys (monasteries)
     academic libraries (buildings)
     accessory door hardware
     aerial views
     agricultural buildings
     alleys (streets)
     amphitheaters (built works)
     amusement rides
     animal housing (farm structures)
     apartment buildings
     apartment houses
     architectural drawings (visual works)
     architectural drawings
     architectural elements
     architectural sculpture (visual work)
     architectural terracotta
     art museums (buildings)
     assembly halls
     asylums (welfare buildings)
     athletic clubs
     athletic fields
     atriums (interior spaces)
     attics (interior spaces)
     automobile racetracks
     automobile showrooms
     balusters (railing components)
     banks (financial institutions)
     baptismal fonts
     Baptist churches
     bars (commercial buildings)
     bas-reliefs (sculpture)
     bascule bridges
     bathhouses (water recreation structures)
     Bay windows
     beds (furniture)
     benches (furniture)
     beverage processing plants
     bicycle paths
     Billiard rooms
     bodies of water
     boiler houses
     Bottling industry
     bowling alleys
     Breakfast rooms
     brickwork (masonry)
     bridges (built works)
     Buddhist temples
     Buffets (furniture)
     built works
     Business districts
     bus terminals
     butcher shops
     cabinets (case furniture)
     cabins (houses)
     camps (temporary settlements)
     capitals (column components)
     carriage houses
     carvings (visual works)
     case furniture
     Catholic churches
     ceiling fixtures (lighting fixtures)
     cellars (storerooms)
     ceremonial structures
     chests of drawers
     children's playhouses
     chimneys (architectural elements)
     china cabinets
     Christian Science churches
     churches (buildings)
     cigar stores
     Circular buildings
     city halls
     clock towers
     coastguard stations
     Collective settlements
     comfort stations
     commercial buildings
     communications buildings
     community centers
     company towns
     complexes (buildings)
     components (objects)
     comprehensive plans
     computer centers
     concert halls
     condominiums (built works)
     Conference rooms
     Congregational churches
     Conservation & restoration
     convalescent homes
     Convention centers
     Conveying systems
     correctional institutions (buildings)
     country clubs
     county courthouses
     courts (built works)
     covered bridges
     Covered walks
     credenzas (sideboards)
     cultural centers (buildings)


     dairy stores
     Dance halls
     decks (uncovered spaces)
     Department stores
     derelict buildings
     dining halls
     dining rooms
     door hardware
     dormitories (buildings)
     drawings (visual works)
     dressers (chests of drawers)
     drinking fountains
     dryers (equipment)
     educational complexes
     electric substations
     enclosing structural elements
     entrance halls
     episcopal churches
     equestrian statues
     exerior views
     exhibition buildings
     exhibitions (events)
     extended care facilities
     exterior covered spaces
     exterior lighting
     exterior views (visual works)
     exterior views
     exterior walls
     factories (structures)
     fair buildings
     Farmers' groups
     Farmers' markets
     financial institutions (buildings)
     finish hardware (hardware)
     finish hardware
     fire escapes
     fire hydrants
     Fire lookout stations
     fire stations
     Fish hatcheries
     Fish ladders
     floor coverings
     floor plans
     folk art (object)
     Food industry
     food processing plants
     Food storage buildings
     Forge shops
     foundations (structural elements)
     foursquare houses
     Fraternal lodges
     Fraternal organizations
     fraternity houses
     funeral homes
     funerary buildings
     furnaces (heating components)
     furnishings (artifacts)


     gables (architectural elements)
     galleries (display spaces)
     game rooms
     garden cities
     gardens (open spaces)
     garden structures
     garden suburbs
     golf courses
     government office buildings
     Grain elevators
     grilles (barrier elements)
     Grocery stores
     grounds (open spaces)
     guard stations
     guesthouses (on estates)
     gutters (building drainage components)
     hall (interior spaces)
     halls (interior spaces)
     hardware (components)
     Hardware stores
     health care facilities
     health facilities
     health resorts
     heating systems
     Historical markers
     historic buildings
     historic districts
     historic house museums (buildings)
     historic houses
     historic ranger stations
     historic Sites
     history museums (buildings)
     history museums
     Hitching posts
     horse racetracks
     hotels (public accommodations)
     hot springs
     hydraulic structures
     Hydroelectric power
     indoor swimming pools
     industrial buildings
     industrial complexes
     industrial structures
     information centers (facilities)
     institutional buildings
     Intentional communities
     interior views
     interior wall components
     ironwork (objects)
     irrigation systems


     jails (buildings)
     Japanese gardens
     lakes (bodies of water)
     landings (marine structures)
     landscape architecture
     Landscape photographs
     landscapes (environments)
     Land subdivision
     land vehicles
     laundries (businesses)
     laundry rooms
     Law offices (work spaces)
     Lecture halls
     legislative buildings
     Legistlative buildings
     libraries (buildings)
     libraries (rooms)
     life-saving stations
     light courts
     lighting devices
     lighting fixtures
     livery stables
     living rooms
     locker rooms
     lodges (public accommodations)
     Lodging houses
     lofts (upper level floors)
     log buildings
     log cabins (houses)
     log cabins
     Lumber industry
     Lutheran churches


     machine shops
     marine parks
     marine terminals
     maritime museums (buildings)
     markets (structures)
     masonic buildings
     medallions (ornament areas)
     memorial works
     mental health facilities
     mercantile buildings
     methodist churches
     military buildings
     military installations
     mills (buildings)
     miltary museums (buildings)
     mine buildings
     mixed-use developments
     mobile homes
     models (representations)
     Monuments & memorials
     morgues & mortuaries
     Mormon churches
     motion picture theaters (buildings)
     motion picture theaters
     motor courts
     motor torpedo boats
     moving & storage trade
     multiple dwellings
     municipal buildings
     mural paintings (visual works)
     museums (buildings)
     music complexes
     music halls
     music rooms
     music schools (buildings)
     national parks
     natural history museums (buildings)
     naval museums (buildings)
     naval ships
     new towns (independent settlements)
     nurseries (horticulture)
     nursery schools (buildings)
     observation decks
     Observation towers
     office building
     office buildings
     offices (work spaces)
     Official residences
     open-air theaters
     open air exhibitions
     openings (architectural elements)
     open spaces
     opera houses
     organ pipes (components)
     Orthodox churches
     Outdoor furniture
     outdoor sculpture


     paintings (visual works)
     parish houses
     parking garages
     parking lots
     parks (recreation areas)
     passenger terminals
     patterns (Design elements)
     pedestrian bridges
     pedestrian malls
     physical education buildings
     picket fences
     piers (marine landings)
     plans (maps)
     plans (orthographic projections)
     plans (reports)
     plaques (flat objects)
     plumbing fixtures
     police stations
     porte cocheres
     post offices
     poultry houses
     power industry
     power plants
     presbyterian churches
     printing plants
     prisons (buildings)
     private libraries (buildings)
     private schools (buildings)
     projects (artistic concepts)
     protestant churches
     public art
     public buildings
     public libraries (buildings)
     public safety buildings
     public schools (buildings)
     public sculpture (visual work)
     public spaces
     pumping machinery
     pumping stations
     pumps (machinery)
     quonset huts
     railings (balustrades)
     railroad bridges
     railroad cars
     railroad stations
     railroad yards
     railway buildings
     ranches (agricultural complexes)
     ranch houses
     ranger stations
     reading rooms
     reception rooms
     recreation areas
     recreation buildings
     recreation rooms
     recycled structures
     reflecting pools
     reformatories (buildings)
     reliefs (sculptures)
     religious building fixtures
     religious buildings
     religious communities (built complexes)
     research buildings
     reservoirs (water distribution structures)
     rest homes
     retirement communities
     retirement homes
     road bridges
     roadside rest areas
     rock shelters
     rooming houses
     rooms (interior spaces)
     rooms (interior spaces
     rooms and spaces
     rotundas (interior spaces)
     roundels (circular panels)
     row houses


     safety equipment
     saloons (bars)
     saltbox houses
     sanctuaries (religious building spaces)
     scenic overlooks
     schools (buildings)
     sculpture (visual work)
     sculpture gardens
     seating furniture
     sections (orthographic projections)
     sepulchral monuments
     service stations
     settlement houses
     shelters (single built works)
     shipyard structures
     shoe stores
     shopping centers
     shower stalls
     sideboards (furniture)
     signs (Notices)
     site plans
     sites (locations)
     skateboarding parks
     ski lifts
     ski lodges
     Social & civic facilities
     societies' buildings
     sorority houses
     sound studios
     sports buildings
     sports complexes
     springs (bodies of water)
     squares (open spaces)
     stables (animal housing)
     stages (performance spaces)
     stages (Platforms)
     stained glass (visual works)
     stained glass
     state parks
     steeples (building components)
     stepping stones
     stone buildings
     stone quarrying
     storage facilities
     storage spaces
     stoves (heating equipment)
     street furniture
     street lighting units
     structural elements
     student unions
     studies (rooms)
     studios (work spaces)
     suspension bridges
     swimming pools
     synagogues (buildings)
     teachers colleges (buildings)
     telephone booths
     temporary buildings
     temporary structures
     terminals (buildings)
     terracotta (clay material)
     test sites
     theaters (buildings)
     ticket offices (work spaces)
     ticket offices
     tombstones (sepulchral monuments)
     totem poles
     towers (single built works)
     townscapes (built environment)
     townscapes (representations)
     trails & paths
     transportation buildings
     transportation complexes
     tree farms
     trusses (structural elements)
     unbuilt projects
     unitarian Universalist churches
     univeristies (buildings)
     universities (buildings)
     urban planning
     used car lots
     utilities buildings
     utility poles


     variety theaters
     vaults (Strong rooms)
     vehicles (transportation)
     views (visual works)
     visitors' centers
     wall components
     wall coverings
     wall mirrors
     washhouses (outbuildings)
     water distribution structures
     water features
     water supply systems
     water tanks
     water towers
     water transportation complexes
     welfare buildings
     window seats
     wine cellars
     workshops (work spaces)
     world's fairs



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