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The purpose of this project is to use the historical archives of the University: documents, photographs, physical objects, and audiovisual materials – to tell the story of athletics at the University of Oregon. More than just statistics of accomplishments, this is the story of people and events that changed athletics at the University of Oregon over the past 110 years. It is also the story of athletics in higher education: the relationship and the issues involved between athletics and the academy over time.

The project involves researching pertinent materials, completing an essay that is broad in scope on the history of sports at the University of Oregon, scanning, and describing digitized materials. The final product will be Web-based and will include a collection of digitized material. The essay will draw from primary sources in Special Collections and University Archives: documents, photographs, historical objects, and audiovisual materials. This project will support university curriculum—athletics, history, sociology, et cetera—as well as provide reference information to alumni and promote the University of Oregon.

The written and digitized materials will serve as a portal to more information and further research available at the University of Oregon and on the Web. The site will also support University of Oregon alumni, friends, and fans who want to remember their favorite sports teams and athletes or who want to learn more about the history of sports at the University of Oregon.

Through a generous gift from Dave and Terry Taylor, the University of Oregon Libraries present here a small sampling of the materials that make up the University's archives related to its athletics programs. Many areas and people will benefit from the project, and it will provide a fresh look at the development, interaction, and influence of sports at the University of Oregon and in the academic setting.


For questions or information about University of Oregon sports history, please contact Heather Briston, Richard & Mary Corrigan Solari University Historian & Archivist, at 541-346-1899.

The materials here are offered for research purposes. Reproductions of individual items may be requested by contacting the Image Services Center at 541-346-1946.

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