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     5-string banjos


     advertising signs
     agents of material culture (human)
     agricultural buildings
     agricultural tools
     animal-propelled road vehicles
     animal equipment
     animal materials
     applied folklore
     architecture, building and construction
     architecture categories
     arm and hand wear
     art and decorative objects (material culture)
     art and decorative objects
     art disciplines
     art education
     art genres
     artistic praxis
     artists' studios
     baby dolls (toys)
     bags (containers)
     basket making (material culture)
     basket making
     bead making
     bed coverings and linens
     blade making
     body adornment
     body adornments and alterations
     body alterations
     body language
     bowing (body language)
     bowls (tableware)
     bows and arrows
     brass working
     brick making
     bridle making
     building spaces by function
     built environments
     built outdoor spaces
     calendar rites
     carving (sculpting)
     casting (material culture)
     casting by materials
     ceremonial clothing
     ceremonial objects
     chains (jewelry)
     chain saws
     chaps (clothing)
     chests of drawers
     children's beds
     cleaning tools
     clothing accessories
     clothing by body region
     clothing by function
     clothing fastenings
     clothing stands
     coat stands
     collars (tack)
     commercial structures and spaces
     composite chordophone
     composite chordophones
     concentrated-force tools
     concepts of space
     contained aerophones
     cooking appliances
     cord (textile fiber)
     coverings and hangings
     cowboy boots
     craft bazaars
     crosscut saws
     cutting and piercing tools


     dance costumes
     dance recitals
     decorative art
     decorative arts
     decorative elements of architecture
     design (art)
     digging, scooping, and raking tools
     dining rooms
     dining tables
     documents by physical medium
     doll accessories
     doll clothes
     dolls (toys)
     domestic buildings
     dragon dance
     draining devices
     drawing (art)
     dress accessories
     drill accessories
     eating and drinking venues
     entertainment and recreation
     entertainment contexts
     entertainment equipment
     entertainment venues
     environmental art
     ethnic clothing
     ethnic foods
     exterior decorative elements (architecture)
     exterior decorative elements
     fences by function
     fences by material
     fiber art
     fieldwork agents
     fieldwork subjects
     files (tools)
     fine arts
     fishing equipment
     fishing lures
     fishing tackle
     flea markets
     floor coverings
     folk art
     folk artists
     folk dancers
     folklore and folklife
     folk singers
     food baskets
     food consumption
     food preparation
     food storage
     food tools and equipment
     footwear components
     furniture by form
     furniture coverings
     furniture making


     gambling games
     games of strategy and chance
     gates (architecture)
     general processes and techniques (physical objects)
     glass painting
     glass working
     gouging tools
     graphic design
     group identity
     hand tools(architecture)
     hand tools
     hand wear
     hay derricks
     hay drying racks
     hay stacking and drying tools
     heating equipment
     home altars
     hooked rugs
     household appliances and fixtures
     indigenous art
     informants (fieldwork subjects)
     interior design
     ivory carving


     jokes by category
     kitchen tables
     kitchen utensils
     kites (toys)
     knife making
     knot tying
     lace making
     lamps and lighting
     landscape art
     land vehicles
     leather tooling
     lower body wear


     manufacturing processes
     marriage clothiing
     marriage clothing
     material culture
     measuring devices
     mechanized handsaws
     mechanized tools and machines
     metal art
     metal files
     metal workers
     mixing devices
     mixing devices material culture
     moccasins (shoes)
     model building (hobbies)
     municipal parks
     museum buildings
     museum exhibitions
     musical instrument makers
     musical instrument making
     musical instruments
     music genres
     national identity
     natural objects
     natural vegetation areas
     neck and shoulder wear
     necked box lutes
     necked lutes
     needles (sewing equipment)
     needlework (material culture)
     net making
     non-verbal languages
     object categories (material culture)
     object puzzles
     objects and products of material culture
     obscene jokes
     outdoor furnishings


     painters (artists)
     painting (art)
     painting (process)
     painting by materials
     painting on natural materials
     painting tools
     paper craft
     paper cutting
     paper folding
     percussive weapons
     permanent alterations
     photograph prints
     photographs by production phase
     pillow coverings
     planes (tools)
     plant life
     plant materials
     plaster casting
     popular entertainments
     production (material culture)
     projectile weapons
     psychological concepts
     public sector folklore
     public structures
     puppet shows
     puzzles (games)
     raw materials
     recreational equipment
     religious songs
     research, theory, and methodology
     road vehicles
     rocking chairs
     rock painting
     rug making
     rugs by form


     saddle makers
     saddle making
     sculpting (material culture)
     sculpture (art)
     seasonal celebrations
     seating furniture
     sewing equipment
     sexual jokes
     shaking of hands
     shoes (footwear)
     shooting (target sports)
     signs (objects)
     single-seating furniture
     single household buildings
     smoothing and sharpening tools
     smoothing tools
     snow and ice sports equipment
     social dynamics
     social groups
     soldering and welding tools
     sound recordings
     space and place
     specific production
     specific production techniques (material culture)
     spinning (textiles)
     spinning spindles
     sport fishing
     sports equipment
     Spring celebrations
     stained glass work
     stone walls
     stools (chairs)
     storage furniture
     struck idiophones
     structural elements of architecture
     structures by function (architecture)
     structures by function
     supplemental furnishings
     table coverings
     table runners
     tables (furniture)
     tables by function
     tack (equipment)
     tack (horse equipment)
     target sports
     techniques (material culture)
     textile fiber
     textile processes
     textile processes needlework (material culture)
     textile tools
     textile workers
     theatrical costumes
     three-dimensional art (objects)
     three-dimensional art
     three-dimensional art by form
     three-dimensional art by materials
     time measurement devices
     tools and equipment
     tools by functional context
     tools by use
     tools of the trade
     twining (textiles)
     two-dimensional art (objects)
     two-dimensional art
     types of documents
     upper body wear


     vegetable materials
     vegetation areas
     verbal arts and literature
     vernacular architecture
     viewing audiences
     vocal music
     waist region wear
     walking sticks
     water-based paint
     water-base paint
     watercolor paint
     watercolor painting
     weapons bows and arrows
     weaving (textiles)
     whole body wear
     window and door coverings
     window coverings by form
     winnowing baskets
     wood planes (tools)
     workshops (rooms)
     works of art
     written traditions


     yard art (objects)
     yard art

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