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     Abandoned buildings
     Agricultural laborers
     Agricultural machinery & implements
     Amusement parks
     animal traps
     Automobile repair
     Automobile service stations
     Balloons (Aircraft)
     Banking industry
     Baseball players
     Basketball players
     Basket making
     Bathing suits
     Bear hunting
     Beauty contestants
     Beauty contests
     Bell towers
     Bicycles & tricycles
     Billiard parlors
     Bird's-eye view prints
     Blanket, Pendleton
     Blocks (Toys)
     Boat & ship industry
     Bottling industry
     Bow (Archery)
     bows (Archery)
     Bridge construction
     Bronc riding
     Building deterioration
     Bundling (Packing)
     Business districts
     Business enterprises
     Butcher shops
     Cable cars (Streetcars)
     Caissons (Vehicles)
     Carriages & coaches
     Carriages and coaches
     Carts & wagons
     Car washes
     Cayuse Indians
     Ceremonial clothing & dress
     Ceremonial objects
     Charitable organizations
     Childhood & youth
     Children & adults
     Children & animals
     Children's clothing & dress
     Children dancing
     Children playing
     Children playing in water
     Children playing with toys
     Children reading & writing
     Children riding horses
     Children sewing
     Children swimming
     Circus posters
     Cities & towns
     City & town life
     Clothing & Dress
     Clothing and dress
     Clothing industry
     Coach drivers
     Coaster cars
     Composite photographs
     Construction workers
     Convertible automobiles
     Country life
     County Fairs USE Fairs
     covered bridges
     Covered wagons
     Cowboy Apparel
     Cutover lands


     Dairy farming
     Dairy products industry
     Dead animals
     Diners (Restaurants)
     Dining rooms
     Discovery & exploration
     Dog teams
     Drawing rooms
     Eating & drinking
     Educational facilities
     Electric railroads
     Evening gowns
     Exhibition buildings
     Exhibition facilities
     Fairbanks Banking Company
     Farm life
     Fashion models
     Ferris wheels
     Figure drawings
     Fish drying
     Fishing boats
     Fishing industry
     Flag bearers
     Floats (Parades)
     Food industry
     Funeral processions
     Funeral rites & ceremonies
     Funerary facilities
     Fur garments


     Grocery stores
     Group portraits
     Hamley-McFatridge Co.
     hides & skins
     Hides and skins
     Home food processing
     Horseback riding
     Horse Gear
     Horse racing
     Horse teams
     Ice cream & ices
     Ice sculpture
     Indian children
     Indian encampments
     Indian reservation police
     Indian reservations
     Indians of North America
     Indian women
     Indigenous peoples
     Irrigation canals & flumes


     Lakes & ponds
     Landscape prints
     Leezer and Koebler Druggists
     Log cabins
     Lumber industry


     Maintenance & repair
     Marble quarrying
     Marching Bands
     Mechanics (Persons)
     Migrant agricultural laborers
     Military bands
     Military facilities
     Military officers
     Military parades & ceremonies
     Military personnel
     Military uniforms
     Mining equipment
     Modeling (Sculpture)
     Mothers and children
     Motion picture production & direction
     Motion picture theaters
     Mountain railroads
     Musical instruments
     National parks & reserves
     Naval parades & ceremonies
     Naval yards & naval stations
     Oil wells
     Operas & operettas
     Oregon Historical Society
     Orthodox churches
     ox teams


     Panoramic photographs
     Parades & processions
     Parades and processions
     Passes (Landforms)
     Patterns (Design elements)
     Pendleton Roundup
     Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc.
     Petroleum industry
     Photograph albums
     Photographic apparatus & supplies
     Photographic prints
     Physical fitness
     Physical restraints
     Piers & wharves
     Political parades & rallies
     Portrait photographs
     Power plants
     racetracks (horse racing)
     Racing automobiles
     Railroad accidents
     Railroad cabooses
     Railroad cars
     Railroad companies
     Railroad employees
     Railroad freight cars
     Railroad locomotives
     Railroad mail service
     Railroad passenger cars
     Railroad roundhouses
     Railroad shops & yards
     Railroad snowplow locomotives
     Railroad stations
     Railroad tracks
     Religious meetings
     Rice industry
     Rice plantations
     Rickshaw men
     Rock formations
     Rock gardens
     Rural schools


     Saint John's Bridge (Portland, Oregon)
     School children
     Scientific equipment
     Sewing equipment & supplies
     Ship captains
     Ship equipment & rigging
     Ship propellers
     Shoe shiners
     Signs (Notices)
     Silk industry
     Silk reeling
     Skidmore Fountain, Portland, Oregon
     Sleds & sleighs
     Snow & ice climbing
     Snow removal
     Stage props
     Stages (Platforms)
     Steam engines
     Steer wrestling
     Still life photographs
     Still life prints
     Stone buildings
     Storage tanks
     Stores & shops
     Studies (Visual works)
     Studio props
     Sumo wrestlers
     Swimming pools
     Tanana Valley Railroad Company
     Taverns (Inns)
     Tea industry
     Telegraph industry
     Textile industry
     Theatrical productions
     Tinne Indians
     Totem poles
     Traffic congestion
     Tree stumps
     Tribal chiefs
     Trick riding
     Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.)
     Urban beautification


     Veterinary drugs
     Wagon wheels
     Water buffaloes
     Water pumps
     Whistle-stop campaigning
     White Pass & Yukon Route (Firm)
     Women's education
     Women domestics
     Wooden churches
     Wool industry
     Working class
     Wounds & injuries
     Writing desks


     young adults

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