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At the top of a page of thumbnail search results are two toolbars. The first is the main tookbar present at the top of any single image and record page:

  • Collection Home: The AAI collection home page
  • Advanced Search: Advanced search options.
  • Preferences: Settings for search results and My Favorites layouts
  • My Favorites: Temporary holding for user selected images. See below.
  • Help: General help files for all CONTENTdm collections

Below this general toolbar are two groups of buttons on the left and right sides:

  • Select all and Clear all: Pertains to all images on the visible page, NOT all images retrieved on a search
  • Add to favorites: Transfers all selected images to My Favorites
  • Page x of...: Indicated the number of thumbnail pages returned from a search
  • Previous: Moves to the previous thumbnails page
  • Next: Moves to the next thumbnails page

Items can also be selected one by one using the check boxes next to the title of each  thumbnail.

At the top of each image and record page are two toolbars on the left and right sides:

  • Add to favorites: Transfers the current image to My Favorites
  • Reference URL: Opens a new window giving a unique URL for the current image that can be highlighted and copied into other applications
  • Download: Downloads the image in jpeg format to the local computer
  • Back to results: Returns to the thumbnails page
  • Previous: Opens the image and record page immediately before the current one
  • Next: Opens the image and record page immediately after the current one

Saving Images

Images can be saved to the local computer by right clicking and choosing Save As... (PC), dragging and dropping (Mac) or using the Download button at the top of the image and record page. Groups of images can be saved all at once using My Favorites. See below. PDF files can be saved by using the Save button in the PDF viewer.

My Favorites

Items selected using the Add to favorites buttons are temporarily stored in the browser. Items selected on one computer do not transfer to another, nor will they remain after the browser clears its cookies. My Favorites is limited to 100 items at a time. You will receive a warning when My Favorites is full. Items are stored in the order they were selected.


Within My Favorites, images can be viewed in a slides show by clicking the Slideshow button at the left. A new window will open with the first image stored in My Favorites. Move through the navigations tools:

# Go: Centered above the image is its number within My Favortes, a pull-down arrow and a Go button. To skip to a new image, choose its number and press Go Previous and Next (upper right): Flips through the images in My Favorites order

The toolbar in the upper left can change the format of the slide show:

  • View image: Centers a single image in the window
  • Metadata: Displays the metadata record for the current image
  • Compare: Opens a new window with the current image pictured twice. To choose a different image on either side, use the # Go, Previous or Next buttons above one or both images
  • Colorbar: The background color of the slide show can be changed using the color bar at the top left, or by changing the Preferences on the main toolbar.
  • Min, Max and Close control the size of the slide show window


All images in My Favorites can be downloaded at once as a .zip file using the Download button at the left. Mac OS and Windows have built-in utilities to unzip these files. PDF files cannot be downloaded using this method.


Quickly compare two images using the Compare boxes and button on the left. This will open the slide show window detailed above to the selected images.


Remove any or all images from My Favorites using the Remove dialog on the left. Click one number or use Ctrl+click to highlight several numbers and click the Remove button. To remove all images scroll down and select "all", then click the Remove button.


Reorder images within My Favorites by choosing the current number of the image and the new position you want it to occupy, then click the Move button to the left.

Save as Web page

References to images in My Favorites can be saved in the form of a web page using the Save as Web page dialog at the bottom left. Name the page using the input box and click the Create button. A new page will open in your browser. Go to the File menu and choose Save As... Make sure you select Web Page, HTML only in the Format pull-down under the file name. The HTML file generated has reference links to the images in the Collection. It does not save the actual image files.

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