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Publisher's Acknowledgements

Special thanks goes to the many publishers and authors that have graciously granted OSU Herbarium and OSU Libraries permission to digitize and present the applicable type definitions next to their specimens. In putting this project together, OSU Libraries spent a great deal of effort following the publication trail to discern who maintained copyright over a particular body of work. We have tried to the best of our ability to secure permission to digitize and post each type description, however, there are some gaps, places where copyright ownership has become mudded during the passage of time. So while we have made a good faith effort to identify and seek permission for publication -- we found that this simply was not possible in every case. Moreover, a small number of presumed rights holders have not yet been traced or have not responded to previous correspondence. ***Please note, in nearly all cases, reproduction permission was granted solely for the limited materials requested for this project. For exact citations, please consult the image database.

We ask the copyright owners, heirs, or estate managers of any of the individuals, organizations, or publications which we were unable to contact to notify May Chau as soon as possible, so that we may seek permission from them to include items they control.

Publisher List
Granted Consent

Title Publisher/Granted By Special Notes
Aliso Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; Granted by V. Ashworth Selected issues have been reproduced and displayed with permission of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
American Fern Journal J. Hickey
Am. J. Bot Claire Hemingway
Am. Midl. Naturalist Willim E. Evans
Ann. Missouri Bot. Card. Missouri Botanical Garden; Amy Mcpherson Missouri Botanical Garden: http://www.mobot.org
Bot Gaz. Botanical Gazette; Perry Cartwright Botanical Gazette: http://www.jstor.org/journals/00068071.html
Brittonia New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Barbara M. Thiers
Bull. S. Calif.Acad. Sci Dan Guthrie
Bull. Torr. Bot Club. Brian McCarthy Usage granted for educational and research purpose only
Carnegie Inst. Wash. Publ Tina McDowell
Contr Univ. Mich. Herb University of Michigan Herbarium; Christine Anderson Selected issues have been reproduced and displayed with permission of the University of Michigan Herbarium.
Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Contacted Waiting
Ill. Fl. Pac. St. Unknown Public domain, please use full citation
J. Wash. Acad. Sci Vary Coates
Madrono California Botanical Society
Mem. Amer. Acad. Arts Phyllis Bendell "The Linera-Leaved North Amrerican Species of Potamogeton, Section Axillares" Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciecnes, vol. XVII, Part1(1932) in OSU's online collection at http://digitalcollections.library.oregonstate.edu/cdm4/client/herbarium/index.php?CISOROOT=/herbarium
Mem. New York Bot. Gard. New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Barbara M. Thiers
Minnesota Stud. Biol Sci George Weiblen
Minnesota Stud. Plant. Sci. George Weiblen
Novo Diana Gunter
Northern American Flora New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Barbara M. Thiers
Northwest Sci Suzanne Schwab
Preslia Jan Kirschner
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia National Academy of Science, Philadelphia; Elieen Mathias
Proc. Bio. Soc. Wash. Richard Banks
Pro. Calif. Acad. Sci. Leviton Alan Selected issues have been reproduced and displayed with permission of the California Academy of Sciences.
Res. Stud. St. Coll. Wash. Marc. Lindsey
Rhodora Janet Sullivan No copyright, name represents current contact.
Sida Barney Lipscomb
Syst. Bot. Jun Wen
Torreya Brain McCarthy Selected issues have been reproduced and displayed with permission for research purposes only.
Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot Richard Moe Only two pages granted.
Univ. Minn. Stud. Pl. Sci. George Weiblen
Univ. Wash. Publ. Biol Denise Clark

Rights holder hasn't been located
Title Rights Holder Notes
Canadian Field-Nat Unknown Waiting for citation confirmation
Contr. Dudley Herb. Unknown
Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb Unknown
Crucif. Cont. N.A. Unknown
Etud. Monog. Sous Genre Eugentiana Unknown No response
Fl. S.E. Wash. Contacted Author check, publisher can not locate
Fritschiana Unknown
Gen. Eriogonum Unknown Publisher probably out of business
Gilberg List of North American Pteridophytes Unknown
Jepson Man. Fl. Pl. Calif. Unknown
Leaflet of Western Botany Unknown
Man. Fl. Pl. Calif. Unknown No response
Man. Higher Pl. Oreg Unknown
N. Amer. Fl. Contacted Waiting
Pflanzenreich IV Passed away
Phytologia Unable to contact the author
Pittonia Unknown
Species Lupinorum Unknown
U. Color. Stud. Ser. Unknown
U. Wyo. Pub. Bot Unknown
Werdena Unknown

Consent not granted for public display
Title Rights Holder Affected Citations