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     Aged persons
     Agricultural facilities
     Antler, Deer
     Arbors (Bowers)
     Arm Bands, Beaded
     Arm Bands, Brass
     Arm Bands, Fur
     Arm Bands
     Automobile driving
     Bag, Beaded--Geometric
     Bag, Beaded
     Bag, Cornhusk
     Bag, Pipe
     Bag, Saddle
     Bag, Storage
     Bandoleer, Fur
     Bandoleer, Hairbone
     Beaded Gauntlet
     Bells, Ankle-Dance
     Belt, Ammunition
     Belt, Beaded
     Belt, Leather
     Belt, Yarn
     Belts (Clothing)
     Blanket, Pendleton
     Blanket, Saddle
     Blanket Strip
     Bonnet, Single Trail
     Bow (Archery)
     Bowls (Tableware)
     Bow ties
     Braids (Hairdressing)
     Bridle, Beaded
     Bronc riding
     Brooms and brushes
     Capes (Clothing)
     Card games
     Carriages and coaches
     Cattle brands
     Cattle herding
     Cayuse Indians
     Chaps, Leather
     Claws, Bear
     Clothing and dress
     Coaches (Athletics)
     Coat, Buckskin
     Coat, Capote
     Coat, Cloth
     Coat, Jacket
     Convertible automobiles
     Copper jewelry
     Cottonwood trees
     Country life
     Cowboy hats
     Cradleboard, Beaded--Floral


     Daggers and swords
     Dance Stick
     Dirt roads
     Doors and doorways
     Dress, Buckskin
     Dress, Cloth--Beaded
     Dress, Cloth
     Dress, Trade Cloth
     Drum Stick
     Earrings, Shell
     Electric Studio
     Elk Teeth
     Ethnic costume
     Euro-American Clothing
     European Americans
     Exercise equipment & supplies
     Face painting
     Fan, Hawk Tail
     Fathers and children
     Feathers, Eagle
     Feathers, Plumes
     Fish drying
     Floral decorations
     Food drying
     Football players
     Football uniforms
     Fords (Stream crossings)
     Fur--Hair Wraps


     Gloves, Beaded Gauntlet
     Grande Ronde, Battle of the, Or., 1856
     Hair ornaments
     Hair Ties
     Hand drums
     Hat, Cornhusk
     Hat Band
     Headbands (Headgear)
     Headdress, Horned
     Hides and skins
     High schools
     Historic sites
     Horse blankets
     Horse Gear
     Horse Trappings
     Hudson automobile
     Implements, utensils, etc.
     Indian art
     Indian beadwork
     Indian children
     Indian copperwork
     Indian encampments
     Indian reservation police
     Indian reservations
     Indians of North America
     Indian women


     Lakes and ponds
     Leather garments
     Leather goods
     Leggings, Buckskin
     Leggings, Women's
     Leggings, Wool
     Light fixtures
     Log cabins


     Miniature objects
     Moccasins, Beaded-Floral
     Moccasins, Beaded-Geometric
     Moccasins, Plain
     Mothers and children
     Necklace, Loop
     Nez Perce Indians
     Oregon Historical Society


     Paloos Indians
     Parades and processions
     Pendleton High School, Pendleton, Oregon
     Pendleton Roundup
     Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc.
     Photographic studios
     Pipe, Hatchet Style
     Pipes (Smoking)
     Poles (Engineering)
     Pots and pans
     Presbyterian churches
     Protestant churches
     Railroad stations
     Railroad tracks
     Religious dwellings
     Roach, Porcupine
     Rock art
     Rock formations


     Sashes (Costume)
     Scabbard, Knife
     Scabbard, Rifle
     School children
     Shawl, Pendleton
     Shell beads
     Shell jewelry
     Shirt, Buckskin--Beaded
     Shirt, Buckskin
     Shirt, Cloth
     Sluice gates
     Staffs (Sticks)
     Steer wrestling
     Stone carving
     Studio props
     Suits (Clothing)
     Textile machinery
     Textile mill workers
     Tree stumps
     Tribal chiefs
     Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.)
     Umatilla Indians
     Underdress, cloth
     Utility poles


     Vest, Cloth
     Wagon wheels
     Walla Walla Indians
     War Club
     Washing machines
     Watches, Pocket
     Water towers
     Whitman Massacre, 1847
     Wood carvings
     Wooden churches
     Wooden sidewalks
     Wooden spoons
     Wool fabrics
     Wool industry
     Work crews


     Yakama Indians

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