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     Actinopterygii - Acipenseriformes
     Actinopterygii - Anguilliformes
     Actinopterygii - Atheriniformes
     Actinopterygii - Aulopiformes
     Actinopterygii - Beryciformes
     Actinopterygii - Clupeiformes
     Actinopterygii - Cypriniformes
     Actinopterygii - Gadiformes
     Actinopterygii - Gasterosteiformes
     Actinopterygii - Lampridiformes
     Actinopterygii - Lophiiformes
     Actinopterygii - Myctophiformes
     Actinopterygii - Ophidiiformes
     Actinopterygii - Perciformes
     Actinopterygii - Pleuronectiformes
     Actinopterygii - Salmoniformes
     Actinopterygii - Scorpaeniformes
     Actinopterygii - Siluriformes
     Actinopterygii - Stephanoberyciformes
     Actinopterygii - Stomiiformes
     Actinopterygii - Tetraodontiformes
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - Geese
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - mergansers
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - seaducks
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - stiff-tailed ducks
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - surface feeding ducks
     Anseriformes (waterfowl) - swans
     Apodiformes (swifts and hummingbirds) - Trochilidae (hummingbirds)
     Caprimulgiformes (goatsuckers)
     Cephalopoda - Misc.
     Cetacea - Mysticeti - Balaenidae (right whales)
     Cetacea - Mysticeti - Balaenopteridae (rorqual whales)
     Cetacea - Mysticeti - Eschrichtiidae (gray whale)
     Cetacea - Odontoceti - Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins)
     Cetacea - Odontoceti - Monodontidae (white whales and narwhals)
     Cetacea - Odontoceti - Phocoenidae (true porpoises)
     Cetacea - Odontoceti - Physeteridae (sperm whales)
     Cetacea - Odontoceti - Ziphiidae (beaked whales)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Alcidae (alcids)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Charadriidae (plovers, turnstones, surfbirds)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Haematopodidae (oystercatchers)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Jacanidae (jacanas)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Laridae (gulls)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Phalaropodidae (phalaropes)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Recurvirostridae (avocets)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Rynchopidae (skimmers)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Scalopacidae (sandpipers)
     Charadriiformes (shorebirds, gulls, alcids) - Stercorariidae (jaegers and skuas)
     Chelicerata - Arachnida
     Chelicerata - Halacaridae
     Chelicerata - Pseudoscorpionida
     Chelicerata - Pycnogonida
     Chondrichthyes - Carcharhiniformes
     Chondrichthyes - Chimaeriformes
     Chondrichthyes - Hexanchiformes
     Chondrichthyes - Rajiformes
     Chondrichthyes - Squaliformes
     Chondrichthyes - Squatiniformes
     Chondrichthyes - Torpediniformes
     Ciconiiformes (herons and allies) - Ardeidae (herons)
     Ciconiiformes (herons and allies) - Phoenicopteridae (Flamingos)
     Ciconiiformes (herons and allies) - Threskiornithidae (Ibises)
     Columbiformes (pigeons and doves)
     Coos Bay and adjoining bodies of water
     Coos Bay and surrounding towns
     Coos Bay area waterfront
     Crustacea - Branchiopoda
     Crustacea - Branchiura
     Crustacea - Cirripedia
     Crustacea - Copepoda
     Crustacea - Malacostraca
     Crustacea - Ostracoda
     Cuculiformes (cuckoos and roadrunners)


     Dredging and Filling
     Falconiformes (vultures, hawks, falcons) - Accipitridae (kites, hawks, eagles)
     Falconiformes (vultures, hawks, falcons) - Cathartidae (vultures)
     Falconiformes (vultures, hawks, falcons) - Falconidae (Falcons)
     Falconiformes (vultures, hawks, falcons) - Pandionidae (ospreys)
     Fishing Industry


     Galliformes - Phasianidae (quail, partridges, pheasants)
     Galliformes - Tetraonidae (grouse and ptarmigan)
     Gaviiformes (loons)
     Geological Formations
     Gruiformes (cranes and allies) - Aramidae (limpkins)
     Gruiformes (cranes and allies) - Gruidae (cranes)
     Gruiformes (cranes and allies) - Rallidae (rails, coots)
     Hexapoda - Insecta


     Landscape Art


     Marsh Lands
     Marsh Plants
     Menasha and effects
     Mustelidae (sea otters)
     Myriapoda - Diplopoda
     Octopoda and Sepioidea
     Opisthobranchia - Anaspidea
     Opisthobranchia - Cephalaspidea
     Opisthobranchia - Notospidea
     Opisthobranchia - Nudibranchia
     Opisthobranchia - Pteropod
     Opisthobranchia - Sacoglossa


     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Bombycillidae (waxwings)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Chamaeidae (wrentits)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Cinclidae (dippers)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Corvidae (jays, magpies, crows)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Fringillidae (grosbeaks, finches, sparrows, buntings)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Hirundinidae (swallows)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Icteridae (blackbirds and orioles)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Mimidae (mockinbirds and thrashers)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Paridae (chickadees and allies)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Parulidae (wood warblers)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Sturnidae (starlings)
     Passeriformes (perching birds) - Troglodytidae (wrens)
     Pelecaniformes (pelicans and allies) - Frigatidae (frigatebirds)
     Pelecaniformes (pelicans and allies) - Pelecanidae (pelicans)
     Pelecaniformes (pelicans and allies) - Phaethontidae (tropicbirds)
     Pelecaniformes (pelicans and allies) - Phalacrocoracidae (cormorants)
     Pelecaniformes (pelicans and allies) - Sulidae (gannets and boobies)
     Piciformes (woodpeckers)
     Pinnipedia - Odobenidae (walruses)
     Pinnipedia - Otariidae (sea lions and fur seals)
     Pinnipedia - Phocidae (true seals)
     Podicipediformes (grebes)
     Procellariiformes (tubenoses) - Diomedeidae (albatrosses)
     Procellariiformes (tubenoses) - Hydrobatidae (storm petrels)
     Procellariiformes (tubenoses) - Procellariidae (shearwaters and petrels)
     Prosobranchia - Archaeogastropoda
     Prosobranchia - Mesogastropoda
     Prosobranchia - Neogastropoda


     Sarcopterygii - Coelacanthiformes
     Seascapes and Landscapes
     Sphenisciformes (penguins)
     Strigiformes (owls)
     Timber Industry
     Unsegmented Coelomate Worms
     Urochordata: Appendicularia or Larvacea
     Urochordata: Ascidacea
     Urochordata: Thaliacea


     Wildflowers and Grasses


     Zonation Patterns

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