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     Abarbanell, Lina, 1880-1963
     Al Kader Temple (Portland, Or.)
     Allen, Minnie
     Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America
     Ashland (Or.)
     Bailey Gatzert (Steamship)
     Baker, Sybil
     Battery Park (New York, N.Y.)
     Bear (Steamship)
     Beatrice, Princess, consort of Henry, Prince of Battenberg, 1857-1944
     Beaver (Steamship)
     Berra, Mabel
     Bispham, David Scull, 1857-1921
     Blaine, Reginald
     Blanchard, O. H.
     Blanche, Belle
     Bradley, James B.
     Brandt, Sophie
     Bridges, Ruby
     Brill, Lottie
     Brown, Fleta Jan, 1883-1938
     Bunce, M. J.
     Bunce, Mark G.
     Butt, Clara, Dame, 1872-1936
     California poppy
     Carter, Dave
     Carus, Emma, 1878-1927
     Cawthorn, Joseph, 1868-1949
     Clarence Sisters
     Clark, William Hancock, 1839-1922
     Clarno, Francis
     Cline, Maggie, 1857-1934
     Columbia Basin Project (U.S.)
     Columbia River
     Coombs, Frank
     Coos Bay (Or.)
     Curtis, S. Sophia


     Dale, Viole
     Davis, Jessie Bartlett, 1861-1905
     Day, L. Carroll
     Denkhaus, Anna
     Dewey, Frances
     Dixon, Belle
     Doro, Marie
     Dresser, Louise, 1878-1965
     Dunn, Arthur
     Elks (Fraternal order). Lodge No. 142 (Portland, Or.)
     Elks (Fraternal order)
     Ellis, Harry A.
     Eugene (Or.)
     Fisher, Sallie
     Fisher, Susie
     Flags--United States
     Flatiron Building (New York, N.Y.)
     Folk songs, Irish
     Friganza, Trixie, 1870-1955


     Geer, Theodore Thurston, 1851-1924
     Gladstone, Ida
     Goodrich, Edna
     Guerite, Laura
     Hall, Marguerite
     Happy Hooligan (Fictitious character)
     Harrison, Frederick G.
     Held, Anna, 1877?-1918
     Hitchcock, Raymond, 1865-1929
     Hoffmann, Gertrude
     Honolulu (Hawaii)
     Hood, Mount (Or.)
     Hopper, De Wolf, 1858-1935
     Hudson, Mabel
     Indians of North America--Oregon
     Ingraham, Herbert, Mrs
     Irwin, May, 1862-1938


     Jacobs-Bond, Carrie, 1862-1946
     Jardon, Dorothy, 1883-1966
     Jerome, Clara Belle
     Jolson, Al, d. 1950
     Jones, Harry
     Kyle, Bessie
     Lambert, Janet
     Lamson, W. O.
     La Pine, Lyle
     Leader, John, Colonel
     Lehmann, Suzanna
     Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition (1905 : Portland, Or.)
     Loftus, Cecilia, 1876-1943


     Madden, Edward, 1878-1952
     Maine (Battleship)
     Manila (Philippines)
     Marion, Marie Biro de
     McDonald, Christie, 1875-1962
     McKinley, Mabel, d. 1937
     McKinley, William, 1843-1901
     McMillen, James H., Captain
     Merrell, Helen
     Mora, Helene
     Morris, Manley
     Multnomah Falls (Or.)
     Mu Phi Epsilon
     National songs--United States--Texts
     Nelson, Gussie
     Newman, Harry L.
     New York (N.Y.)
     Norelli, Jennie
     Nugent, Maude
     Olcott, Chauncey,1858-1932
     Ophelia (Fictitious character)
     Ordway, June McMillen
     Oregon Agricultural College
     Owen, Anita


     Paris (France)--History--Siege, 1870-1871
     Parkhurst, Effie
     Pendleton Round-Up (3rd : 1912)
     Perkins, Millie G.
     Petrie, H. W. (Henry W.), 1857-1925.
     Pioneers--Northwest, Pacific
     Portland (Or.)
     Portland Rose Festival
     Potter, Rae
     Provence (France)
     Rainbow Sisters
     Ray, Thomas W.
     Reilly, James L.
     Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
     Richter, Francis
     Ring, Blanche
     Ritchie, Adele, 1874-1930
     Rizal Park (Manila, Philippines)
     Roberts, Arthur, 1852-1933
     Robinson, Mabel
     Russell, James I.
     Russell, John, ca. 1856-1925


     Sailors--United States
     Saint Louis (Mo.)
     San Francisco (Calif.)
     San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906
     Sannis, Sibyl
     Seeley, Blossom, 1891-1974
     Smith, Emily
     Smith, Sue
     Soldiers--United States
     Spanish-American War, 1898
     Squires, R.W.
     State songs--Oregon
     Sternad, Jake
     Stix, Baer & Fuller
     Sullivan, Adelaide
     Summers, Owen, Colonel
     Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
     Tanguay, Eva
     Times Square (New York, N.Y.)
     Trix, Helen
     Truax, Florence E.
     Uncle Sam (Symbolic character)
     United States--Army--Oregon Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1898-1899)
     United States--Army
     United States--Navy
     United States
     United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)
     University of Oregon


     Washington (D.C.)
     Washington (State)
     Wesley, James K.
     Weston, Willie
     Willamette River (Or.)
     Willamette Valley Choral Union
     Williams Hattie, 1870-1942
     Wills, Nat M.
     Wilson, Grace
     Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
     World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
     World War 1914-1918
     Wynn, Bessie, 1876-1968


     Ziegfeld, Mignon

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