Introduction: Modoc War

Captain Jack

For seven month between 1872 and 1873, fifty-eight Modoc warriors led by Kintpuash (aka Captain Jack), successfully defended against and evaded nearly 1,000 United States soldiers. These events would later become known as the Modoc War. 

In the century since, much of the cultural and historic significance of this event has been overlooked or omitted within the standard model of public education social studies curriculum.  Unfortunately this omission is not uncommon within the public education experience.

The following module presents a sample of an organizational framework and template that educators can use to develop their own critically-based curriculum. 

The information included within this module is intended to address four purposes: 

  1. To provide primary source, historic accounst of the events leading up to and including the Modoc-US conflict.
  2. To provide an examination of the description of the Modoc War through newspaper accounts.
  3. To provide an examination of current history textbook coverage of this event.
  4. To provide a voice for the Modoc particpants and their descendants.

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