Question and Activities

There are many different individual and group based activities that can be created using the resources in this model. Important questions to consider when analyzing the documents include:

  • Who produced the information and how is it presented? 
  • What facts are stated and how are they described?
  • How does presentation affect history and education?

Sample Questions:

  • Compare the Oregon newspaper coverage of the Modoc War with the material within the Fisher Papers. What mental image do the newspaper articles invoke about the Modoc people? What mental images do the Fisher papers impart? What do you think are the impacts of the newspaper accounts upon the historical treatment of the Modocs and the treatment of other tribal groups?
  • Examine the illustrations and photographs contained in the People, Places and Events page. Do these images provide a balanced view of the conflict? Are there discrepancies between the story conveyed by the newspaper illustrations compared to the account suggested by the photographs?
  • View the Movies about the Modoc War. Consider the importance of reexamining history within the context of education. What influences the historical account and what impacts do the different forms of media have upon the presentation of what actually occurred?

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