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     Alaskan Reindeer Service
     American Indian Census and Statistical Data Project
     American Indian Wars
     Beings, Human
     Beliefs and cultures
     Bills, Legislative
     Cayuse Indian War
     Chief Joseph's War
     Colville Indian Reservation (Wash.)
     Compensation (Law)
     Constitutional amendments
     Court Cases
     Crafts & decorating
     Creative Writing


     Economic development
     Eskimo Fishing Seasons
     Eskimo Life
     Fish and game licenses
     Five Nations
     Food habits
     Forestry law and legislation


     Indian agents
     Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee
     Indian interpreters
     Indian Rights Association
     Indian services
     Indian Shaker Church
     Indians of North America Commerce
     Indians of North America Idaho
     Indian termination policy


     Klamath Bill
     Klamath Indian Reservation (Or.)
     Klamath Indians
     Land titles
     Language and culture
     Law, ethics and governance
     Legislative materials


     Manners and customs
     Maps of Sioux Indian Reservation
     Material culture
     Migration & integration
     Mines and mineral resources
     Modoc Indians
     Modoc Indians Wars, 1873
     Nez Percé Indian Reservation (Idaho)
     Northeastern Oregon
     Oregon coast
     Oregon National Historic Trail


     Pacific Northwest
     Pendleton Round-Up
     Poems by Captain Jack
     Policies and institutions
     Population Statistics
     Receipt Roll for Walla Walla Tribe
     Relocation (Housing)
     Rites and ceremonies
     Rogue River Indian Affairs
     Rogue River Indian War, 1855-1856


     Seneca Nation of New York
     Shalako ceremony and feast
     Shoshoni Indians
     Signs and symbols
     Sioux Campaign
     Snake Dance
     Southern Oregon
     Southwest Indian Dyes
     Southwest Navajo Plants
     Space and place
     State and Territorial Data
     Statics and dynamics (Social sciences)
     Sun Dance
     Table Rock Indian Reserve Affairs
     The Peace Party
     The War Party
     Tribal Affairs
     Tribal Councils
     Tribal government
     Tribal trust funds
     Umatilla Indian Reservation (Or.)
     Umatilla Indians
     United States. Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
     United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs
     United States. Congress. House
     United States. Indian Claims Commission
     United States. Klamath Termination Act
     United States. Menominee Termination Act
     United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Klamath Agency
     United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Nez Percé Agency
     United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Warm Springs Agency


     Welfare and society


     Yakama Indians
     Yakama Indians Wars, 1855-1859

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